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Developer: Anon Smith Patreon - TFgamesite - Discord
Version: 4.07c
Release Date: 2020-02-11
Last Updated: 2020-02-11
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Male domination, Male protagonist Monster, Text based, Sci-fi, Adventure, FF, F-Self, Sub, Dom, Preg, Swap, F2M, Involuntary TF, M2F, Possession, Herm, Corruption, Voluntary TF

Parasite Infection is a sexually explicit game dealing with multiple niche fetishes. It is currently a text and picture adventure game being developed in Twine.

- NPC mutated parasites infestation
- Werm suit red/blue/white/purple parasite mutations
- PC fluid collection through inseminations
- [Part 5] Added profile display
- [Part 4] Changed static portrait images to dynamic NPC images(fits in portrait space)
- Added NPC behavior descriptions prior to earlier raw output (“free”, “subvert” and etc)
- Added `gestate` behavior which makes the person automatically birth parasites and eggs via self fertilization (can be changed to after a certain infestcore is accumulated)
[Part 2] Added new goal endings, before being brain infested
[Part 2] Fixed the bug where Brett won’t show up in the Garage after being infected
[Part 1] All choker egg antari self infestation pictures are now clickable links
[Part1->2] Fixed the bug where the neck parasite remains attached after “a bright white light” scene transitioning from part 1 to 2
[Part 1] Fixed the multiple choker loss bug when going back and forth between settings and secretary infestation picture
[Part 1] Secretary infestation link is now inside the infestation picture
[Part 1] Escape pod inability to advance to part 2 bugfix
Fixed a bug where infested NPCs will notice your infested nature (PC breast increase)
Now when an NPC accepts the parasites in their body or the changes to their body the detection threat will decrease too
[Part 3] Rebalanced all the choices, made it possible to get every choice (except the end choice) with a single team loadout.
[Part 4] Added starfish mutation artwork, cleaned up a bunch of the content
[Part 2] Joan having only a human penis fix (allowed to use a choker on crotch fix)
Cheat menu is now available in part 4
[Part 4] Added the option `to make out` in another body with the original body
Fixed the bug where the biosuits may disappear after loading a save.
Added the option to show/hide mouth canal art (in the settings page)
Major overhaul of the settings page
Crotch parasite can now only be put on males that don’t have an already existing vagina
Added penis sex acts to the sex menu.
[Part 4] Added the current body description + the original body descriptions
Fixed the usage of the option `Vaginal Werm: fuck their…` in the sex acts when having a mouth or anus werm while not having an actual vaginal werm.
Fixed the `inseminate all` option that can inseminate a non-existing vagina.
Fixed the `phantom vagina` bug.
[Part 4] Fixed the `Sex acts` which were hardcoded under Chloe/Chet to be usable under any currently occupied body
Fan-made `Parasite Inventory` system added w/ minor corrections
[Part 2] New variable for tracking sub/dom for mind infestation
[Part 2] Steve/Stacy house:
1) Linda + Brett's rooms now allow parasite traps + infection
2) Steve is now not at home during school hours unless he is infested
[Part 2] Steve/Stacy additional text on MC visits, testing out domination/harmony options (not quite finished). Eventually, only one pathway will be available to the player depending on whether they have harmonized with the brain werm or been dominated by it.
Choker effects split up between crotch and neck: crotch parasite shrinks dick size instead of neck parasite
[Part 4] Fixed the error that occurs during the night, that breaks further progress (feedback is needed if the bug occurs again, as it was reported to occur when `infesting antari politician`)
[Part 2] Mechanic tweak - Joan should not be contributing to the discovery bar when captive in the house
[Part 4] Fixed a bug with including the current/default body as an NPC in day/night cycles checks
Brain infestation infinite loop fix
[Part 2] Detection meter freeze feature in preparation for the clinic being infestable
[Part 4] Fixed the bug that occurs when changing back to the chosen body from part 3
[Part 4] Antari male artwork, antari male/female body choice integration from part 3
[Part 2] Brain infestation corrections + harmony conclusion.
[Part 2] Fixed the werm minigame so the brackets stay on the bar
[Part 2] Improved acceptance system by describing what is going on with other characters
[Part 2] Re-added the ability to put choker onto crotch for males
[Part 2] Discovery progress bar in part 2 for being discovered by feds. When any parasite is ‘not accepted’ it creates a small bit of progress toward the bar.
[Part 2] Clinic agitation - simplified mechanic and combined w/ discovery bar
[Part 4] Arena of Destiny infestation
[Part 4] Slave system:
Slave resource gender differentiation
Slave gender differentiation
Parasite birth per day over night
[Part 4] Room system:
Slave resource usage by gender(male, female) or slaves in general (males will be used first)
[Part 4] Food Dome:
Level 2: Stage Req Slaves set to be 2 male 2 female
Level 3: Stage Req Slaves set to be 5 male 5 female
Added generic Antari Male artwork to part 4
Neckfucking fix: now the behavior options are not available if the target is the MC

[Part 4] New NPC’s:
Ormus + random infestation event for him
biohazard box transition into part 2 fix
Nurse biosuit infestation fix

