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Developer: Shark Bit Games Patreon - Subscribestar
Version: 0.9
Release Date: 2020-08-05
Last Updated: 2020-08-28
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: Character Creation, Text Based, Creampie, Female domination, Futa/Trans, Groping, Handjob, Interracial, Lesbian, Teasing, Transformation, Trap, Vaginal sex, Adventure, Combat, Fantasy, Humor, Management, Monster Girl, PoV, Religion, Romance, Rpg, Sandbox, Sci-fi, Simulator, Turn based combat

Path to Ascension is an adult text game. In it, you will play as a recently deceased mortal on the path to claim a place among the gods themselves!​

Planned Universes

You will explore several universes each with a different theme and gameplay to them.


Fight fantastical creatures and go on an adventure in the medieval fantasy-themed universe, with RPG elements.
Cruise the stars and manage a mega-corporation in the space-themed universe, with management sim gameplay elements.
Join a race to the west in the wild west themed universe, with Oregon Trail inspired gameplay.
Fill paperwork and despair about contemporary problems in the modern life themed universe, with dating sim style gameplay.
RPG Class System
Base Building System
Dialogue and Choices System
Affection and demeanor System; characters will remember the way you treat them, be it gentle, stoic, playful or impatient.

  • Finished the main work on the Grasslands.
  • Added three new skills for the Warrior class: Ground Bash, Inspire and Sweep. All of these are unlocked by levelling up. Also, the level in which you unlock certain skills has been swapped.
  • Small fixes to the content of the last patreon build.

