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Developer: Winterfire - Patreon - Discord - SubscribeStar
Release Date: 2020-08-04
Last Updated: 2020-06-27
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
3DCG, Creampie, Fantasy, Interracial, Male protagonist, Masturbation, Monster girl, Parody, Sandbox, Vaginal sex, Virgin.

You are spending the final minutes in your favorite DMMO-RPG, YGGDRASIL before it shuts down for good at midnight.

However, when the time comes, nothing apparently happens.
Unable to log out, you are stuck in a world that looks similar to the game yet so much more realistic, especially the NPCs that begin to behave consciously...​

-Removed: Progress checker in gallery (Does not work properly, it is more confusing than helpful).

-Changed: Mare's gold token events no longer require any shooting star charge.
-Changed: Nabe's side event in E-Rantel now requires you to have chosen her as E-Rantel partner.

-Added: 6 Side Events.
-Added: 6 CGs.
-Added: 2 Hilma gold token scenes.
-Added: 8200 words (~25 minutes gameplay)
-Fixed: Minor typos.

-Changed: Scene from R26 has Leinas sprite/token now.

-Added: 3 Characters (Draudillon, Renner, Tira).
-Added: 5 Mirror Events.
-Added: 4 CGs.
-Added: 10700 words (~30 minutes gameplay).
-Fixed: E-Rantel marker showing a new event that did not exist.

-Added: 2 Territorial maps (Abelion Hills, Holy Kingdom).
-Added: Happy Farm.
-Added: 2 Maps (Kalinsha's residence, Kalinsha).
-Added: 2 Characters (Neia, Remedios).
-Added: 4 CGs.
-Added: 1 Mirror Event.
-Added: 9000 words (~25 minutes gameplay).
-Fixed: Drider event can no longer be repeated infinitely.
-Fixed: Integrated patch 1 from R30.
-Fixed: Map Marker in the Dwarf Kingdom displays now.

-Changed: After Go Gin battle you will no longer get teleported back to Nazarick.
-Changed: CZ2128 Delta has her own category in the gallery now.

-Added: 2 Mirror Event.
-Added: 9 CGs.
-Added: 1 Character (Fiammella).
-Added: 6 Side events.
-Added: 1 Map (Dragon's peak).
-Added: 9000 words (~30 minutes gameplay)
The patch fixes Shalltear's event showing as unavailable, it only happens when she has been chosen as second companion and not first.
If her event did not show as unavailable, you do not need the patch.

-Fixed: Integrated patch 1 from R29.
-Fixed: Misc CG 66 correctly marked as "Mirror event CG".
-Fixed: Yuri's orphanage side event is no longer doable during day 168 and will not overwrite her new side event.
-Fixed: Minor typos.
-Fixed: Shelter day map not loading when forced through console.
-Fixed: Hotspring scene now shows Narberal pregnant when she is pregnant.
-Fixed: The suspicious door no longer sends you back to the Sorcerer Kingdom if entered through the Dwarf Kingdom.

-Changed: MISC 21 CG has been animated.

-Added: 3 CGs.
-Added: 1 Side event.
-Added: Scene to secret and Mare gold token.
-Added: Progress checker in gallery (only works in-game, not from main menu).
-Added: 1 Character (Matriarch Drider).
-Added: 3 Maps (Feo Jera, Feo Raizo, Feo Berkana).
-Added: 9300 words (~30 minutes gameplay).
-Fixed: Solution's CG 7 and 8 event not triggering (Requires loading a save prior to day 160).

-Changed: Warning text to make it more obvious that it is indeed possible to have a harem in this game (Thanks Sewyoba for bringing this issue to my attention!).

-Added: 18 CGs.
-Added: 22 Side Events.
-Added: 3 Mirror Events.
-Added: 1 Territorial map (Dwarf Kingdom).
-Added: 2 Maps (Azellisia Mountain Pass, Azellisia shelter).
-Added: 18400 words (~60 minutes gameplay).
-Fixed: Improved performance which should lower the chance of random crashes.
-Added: 5 Side Events.
-Added: 4 CGs.
-Added: 1 Secret.
-Added: 7700 words (~20 minutes gameplay).
-Fixed: Entoma's room disappearing once you spoke with Kyouhukou, preventing you from completing the confession event.
-Fixed: Mare's handjob event no longer inverts Momonga's skin color choice.
-Fixed: Neimel's check in Hamsuke side event.
-Fixed: World map no longer tells you about a new event in E-Rantel once Sayuri becomes unavailable.
-Fixed: After the final scene with Kyouhukou, you will no longer get teleported in your chambers.
-Fixed: Sebas no longer stays on screen while you are organizing a meeting on day 129.
-Fixed: Game marking a new Rosalyn event in Adipocere Chamber when it is not available.
-Fixed: Typos in R24 and R25 (Thanks Pimgd!).
-Fixed: Jaldabaoth's CG inconsistency.
-Fixed: Vrelkia's sprite overlapping with the last CG.