[Part 4] MC House fix

[Part 2] Added Bad-ends of being mindfucked by NPC’s [in progress]

[Part4] Fixed the bug sending the player from the Hospital Break Room into part 2 Break Room

[Part4] Infectable Rooms:
Hospital Admin
Underground Holodeck
Arena of fate - for both NPC’s

[Part4] Fixed passage looping:
Holodeck - can’t return to town
Hospital - can’t return to town
Arena of fate - can’t return to town
- Sex system & biosuit infestation overhaul. Now the biosuit will infect the correct target during sex and, also, themselves during first usage
- Created code for random events in Portal Hub
- Part 4 house search fix + show text on hover for city center links
- Can corrupt the parents friends in part 2
- Patron cheat mode for $7 tier and above
- Fixed “_ does not want to have sex with you, you are not strong enough to force them” appears even when able to inseminate the person via sex
- Added artwork for Gabrielle pregnancy and large breast
some bug fixes and the adding of the quinn art and the starfish biosuits.
"cleaning up tons of bugs":
- Unique infestation scenes for each store
- Stores are part of the data structure
- Stores have a patronage value which will infect/infest the city at a certain rate, which will be displayed somewhere in game once I get the mechanism running
- Fixed some grammar in sex passages (not all errors were caught here)
- Can now only infect 1-2 places per day
- Fixed Julie's art to properly display pregnancy and breast sizes
- Updated Sandra's art
- Updated credits
- Some text cosmetic fixes in part 1
- Used to have a bug where incubating werms would be detected as a full cock for sex scenes, that has been fixed
- Fixed parasites carrying over from part 1 to part 2 when going through 'normal' plotline
- Fixed breast infest art displaying based on gender rather than breast size
- Bug fix - mouthwerm breastfuck was targeting "breast" rather than "breasts"
- Fixed music for Tracie's room
- Fixed music for some infestations in Gabrielle's lab and Robyn's changing room
- Made changes to breast size reset when using escape pod to advance
- Fixed Mall Infest sequences exiting directly to dining room rather than advancing time
- Spaceship is... technically visitable now but still no important plot advances in this update
Part 2 -
The sex module should be pretty much done at this point. This is a test round to find any bugs and see if it generally works, then I'll implement it everywhere that it should be implemented then move on to the mall. Rebalancing of stat changes and effects of specific sex actions will happen over time.

- Sex is now a separate encounter, with both the NPC and the Player taking actions in turn which affect pleasure, arousal, and tension.
- Lots of sex acts available
- Each sex act has certain requirements, such as the presence of specific parasites or a certain arousal/pleasure threshold
- Orgasm is required for parasite infestations. For instance, you can fuck someone with your parasitic cock but only if an orgasm is triggered (at sufficient arousal) will they be infested because of it.
- Having canal and werm parasites in various orifices mutates the various sex acts slightly.
- Being mindfucked or mindfucking someone then orgasming should end the encounter and allow you to change their behavior.
- NPC's can automatically initiate sex against you if they are horny enough. They should do this at maximum once per 'time cycle'. If you have low resistance, you will be unable to stop them.
- Explanations start at the bottom then scroll upward, separated by a line. The stat portion at the top displays current arousal and pleasure. I think to the right of the stats is probably a good place to put the art.

Part 1 is broken now, I'll have to fix it later. This update is only for the sex module. However, there were a couple other things updated:
- massive passage renaming scheme, shouldn't affect anything you can see but its becoming more data driven
- Art for Julie has been updated except forgot to include preg/large breasts.
- Art for Robyn has been updated, ditto on the preg.
- Somehow the code that sped up the game got lost in the last few updates, it got put back in this one so the game should run really fast now.
- Implemented a system that allows all NPC's to move around randomly
- Direct infestation mechanic is working now
- If an NPC is infected, there is no chance they'll be discovered. Only infested characters can get caught and have parasites removed.
- Sex ed, Altar Room, Quinn Workplace seem to be working. Strip club is only partially working, something is wrong with Robyn's private room but I haven't figured out what it is yet. Laboratory isn't working.
- Fixed some art bugs with the main characters
- Fixed some typos and description issues in part 1
- Trapping rooms was reworked slightly, you now automatically retrieve excess parasites used in traps
- Infesting yourself raises Force w/ additional parasites
Part 2
- During the Day and During the Night code overhauled.
- Main game loop is mostly working
- Infestations are working
- Side character locations accessible, not quite working yet
- Parasite trapping and room infestations overhauled
- The mall is completely populated with stores but is mostly broken

Part 1
- Main title art updated
- The way line breaks were handled in the entire game has been changed. Mostly cosmetic.
- Fixed all the bugs mentioned from the previous round of bug checking.
- Polished music in part 1
- Fixed Joan's quest triggers again
- Fixed Scientist
- Updated map for the spaceship
- Fixed a bug for inserting eggs into rectum
- Fixed captain not being able to be brain infested if the player infested their own brain first
- Fixed an issue with Twine that was causing lag to build up as the game progressed. It should run extremely fast now.


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