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[Unity] Overlord [v0.09] [Project63]


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Developer: Project63 Patreon
Version: 0.09
Release Date: 2020-04-01
Last Updated: 2020-04-03
Censored: No
OS: Windows
3D Game, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Character creation, Simulator, Rpg, Pregnancy, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism, Animated, Adventure, Monster girl, Combat, Sandbox, Slave

This game is set up in a fantasy world. The goal of this game is to immerse player in a world full of creatures and characters you can interact with. One way or another.

  • Player can now assign prisoners to work, however they can escape. You can assign guards. Escape works randomly based on characters stats towards the player and guard success.
  • Disciplinary measures added.
  • Working success as a resource gatherer no longer affected by any weapon. Instead tools are used. Tools can also be used as weapons.
  • Second tier of harlot H animations added.
  • Hair is now also animated
  • You can now also access NPC inventory through dialogue.
  • New animal added
  • Crafting/Building icons in workbench are now tabbed.
  • You can now assign more then 1 workers to same proffesion, up to maximum of 3.
  • Your gatherers can no longer get injured, instead they just fail to gather the resource.
  • Added new/quit game confirmation popup.
  • Player now gets "a report" at end of the day instead of chat information.
  • Leg armor removed.
  • Wooden shield is now rounded instead of squared.
  • Most of the crafting grain requirements removed. 50% of bird spawns replaces with new spawn.
  • Camera no longer clips in H mode and is now centered.
  • Maximum arrows player can hold are 10 by default. (Until talents)
  • Names fixed, no longer shows number behind names.
  • Chest not saving fix
  • Harlot no longer interacts with female players (until animations are done)
  • Wilderness spawns should spawn in circle bounds now
Known/possible bugs:
  • Sometimes when capturing bandits with rope, positions them wrongly. Relaunching game should fix positioning :s
  • Some position variables have been changed this version. If some of your character do not show, sell them and capture new ones so changed can be applied.
What's new in 008
  • Camp building, management features. Rana will explain in game once you get the letter and travel back to city.
  • Every NPC should have name now. You'll only be able to name you own special characters in later updates.
  • You can assign NPC to work.
  • Gatherers: Once assigned character will add resource to your chest on rest if succesfull.
  • New stats added.
  • Success stat is based on characters strength, age, equipment, loyalty, fear and beauty. Success rate wary based on stats and proffesion.
For example: Beauty has no effect on Gathering proffesion. Strength will have no benefits on more... sensual proffesions.

  • NPC are now only seen as prisoners and settlers. Captured prisoner from slaver is now the same category as imprisoned bandit, a prisoner, rescued slave becomes a settler.
  • Character turn speed has been reduced, hopefully this fixes movement issues for low end PCs, will later implement slider.
  • Social tab removed, will be using new system instead.
  • Birds now also drops skin (Could not implement wolves due to engine bug, but will be later replaced with wolves)
  • Harlot and mushroom girl are no longer connected. You can initiate favors with harlot without encountering mushroom girl.
  • Reduced the difficulty of 3 bandits needed to kill for rana quest.
Known bugs:
  • You can climb mountains by jumping.
  • Your settlers and prisoners display number in name, example: Julia314
  • If Rana gets defeated sometimes the game bugs. Make sure to keep her alive. (Fix 008a)
  • On death general bugs (Fix 008a)
  • Injured NPC do not recover (Fix 008a)
Future update plans:
  • Prisoner assignments
  • Events/items to increase stats for characters and player.
  • Taboo patch (code)
  • Pregnancy and offspring system.
What's new...
  • Double click on items added. Makes inventory management/crafting faster and easier. Players can still drag and drop if the prefer so.
  • Combat animations redone/replaced, NPC should not be moving player back on every attack.
-At level 1 melee combat talent player can perform second attack that deals 1.5x dmg (spam click or time click after the first attack)
-At level 2 melee combat talent player can perform power attack by holding down attack button that deals 2.5x dmg.
-Power attacks cannot be blocked and cause stagger. But you need stamina to perform them.

