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Developer: Redflash Patreon - Blogspot
Version: 1.27.1
Release Date: 2020-04-15
Last Updated: 2020-05-19
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, 2D game, Male protagonist, Animated, Combat, Anal sex, Gay, Sex toys, Oral sex, Masturbation, Group sex, Handjob, Parody

Welcome to Harem Builder, in this world, harems are a common thing and as a newly chosen harem leader, you must travel around and find potential members, recruit them and grow your harem!

***Formerly titled `Harem Builder`***

- Fixed a bug where the cow outfit for Ritsuka, Charlemagne and Shirou would be changed when using the randomizer.
- Fixed a bug where the screen would become black when trying to view Rex's random event.
- Made a little change to the Vendor in the Sea of Clouds so he'll go back to the set options even if you don't have a full set to sell
- Fixed a bug where Shinra's last event would replay if you got a random event in the main room
- Fixed Shinra's bathroom scene not working
- Fixed a few name bugs with the bedroom event (and added Shinra, Arthur, Ritsuka and Shirou)
- Fixed the description when drinking Shinra's bottle
- Added Megaman's new portraits
- Added Shinra to Megaman's Morning dialogues
- Added a money bonus for doing Souma's activity while wearing certain outfits (+50 with the Chef outfit and +150 with the Yukihira outfit)
- Added 2 new random events
- Added the new furniture items and feature
- Added a few shops in different maps (Cervius throne, Explorer's Guild, Milkbar, Castle Town Marketplace, Control Tower District in Ralkyx and the main area in Katakura Town)
The Explorer's Guild shop can only be accessed once you have at least 900 relationship with Ragna and interact with the riches behind his throne.
- Added the new scene for Ritsuka
- Added the Milking and contest moves for Ritsuka, Shirou, Charlemagne and Arthur
- Added 3 new random events
- Added Shinra to the harem
- Added 1 new animated scene
- Added 2 CG scenes
- Added the Hardcore/Special Dual type for contest moves. The dual types are a little weaker than single types when used for the corresponding judge. However, Generalist judges will now prefer dual type moves but will also still enjoy single type moves
- Fixed a bug where Keith's story could cause issues with Rex's quest
- Fixed a bug where certain random events would not reset a variable needed to reset the event after it played
- Fixed a bug in one of Ashe's random event where his portrait wouldn't change properly
- Fixed many typos
- Fixed Tatsumi sometimes not telling you how he feels when wearing his dick cage
- Fixed Tatsumi's small talk sometimes not working
- Fixed a bug where Rituska's first scene would appear early in the computer
- Keith's story can now be finished
- Added 2 CGs for Keith
- Added Keith's milking and contest moves
- Added 4 Underwears for Keith
- Added 1 Underwear for Link
- Added 1 Underwear for Sora
- Added a new random event for Link x Sora
- Added a new animated scene for Link x Sora (to start the sidequest, go to Sora's island once you have 2000 relationship with both him and Link and finished their stories.)
- Added a new map in the bedroom with which you can interact to change the travel map between click and menu interactions
- Removed the "thin" type of semen from the semen buyer and replaced it with hot. Elsword and Ragna have the hot type
- Did some minor changes to Keith's portraits to improve them
- Did some changes to Link's portraits
- Remade the dick cage for Link
- Updated the Guide
In this new version of Palestra, you can now progress Ritsuka's story further and summon a new Servant: Arthur. Arthur comes with a new animated scene and some underwears. With Valentine's day coming, I gave him his White Day suit from FGO ;).

This update ends once you have seen Arthur's animated scene.

- Added Arthur to the game
- Added new underwears and outfits for Arthur
- Added a new animated scene for Arthur
- Fixed Ashe's TimeStop move
- Removed the first few lines of description from Charlemagne's tease
- Fixed a bug where Shirou's dialogue would close sometimes when using the small talk option
- Fixed a bug where sometimes the menu wouldn't be accessible in the harem town
- Fixed Link's introduction where the monsters were still not using the arrow keys
- Fixed the pillars in the Semen Shop
- Fixed many typos towards the beginning of the game (Still many to fix though, but I'm slowly fixing them)
- Changed some values for Manami's hardcore moves to improve them
- The Manor area of Katakura Town has been improved
- Fixed a bug where you could get stuck when using the map at the entrance of Katakura Town
- Fixed a bug where you could walk in the contest arena
- Fixed a bug where the screen could stay black when you first meet Souma
New travel system:
This update includes the new travel system. With the new travel system, it is now possible to teleport to specific locations around the Palestra, provided you are attuned with the crystals. To attune with a crystal, simply find it and interact with it. If you do so, the crystal will light up and you will be able to use the crystal.

