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Tech Devil

Developer: BC - Patreon - Itch.io - TFGames.site
Version: 0.32
Release Date: 2020-08-31
Last Updated: 2020-09-01
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
3DCG, Female protagonist, Sci-fi, Transformation, Lesbian, Big tits, Futa/trans, Urination

Panacea, a transformative tale of a young woman and an experimental new drug with metamorphic properties.​

- 175 new images
- Can choose to transform into a man or not, both choices will have consequences later.

v0.3 Fixed
- 175 new images
- New scene pushing the story into the next phase

v0.203 Fixed
- 155 new images rendered.
- Sal shopping scene and sex scene (skippable) added.
- JJ Gym scene added.
0.203 fixes -
- Minor script bug fixed, thank you to calmingstorm for finding it.
- 180 new images rendered.
- Branching Simone scene added.
- Extra Pee fetish scene with Simone if you picked that option in the last update.
- 181 new images added.
- Sal and JJ scenes remade to reflect changes to characters. Also, can repeat the scenes if you want to see the other version.
- New Simone and Ivy scene
- Sex shop open after viewing new scene
- Two toys to buy and play with.
v0.2 Fixed
- 220 New renders added
- Cammy transform scene added
- Kaley Intro scene added
- Error fixed (thanks Solstorm for finding it)
- 214 images added
- Amita intro scene
- Sal's first transform
- Celeste/Simone scene
v0.103 HotFix
- 4 new scenes added, including 3 optional transformation scenes.
- Changes to UI
- New font
- Cleaned up dialogue
- 70 new images
- First choice to determine JJ transformation
- Set up for temporary transforms added


Win/Lin - MEGA
Mac - MEGA
Android - MEGA

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