  • Killed enemies now use ragdoll system.
  • Shields added.
  • Skin now gets bloody based on health loss.
  • Harlot size changed to player size.
  • Added two new creatures, one capturable (for now), one for new resource.
  • New items
(Most enemies are now just scattered in Wilderness area. But will later be positioned on specific part of the map.)
  • Codes will remain the same this update.
Fixes, minor changes
  • Added Disclaimer
  • Loot bag no longer appears on death if npc doesn't have items (Confused some players thinking it was a bug)
  • Inventory minor fixes when implementing doubleclick
  • Sprinting out of stamina works as intended now, instead of twitching
  • Witch body fixed (she had a deformed torso)
  • Fixed a bug where rana did not spawn when exiting prison cell during dialogue with prison guard.
  • Female unlocked for all. Only futa locked for patreons. Therefore...
  • For patreons BANDITS have an active 20 % chance to spawn with skimpy alternate outfits you can use on your characters when captured.
  • Archery (re)implemented, you can again craft bow and arrows, arrows work differently as in prior versions. Before, arrows were checked if they are present in inventory, now stack is just applied to selected character when crafted.
(Please note, NPC do not yet use ranged attacks)

  • Demigod can now use money/resource cheat and special weapon. The things that are used during development for testing as a fun/parody, and are not considered part of the game, example: Dildosaber
  • Story continuation/companion
  • Applied factions. Animals/Humans/Bandits for now... Opposing enemy factions will fight on world map, or run away, depends of behaviour.
  • Humanoids itself will not yield any loot when killed, however if they kill an animal they'll have that animal loot.
  • Characters now spawn randomly across the forest instead of fixed points, and interact with world.
  • Some random events initiating when you enter a map.
  • Encounters may wary as NPC have their own coded behavior
  • Slaver escorting slave with dialogue added
  • Birds chasing humans
  • You can now only sell captured outlaws to slave trader. The rest (can) will be used for different purposes in later updates.
Major save game and inventory redesign (Still the same on surface, different mechanics).

  • Game no longer autosaves, it's back to manual saving. Quicksave F5 or Save game from menu.
Minor updates and fixes
  • Dark woods replaces with desert/forest hybrid Wilderness. Early updates focus will be primary on this barren world, do not want to extend world just yet.
  • Headshots are less effective when a character has helm on.
  • Player now starts bald (will later add haircut options, eather by scrolls you can find OR by stylist in town)
  • Killed enemies now drop lootbag, instead of direct corpse looting.
  • No longer cancles menu when crafting item, due to multiple arrow crafting, also reduced rope required for shoulders/legs from 4 to 2.
  • Hip weapon now scales with character thickness to avoid clipping.
  • Random idle animations, character looks left/right and takes a deep breath.
  • Aged character now visually age appropriately, hair looses pigment, body changes etc...
  • Male genitals now flop around when moving
  • Game now pauses when in menu
  • Player can now walk by holding down CAPSLOCK key, for RP purposes
  • Added red/ginger facial color.
  • Inventory tweaked, optimized, possibly fixed. Depends on the problem players had.
  • You no longer destroy item by dragging it to wrong spot or out of inventory. It created too much confusion. New delete icon (Trash can) is added.
  • Many minor fixes and UI updates/animations.
  • Stamina regeneration doubled until talents
  • Damage fixed, armor should now negate damage properly, strength of character affects its damage.
  • Quest interractable items now have special effect
Bugs and known issues
All will be be gradually fixed with more updates.

  • Sometimes AI behaves like well... AI. Does stupid things.
  • Humanoid enemy attacks pushes player back, will be later replaced with static animations for NPCs.
  • Companions only attacks bandits/animals. Ignores if you attack slavers or hunters.
Hello, what's new/changes...
Patreon levels added (for now)
  • Patrons Tier 1
(Can play female and futa)
  • Patrons Tier 3 - Demi god
(Can also edit player/captured characters by using EDIT (star) icon in management window.

Later cheat menu will be added, for money, skill, levels, etc...)
  • Inventory system (management window).
  • You can now equip, unequip, trade between player and any stored characters.
  • Looting system, nothing much new for a player perspective, but completely redone :)
  • Captured characters now virtually store inside manager (previously inventory) window.
You no longer need to carry characters to slave trader, multiple characters can be stored.

(All 5 character slots are temporary unlocked in this version, storage space will later be based on player proffesion level, or housing).