- Changed Sorey's daily activity to award 75 relationship points instead of 50
- Made the arrows room in Sorey's daily activity more obvious
- Added 2 Sex Toys for Sora
- Added 3 new Corruption Outfits (Shirou, Charlemagne, Ragna)
- Added 1 new underwear for Ritsuka
- Added the new Travel System
- Improved all of Manami's portraits
- Changed the new semen bottles to have the proper pictures on the menu.
- fixed an issue that prevents Ashe from being milked
- Fixed a lot of typos in Ashe/Caspar's story (huge thanks to Janus for proofreading it)
- Added two new outfits for Sora
- Added Caspar and Ashe's contest moves
- Renamed Winter Fabric to Festive Fabric
v1.22: Palestra Update
This update includes:
- Two new characters, Caspar and Ashe
- 1 CG
- A story for the two characters above
- New underwears and outfits
- New milking scenes for the two characters
- Two new random events (One with Rowan, the other with Shirou, Ashe, Link and Corrin)
- A new book obtainable through the random event with Rowan. This book is a usable item to read some stories about Corrin (was already in the game, and about Ashe/Caspar)

- Fixed a bug which prevented the character from turning around after the last Elsword scene
- Fixed a bug where Tatsumi's CG 2 wouldn't play properly from the computer
- Made a fix to the guide about Ragna (Some of his contest moves listed there were copy of Sora's)
v1.21: Ragna update 2
While improving Link's portraits, I noticed I lost the files for Link's cow outfit. I hope you'll like the new version I made ><!
- Added 9 random scenes that can happen within the harem either during the day or night
- Added 4 new underwears (Ragna(1), Elsword(2), Rex(1))
- Added 1 new CG
- Added a new Bathroom scene for Ragna
- Added contest moves for Ragna
- Improved Link's portraits
- Improved Ragna's portraits
- Changed the eventing of the clothes randomizer to be a little faster
- Fixed a bug with Shirou's bathroom scene
- Charlemagne's bathroom scene should now play properly
v1.20: Sorey update 1
Here is the new Harem Builder version! In this version, you can meet Sorey and progress his story up to the point where he joins the harem. To start Sorey, you must have completed Castle Town's quest first (if Ragna's in your harem, you're good to go). You can meet Sorey in the new map west of Castle Town.

This update includes:
- New recruitable character: Sorey
- 1 new zone in Castle Town with the Explorer's Guild
- 1 new daily activity
- 1 animated scene
- 1 CG
- New underwears for Sorey

- Changed Link's corrupted form with the exposed dick to display the right teasing text
- Changed the clothes randomizer to not change Ragna's clothes when the cow outfit is equipped
- Fixed a bug where Ragna's time wouldn't be reset when putting the dick cage or cow outfit
- Fixed some missing portraits in the textboxes after Ragna's first scene
- Fixed a small mistake before and after Ragna's milkbar scene where a textbox would play before the fade out
- Added dialogues to an npc missing some in Castle Town
- Fixed a bug where sometimes the wrong character would appear during Souma's last scene
- Fixed a bug where Cervius' icon on the map wouldn't go away when canceling traveling from the harem home
- Fixed a bug where you could get stuck at the entrance of Ralkyx
v1.19: Ragna update 1
- You can no longer interact with Ragna in the harem home until you reach a certain point in his quest
- Added Ragna's daily activity and relationship quest
- Update Megaman's portraits
- Updated the guide with the new stuff
v1.18.1 Hotfix
- Fixed a bug that would prevent the player from seeing Tatsumi's scene replay at the computer
- Removed a test npc near the entrance of the harem home
- Changed Sora's finishers to consumer 60% of his energy instead of 70%
- Fixed a typo at the lottery, it costs 120 credits, not 100
- Fixed some dialogue boxes in Link's Master Sword dildo sex toy
- Fixed some typos for Tatsumi
v1.18: Tatsumi's Quest part 2
- Added the next part for Tatsumi's quest
- Added 1 new scene for Tatsumi (2 CGs)
- Added a new lottery npc in the Katakura Town festival, you can win yukata fabrics there
- Added a new invite option for Tatsumi
- Added Tatsumi's underwear for the MC
- Added 4 new outfits (yukatas for Corrin, Tatsumi, Manami and Souma)
- Added a new fabrics section to the game guide
- Attempted to fix a bug with Megaman's movie sometimes not disappearing after the morning greeting

Developer Notes:
- 13 recruitable characters
- 26 CGs
- 7 animated scene
- 30 Ero scenes
- Replayable scenes
- Special animated sex contests
- Text based sex scenes
- Underwears and outfits changing character appearances
- Different sex toys for characters

Current ending points:
- Slightly after recruiting Lubbock in the harem
- After seeing 2 CGs for Rex
- Shortly after Keith's animated scene
- After Charlemagne's animation
- After recruiting Megaman in the Harem

New Game Password: Clef


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Saves - MEGA

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