  • Added new area: The Grasslands. Enemies here are stronger than in previous areas. This area also isn't done yet, but the important stuff is here more or less there. Most of the hills to the right of the map have repeated descriptions except for their hilltops. That is part of what I am still working on.
  • Added the Headhunter Gnoll enemy! They have a devastating ability that takes a while to charge and a minor healing one. Don't draw out the fight with this one for too long! They also have a sex scene!
  • Added the Rutting Faun enemy! They have an ability that might stun you and another that might cause you to receive more damage, be careful! They also have a sex scene as usual.
  • I think I have finally fixed the worst of the scaling issues. Tell me if you run into any problems.
  • Fixed the Blueberry and Valerian events. Both had tiny mistakes that made it so the cock scenes would show instead of the pussy ones.
  • Other tiny fixes.
  • Added an event with Bluebell.
  • Finished the groundwork for future save compatibility! No more restarting for every update!
  • Fixed swapped decision on both the Starving Fairy, and Daisy's blowjob events.
  • Fixed the achievement screen fucking with what tab it was selected and which it was showing. Fuck unity's toggles.
  • Fixed the Party menu crapping itself completely. Seriously, fuck unity's toggles.
  • Fixed labels on Bluebell and Valerian.
  • Fixed angel being twice on your base after intro.
  • Added two new NPCs: Bluebell and Valerian.
  • Added an event with Valerian with a sex scene, admittedly, on the smaller side. The rest of the event is pretty fun, so I hope it will balance out the smaller sexy scene.
  • Fixed most bug reports. Only one to go, that I could try to fix with a bandaid, but it's better if I do it when I have more time to truly fix it. It will require some refactoring I was already on the process of doing.
  • Added a message when creating rooms with no exit, so I don't have to receive bug reports about this anymore.
  • Change some words and phrases on the intro when Angel explains base building, nothing major.
  • Added Felix, Jonathan, Gautr and the Trio to Whitewood village! They all have two talking subjects. The church peeps are at the church and the trio at the tavern.
Bugfixes and others
  • Added text to indicate a character's action during combat. Should make it easier to know who did what and who's turn it is.
  • The bug report system has been fixed, hopefully permanently this time, and, fingers crossed, it works on the web version of the game too now.
  • Fixed a ton of bugs. It's always a ton, there's literally no other metric to measure bugs in.
  • New sections and alterations to the Eldritch Cave's storyline. Major of which is a sex scene with the Elder God (the two versions of it are more or less the same this time, though). I do recommend playing it all again, speed reading if you must. It is much better, and I am way more proud of this version of this dungeon and story.
  • New Trio event with three different sex scenes! You have to have cured the trio before. It can be triggered when going to the leftmost lower room of that square section in the Crossroads. It only triggers there!
Bugfixes and others
  • Bug Reports are working again.
  • Elf appearance now available after meeting Lyelnas. I believe I forgot to mention this in one of the previous changelogs. Or not. Anyways, this is a thing now.
  • Achievements are all functional now. All but Daisy's incomplete oral scene achievement.
  • Fixed a major bug with getting naked and unarmed items after equipping stuff.
  • Three new items!
  • The Caduceus Mushrooms were added in the crossroads! Find them and gather them to gain immunity to status for nine turns. They respawn with every reset of the game for now. I will change this when I add a simple time system.
  • The Scale Mail! A great armor for all classes really. It has a special effect that lowers every subsequent hit's damage.
  • The Disgusting Staff! A staff so ugly and mind warping that deals all who look upon it. It has a chance of damaging your opponents every time you act, but it also might damage your party, so be careful!
  • A new Insanity status effect! Every creature in the Eldritch Cave has a chance of driving the party insane. Be careful as that might make you unpredictable!
  • Eldritch God boss fight completed! Now, I am not sure if this is very balanced. But that is mostly because classes don't have that many skills yet. However, you can definitely beat this, it just might need some levelling.
  • Fog of War mechanic implemented. Now all rooms outside the Beyond are invisible until you visit them. This made exploration that extra spooky and uncertain. A great feature to add alongside the Eldritch Cave, eh?
  • Fuckton of fixes. Seriously.
  • Two new enemies: a tentacle? (You will understand) And the Deep One. Only the latter has a sex scene. By the way when I say a sex scene it is always two: one for pussies and one for dicks, haha.
  • A new area: the Eldritch Cave. Investigate this lovecraftian mystery and delve deeper into the lore of the gods. But only slightly, as we have a whole game ahead of us yet. Beware though, weird things happen in this cave.
  • A (two) new sex scene for the Starving Fairy, alongside more options regarding her fate when you defeat her. I recommend you check out her pussy scene. I might just be retarded but at one point I was laughing a bit too much at a certain part. I promise most of it is sexy though.
  • The introduction of challenges with two new ones! Challenges are tests of your attributes. The ones added are specifically targeted at your defensive ones. You might fail one check, but you can still succeed in the other two. If you lose, you only lose a bit of hp, nothing to worry about if you are carrying around Thorssen's delicious beverages!
  • Some minor bug and UI fixes.
Public Build Changelog 0.51:
  • Bug fixes and tweaks to some oversights in 0.5.
  • Reworked the achievement menu screen completely.
  • Put in the achievements for the previous build's content.
  • Removed a test few test messages on the visual tab that shouldn't be there.
  • Fixed visual bugs from the visual updates.
  • Put in a prototype version of how Skill Trees will work, It is not functional as of now; it could've been, but it would have been broken. So I decided to cut a few of the functions and leave it the framework there to give you guys a look at how Skill Trees will work.
Changelogs Since Last Public Build (0.4):
  • One new sex event with Lyelnas! Just visit him after awakening him from the curse!
  • Bersa, Thorssen and Lyelnas have many new talking topics!