You can sell captured characters via special trade window when you talk to slave trader.
  • Scene with mushroom girl added after Harlots training.
  • Crafting system redone, armor crafting system implemented
Wooden armor added

character equipment slots added
  • Cloth (existing)
  • Helm armor
  • Chest armor
  • Shoulder armor
  • Leg armor
Economy: Feather trophy value reduced from 3 to 1.

Due to major changes and time issues, this version has temporary disabled:
  • Ranged combat. (didn't work anyway due to disabled ragdoll system)
  • Bow/arrow crafting ^
  • Tutorial level.
  • Expect disabled things to be reimplemented in next versions.
  • Trophy selling, if you don't want your character to deal with slavery.
(Double click on feather item when accesing shop through hunter Carver)
  • Item/tooltip information when item is selected.
  • Dialogue and relations change. Jack is now characters real father and he's searching for his sister.
  • Patreon tier/codes implemented. Fully unlocked only in this update.
In the next updates non patrons will only be able to play as male.
Demi-god Will later have possibility to edit any owned character, cheat menus etc...
  • World characters now randomize. Hakeem now calculates captured characters value based on appearance, age, etc...
  • AI: Characters now attack player if group is attacked.
  • You can no longer travel by going to edge of the map, use map key (Key M).
  • Player can now replay tutorial at any time.
  • Stamina regeneration increased by 30% until talents are added
Hi, was a very busy month, but still managed to add some things...
  • Game no longer auto saves.
You now save through menu (ESC) or by using (F5) key
  • You can now sell captured NPCs.
(Carry to slave master)
  • Sexual experience stat added for player.
  • Gold gain.
  • Added a new character you can interact with intimately, find her in the city.
(SPOILER: talk to her after mushroom girl encounter)
Animations and dialogue for female not yet implemented, however player can still use female character with male animation, use your imagination for now I quess :)
  • Minor fixes and tweaks.
What's new:
  • Added a new map. Map focus is to explore a mid sized area. The map is intentionally big (takes time to walk from one spot to another) because plan is to implement mounts for player to travel around with. Might seem barren now but will be upgrading each update.
Crafting improved/redone
  • added items, some items require additional resource
  • items now return on previous inventory slot when canceling item creation
  • First scenes added, you find "creature" somewhere.
  • Capture and sell example implemented.
  • Experience points and leveling, max lvl 3.
  • Stamina now affects combat.
  • Holding drawn bow drains stamina.
  • Melee swings now drains stamina. Two handed weapons drains more stamina than one handed.
  • Holding block prevents stamina regeneration. You get hit how by holding block, however at lowe still receive damage. Amount received will later be affected by defense talent.
  • You can now only sneak attack with 1 handed weapon and bow. Two handers will have it's own unique abilities.
Fixed Bugs/Tweaks/Performance:
  • Player no longer automatically holster weapons. Sometimes caused visual mess. You can do it manually by pressing R, or by talking to NPCs and opening inventory.
  • You can now rotate camera when talking, by holding down right mouse button. Same as in Sex scenes.
  • Arrows in inventory are now properly placed in arrow slot when equipped one are used up.
  • Saving arrow bug fixed
  • You can no longer consume items from loot window. Items have to be looted first.
  • You can no longer store items in loot window. It prompts deletion.
  • Going to border and selecting the "invisible"barrier now opens map menu
  • Random encounter has been removed, and temporary replaced with permanent exploration area. (there will be special random encounters later on/ambushes, etc...)
Updated tutorial:
  • Information about looting and experience added, when you kill animal in hunting tutorial.
Thanks to FEEDBACK:
  • Hides cursor when not needed.
  • Added quality levels/resolution, for people experiencing fps issues (tested on weaker machines, use windowed mode and change resolution to increase FPS, to increase fps even more change shadow/texture resolutions).
  • Removed X for quits. Use alt + f4 or (ESC) main menu to quit.
  • Some NPC now call you slave instead of friend/boy... Etc and should generaly not be so friendly.
Known Bugs:
  • Sometimes animation is out of sync (Sex scenes)
Version 0.01 - Initial release

Developer Notes:
What's next:
  • Patron tiers
  • Sexual; ways to raise the experience the creature is talking about, human action.
  • Money income from slave trade, skins...
  • etc...
Some asked what this game is about:
  • Well It's about this kid, adventure, surviving and home building/upgrading.
  • You'll be able to build/rebuild your own village or outpost. Just like in previous game.


Win - MEGA
Mac - MEGA

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