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Developer: Sinspirational Games Patreon Website
Version: 1.2
Release Date: 2020-04-15
Last Updated: 2020-04-16
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Online
Language: English
Male Protagonist, BDSM, Big ass, Big tits, Fantasy, Female domination, Futa/Trans, Management, Monster, Monster girl, Sissification, Transformation

Paradise Heights is an interactive erotic fiction game focusing on the themes of seduction and transformation. You've accepted the job of a lifetime in a mysterious and luxurious new high-rise. You'll meet a cast of fully-fleshed characters, be able to explore their needs and desires, and -- if they pay the price -- fulfill them. With power comes risk: your new 'boss' has made clear that there are penalties for failure, and not everyone wants you to succeed.

Story Updates

Lazren’s Return!
-The story will now advance into chapter 2, with Lazren returning when the countdown timer reaches 0. Players with existing saves who have been stuck one ‘1 day to Lazren’s Return’ should now see the countdown finish after they sleep.
-5 possible ‘bad ends’ for those who do not have the required number of souls (Hint: You can have one converted human and still fail. Which of those do you think might have the ambition to take over if asked?)
-A scene with Lazren that may be submissive or dominant, but dominant PCs will want to ensure they have more than the requisite 3 souls.
-A new task and a new deadline to meet, though as before the countdown timer will not actually tick to 0 for several more updates as we fill out the content in chapter 2.

Mechanic Updates

Balance Adjustments
Starting Energy (Added 31 March 2020) - Starting energy for new games has been increased from 1000 to 1200. This will allow the first building upgrade to be purchased on day 1, as well as the first two small venues, making it significantly easier to exceed Lazren's expectations.
Building Adjustments
Buildings are now divided by the floor they can be built on instead of being listed by size. All previous shops are now First Floor venues. This update will allow for building the Second Floor, which will in turn allow building the Bank. The Casino is the first Special Venue, and is housed on its own floor of the tower.
Character Coloration Customization!
-During the scene with Lazren, players will be taught their first succubus power, which will allow them to alter the base character’s hair, eye, lipstick, and skin color. Gender remains locked, but is planned for a future update.

New Stuff:
Expanded NPC – Mason
-Mason told you he would talk about himself after you had passed your performance review, so I guess he’s on the hook for it now! Learn a little more about your reclusive researcher and maybe find out why he’s been so cagey. That seems like a problem that might be worth fixing, in the future…
New NPC – Mammon
-Mammon comes to act as a manager for some of your new buildings, thanks to her insight with certain members of Lazren’s family. She can be reached through the bank or casino. She does not currently have any steamy scenes associated with her, but will assist with operations in both buildings, as well as filling in some needed information
New Building – Bank
-The bank is a new building that allows the PC to make regular investments in new demonic start-ups. In addition to an energy reward, successfully completing an investment may get the player a grateful visit from the business owner, or perhaps some of the product…
New Building – Casino
-A requirement for Chapter 2, the Casino is an expensive monument to the sin of greed. Though there are currently no scenes available for the casino, players may adjust the odds of the gaming table to their liking. Play it safe with smaller wins and losses, or go all out for the maximum energy gain. As Mason would say, the choice is yours!

Developer Notes:
An Important Note About Playing Offline

If you are playing offline, the Dressing Room mirror to change your appearance may not update your dialog avatar. We're working on a better way to do this (and if you know of one, please let us know!), but in the meantime, you'll need to do this:

1. Close your browser entirely.
2. Open Chrome from your Windows search bar (or other command prompt) by using this command:
chrome.exe --allow-file-access-from-files
3. You don't have to do this every time to play - only when you want to change your avatar. Once it is set, you'll have no further problems.
As of this writing, only Chrome will work for this; we're looking for options for Firefox and others. Remember to close Chrome again and re-open it normally when you stop playing!

The technical explanation:

When you look into the mirror, you are not seeing an image; you're seeing multiple. Separate images for your hair, face, skin, eyes, and lips are layered into a composite. Once you're happy and click the button, a Javascript called HTML2Canvas creates what is called a 'canvas' element, and re-creates the final picture, before saving it in the browser as your avatar.
However, for whatever damned reason, browsers do not like drawing local files (the skin, hair, etc. images) on an HTML canvas. It's considered a security risk, flagged as 'tainted', and blocks the composite from being created. So, your avatar is never updated. The --allow-file-access-from-files flag turns off this security feature in Chrome temporarily. I haven't found a similar option for Firefox or Edge.
It may be that we simply have to create individual avatars for each combination of features, only for those people who play offline, but I would really love to avoid that.

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