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Developer: DesiDee
Version: 1.01
Thread Updated: 2020-08-17
Release Date: 2019-08-16
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
bimbo, MC, M2F
You are an Insertion Specialist for DCT Corporation, something of a spy who uses technology to infiltrate peoples' dreams and influence their memories. Your current mission is targeting none other than Victor Tsai, legendary CEO and playboy. All you have to do is sneak into his mansion, dive into his memories and spend a week convincing him you're his long lost best friend from a beach holiday. What could go wrong?
Caution, here be spoilers! There've been a few requests for a list of the endings...so here they are!
Each ending is triggered by how long you've been in the simulation, and which your highest stat is when you abort.
1. Run away
2. Super Spy
3. Best Friend
4. Playboy
5. Lady Spy
6. Happy Girlfriend
7. Playgirl
8. Adoring Girlfriend
9. Sexy little Girlfriend
10. Secretary
11. Maid
12. Happy Sex Slave
13. Virtual Sex Slave
• Groundhog Day meets Inception meets the TFGamesSite
• Exploring the idea of reliving the same scenario multiple times over, each time a little different as the characters undergo changes.

• Approx 190,000 words
• 7 Levels
• 13 Endings
• Single linear story, but dozens of paths to explore and a couple minigames
• Essentially complete. Updates will mostly be bug fixes.

All content and endings are in. Fixes going forward will be debugging, grammar and the like. I really want to add an avatar system, but it's unlikely in the forseeable future.

• I'm still a newbie writer, and I wrote most of this on my phone. Apologies in advance for spelling mistakes, weird autocorrects, and clunky/repetitive storytelling.
1. Extract and run.


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