  • Complete UI rework! Not from the ground up, but the changes are significant. Everything should look better now! I won't go into detail since it's a lot. But you will notice the changes as you play, I am sure.
  • Fixed all reported bugs and issues. (which was a lot, but I did not keep a full log)
  • Took into account the suggestions.
  • New sexy scene with Angel, use "Relax" option when talking to her.
  • Not content per se, but a significant change. The lower bar was removed from the UI, making more space for the central panel.
  • Small overhaul to item use code. There's now a confirmation warning before using an item-probably will an option on config later to determine if the player wants this or not-and you can now use items on companions. Also, if the item results in an event, the menu screen is automatically closed. Currently, there's no UI for companion equips, so don't.
  • Fixed a problem with rooms of the same type mounting on the same location (twas a database issue).
  • Fixed menus not listing and changing rows properly.
  • Fixed Daisy's skill back to her proper one.
  • Fixed reported typos and text issues.
  • Fixed a problem with the enemy UI that caused a stackoverflow and trapped the player in the enemy's turn.
  • Implemented a few suggested UI changes.
  • There's a debug menu now! Cheat your heart away, friends! This is to make it easy for returning players, since during these early stages saves will most likely always end up deprecated.
  • You can now send bug reports from the game! Seriously, it's very easy. It will even past the text currently on the screen to it if it's a bug related issue. It would be amazing if everyone could use that to make the game better! It sadly does not work on the web version though.
  • Added three new skill to the game, one for each class. They are all unlocked at level 2. Fireball for mage, Waiting Strike for warrior and Quick Stabs for rogue.
  • You now need to be level 2 to unpetrify everyone except for Thorssen. So keep that in mind and consider the new skills an incentive to level up.
  • Combatant names are bold and numbers are color coded during battle. Should make it easier to see what's happening at a glance. Other smaller QOL improvements were made as well.
  • A new and improved conditional tag system that allows for nesting, and choice reaction system. Will make development extremely quicker. This is of course a coding thing, not content.
  • Fixed a stupendous amounts of bugs, typos, and continuity mistakes. Seriously. Twas a fuck-ton. A lot of it was due to the old tag system and choices that made a lot of content on 0,4 not even show up. I advise playing this version again if you played that one.
  • A sexy and alcoholic (or not) event with Thorssen! Just visit him after awakening him.
  • Big bug go splat.
  • A condition tag system that will streamline creation of variation on the events. Still will need tweaking, but most of the new events use it.
  • A sexy sauna event with Bersa! I quite like this one, and I hope so will you!
  • The trio's awakening event. This one has a lot of variation and I am testing some new things with it. Any feedback you might have in this one would be appreciated.
  • Jonathan can now be cured! And doing so will lead you to have to deal with the rest of the church residents. Now, on account of me still testing the new tag system, the variation of the event without Jonathan is still to be done.
  • Many bugs due to unity upgrade, jeez.
  • Added Blacksmith Bersa and her shop as well as the event to release her of the curse.
  • Added Shopkeeper Lyelnas and his shop as well as the event to release him of the curse.
  • Added Innkeeper Thorssen and his shop as well as the event to release him of the curse.
  • Added shops structure.
  • Added disclaimer at beginning of game and other small improvements to the UI,
Added rough Achievements System, ought to server as a guide to player about current content and how much of it they have seen. Many bugfixes and some typos.
Changelog since last public version (0.2):
Big Systems added:
  • Affection added to characters and separated from approval. Affection is raised by hanging out with characters (doing deeds while companions are in your party) while approval requires doing things that they approve of (making story choices and selecting dialog that pleases them).
  • Deed system implemented! Gain power in the name of certain aspects! Do war deeds by fighting, lust by fucking, knowledge by talking, and some others spread through events. (Ways to do deeds for other aspects will come later). You can visualize your affinity with each aspect on the god info tab. Whenever a deed is done, you will receive a pop-up notification.
  • Implemented party system and its UI. Party members level up automatically, for now; they appear at the left panel and can be interacted with at any free moment you may have; they will assist you in battles; they will comment in certain events and trigger specific ones.
  • New area with 27 rooms: Whitewood Crossroads! Will add more to it later: like hazard, loot and others.
  • Implemented the Starving Fairy enemy, she only appears at the crossroads, and their intro which will be expanded to use social attributes in the future.
  • A variable sex scene after defeating the Living Vine.
  • New event when arriving at Whitewood Village hinting at its future.
  • New tutorial segment in the intro teaching you about base building.
  • Added the first companion: Daisy! She is combat ready with one area of effect spell that can stop affected enemies from taking an action! She has many talk topics, one event specific to Whitewood Village, one event as you gain her affection, and one when she joins you. She also has a blowjob scene, which will be properly woven into her story later, but can be seen now.
  • Implemented three new talk topics with Angel (your archangel, of course) about: combat, deeds and appearance.
Minor things:
  • Added functionality to the Save Room base room.
  • Social attribute tooltips
  • Quality of Life changes.
  • Optimized code.
  • Many bugs, typos and awkward phrasing fixed.
  • Bugfixes and QOL improvments.
  • Interactions with Daisy
  • Added three new universes and their introductions.
  • Bugfixes.
  • Nerfed Living Vines.
v0.1 - Release

Developer Notes:
The game is in alpha, so that means things are more a proof of concept that I have the capacities of delivering what I am promising. Although there is content, and the updates will keep adding to that, keep in mind that the gameplay and systems are still being worked on and smoothed over, to eventually deliver a meaningful and satisfying progression. In conclusion: the things here are always subject to change and fixes in the future, so nothing here is final.


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