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Tech Devil

Developer: GRasputin Patreon - Buy Me a Coffe
Version: 0.7.00
Release Date: 2020-06-04
Last Updated: 2020-07-06
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Real porn, Male protagonist, Animated, Handjob, Big tits, MILF, Lesbian, Oral sex, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Incest (Optional/Rename relationships), Masturbation, Teasing, Corruption, Drugs, Internal view, Vaginal sex, Groping

After an accident you suffer from amnesia. Every morning when you wake up you have forgotten everything that happened since the accident. One day while watching porn there is an incident which restores your memory. Unfortunately the amnesia is back after a couple of days. Together with your trusted therapist you come up with a plan to keep the amnesia away. The plan involves women and touching yourself. And that's only the beginning of your adventure.

- New content for all main characters (Landlady and daughters, Jolee, Avery, Therapist)
- Buying an item at the shopping center will now advance time.
- Fixed bug with Kylie strip in player's room morning after her second pill. (v0.6.001)
- Removed test code that broke Avery early in game. (v0.6.002)
- Game will now show error message when failing to load picture or video, instead of breaking. (v0.6.010)
- Credits button: Added the names of the models used for the biggest roles. (v0.6.010)
- Added popup message when game version is 100% completed. (v0.5.003)
- Removed option to turn off story mode. Story mode info moved to Help. (v0.5.003)
- Fixed bug where some players ended up with a wrongly named item "Cura?ao" in inventory, causing game to break later on. (v0.5.003)
- Fixed bugs with Jane and Kylie night events. (v0.5.002)
Update is focused on the women living with the player.
- Update is focused on the women not living with the player.
- Redid Avery's afternoon content using better source.
- Added better support for listing lots of memories.
- Fullscreen/window setup is now loaded from latest save file whenever starting/loading game.
- The name of the therapist can now be changed in the Intro.
- (Optional) The text area can be clicked to continue an event.
- Fixed Jolee birthday party bug which caused some players to fail to throw the party although they had everything required (v0.4.001)
- Reduced a few Jolee vids to work with 32-bit java. (v0.4.001)
- New content in this update:
--- Added several pictures to the intro to reduce walls of text.
--- Added several vids to the intro.
--- Added one event with Dr. Angela (Midday, Tue-Fri), needed for save compatibility.
- Slightly rewritten and modified intro.
- Work under the hood to improve the engine.
- Finished revamping of message windows that started in v0.3.0.
- Added Hints for people getting stuck in the game. Help->Hints.
- Removed "Something must happen first" failure messages due to being too unclear. Also made failure messages turned off by default.
- Made it easier/faster to trigger a certain game changing event early in the game.
- Renaming of Kyra in intro was never saved to file. This is now fixed.
- Removed the details view for linux users when loading/saving to enable loading/saving.
- First major improvement of the UI visuals since the demo. Introducing graphical themes (optional). First one out: Tropical Lava. Note: Graphical themes can slow down the game noticably on slower systems, especially if "Continue background" is enabled.
- Minor background change: The landlady is still married to her husband (who is working overseas).
- Added "Girls" button where info about the girls can be displayed, including clickable links to display info about their known weaknesses etc
- Memories will be listed in the order they were added, oldest first (memories from v0.2 saves will be sorted alphabetically)
- Completed events that gave memory health can be skipped to the end when being replayed.
- (Optional) Tropical Lava theme, customizable
- (Optional) Changing game speed: normal, fast, very fast
- (Optional) Automatically adjusted size of text panel can now be turned off
- (Optional) Text in event steps that have been played before is shown in different color
- (Optional) Show reasons for failing (showing reason is not always possible)
- changing to standard version numbering. Demo counts as version 0.1
- added a second daughter to Jane/landlady: Kylie's older sister.
- introducing a new girl (in addition to the second daughter)
- story progression for all women from the demo
- saves from demo won't work. In the future the goal is that older saves should always work
- changed memory health management: If you've used one or more pills on others during the day you will now skip taking a pill the next morning instead of running out of pills at the end of the week
- added ejaculation gif in bathroom and other situations. Can be disabled in Settings. Thanks to Swallow999 and NoodleJacuzzi for providing gif
- added Stats button which shows game progress
- added Memory button. Player will remember and be able to relive moments where time slowed down
- store now only shows items you need
- added some optional settings
- fix of bug introduced in some previous update, breaking game at beginning of second week
- fixed where autosaving was unintentionally being done even when save was leading to Game Over. Weekly autosave is now being done night to Monday. These fixes should allow players who get Game Over to replay the day or week, which was not possible with the autosaves before.
- fix so macOS users can load/save
- custom display refresh rate shouldn't break the game. In worst case full screen will be maximized window
- javafx is now included in jdk which should stop video failure/game freeze at second therapy session for Windows users
- disabled "continue click" in text panel
Version 1.00 - Initial release (2019-09-19)

(UPDATE: if you experience the below issue in windows 10, try disabling fullscreen optimization and see if it helps, and please let me know the result. Thanks.)
Some people have reported an issue where the game won't start, the windows freeze and they need to restart their system. I don't know why this happens and I have no solution to offer. I need help to solve this problem. If people experiencing this issue could supply me with their dxdiag info (dxdiag.txt) that would be helpful. In that case PM me. Thank you.

For other problems, see README.txt in the game folder.

Windows 10 users who can't start the game, try disabling fullscreen optimizations. Read Troubleshooting for details.


Win 64bit - MEGA
Win 32bit (0.5.00) - MEGA

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