-Changed: Redone Nigredo's sprite (Smoother animation).

-Added: 2 Characters (Increment, Vixtralishen'wakar).
-Added: 3 Maps (Orphanage, The Labyrinth, Karorin's hideout).
-Added: 6 Side Events.
-Added: 4 Mirror Events.
-Added: 5 CGs.
-Added: 8400 words (~25 minutes gameplay).
-Fixed: The event to give Tuare her diary no longer happens if you have resurrected Ninya before it.
-Changed: Updated Gold Tokens.
-Added: 2 Characters (Freyja, Myrva).
-Added: Preference to change Werewolves' ears.
-Added: 7 CG.
-Added: 2 Mirror Event.
-Added: 1 Map (Jirnivel's office).
-Added: 4 Side Event.
-Added: 10100 words (~30 minutes gameplay).
-Fixed: Missing speaker in Sayuri's 3rd event.
-Fixed: Narberal's token showing in E-Pespel's event.
-Fixed: More typos throughout the whole game (Thanks Pimgd!).
-Fixed: Exiting the gallery while viewing CGs no longer crashes the game.
-Fixed: Narberal no longer appears when you are supposed to be alone during day 28's guild mission.
-Fixed: Albedo (When pregnant) no longer appears during the party organized by Ainzach on night 28.
-Fixed: Albedo will no longer think you were in the hotsprings if you have played with Aurora instead.
-Fixed: Yuri's anal scene now consumes a shooting ring charge.
-Fixed: Some maps would not warn about a new event if the floor thumbnails were disabled.
-Fixed: Albedo's CG 14.

-Changed: Gallery's current page fix from R24 has been extended to work on older saves as well.
-Changed: Entoma's date event has been extended by an event (prior to it).

-Added: 7 Side Events.
-Added: 1 Mirror Event.
-Added: 7 CGs.
-Added: 7300 words (~20 minutes gameplay).
-Removed: Game completion's percentage in about.
-Removed: Kyouhukou's gallery category.

-Fixed: Gallery's current page is reset when closed.
-Fixed: Many typos throughout the whole game (Thanks Pimgd!).
-Fixed: Rosalyn's confession event triggering if you had confessed to other women before her.
-Fixed: Music reset when going to sleep on the 53rd night.
-Fixed: Day 72 repeating itself.
-Fixed: Lupusregina is no longer considered pregnant if you never came inside her.
-Fixed: During Fluder's scene in the inn, E-Rantel's partner choice no longer overwrites the presence of Jelori or Rosalyn.
-Fixed: Having sex with the Quell consumes a Shooting Star charge now.

-Changed: Town maps redone.
-Changed: All events are visible now and you will be warned if you do not have enough Shooting Star charges.
-Changed: Map markers were redone to be more readable and consistent.
-Changed: "Aura & Mare" have their own category in the gallery now.

-Added: 2 Map (E-Pespel, Entoma's room).
-Added: 2 Territorial maps (Sorcerer Kingdom, Baharuth Empire).
-Added: 1 Character (Roesia).
-Added: 1 Mirror event.
-Added: 3 Side Events.
-Added: 8 CGs.
-Added: 7500 words (~20 minutes gameplay).
-Fixed: Integrated R22 patch 1.
-Fixed: Jelori's CG 5 thumbnail.
-Fixed: R21 Events no longer repeat twice if you view them before activating Rubedo.
-Fixed: Mirror event teleporting you and crashing the game.
-Fixed: Yuri, Narberal or Albedo not appearing next to you on the throne during the blood empress meeting.

-Added: 3 Characters (Floriana, Alariana, Adalinda).
-Added: 2 Maps (Green Hole, Katze Plains).
-Added: 4 CG.
-Added: 2 Side Event.
-Added: 1 Mirror event.
-Added: 10200 words (~30 minutes gameplay).
-Fixed: Misc 39 thumbnail.
-Fixed: Bukubukuchagama's and Peroroncino's outline width.
-Fixed: Horizontal offset in floor selection (Fallback from R21).

-Changed: World map has been overhauled.
-Changed: You can quickly exit the gallery by pressing "ESC".
-Changed: Arche, Rubedo and Imina have their own custom font now.
-Changed: Lizardman village's access has been moved to the Great Lake.
-Changed: R21 side events play an objective before and last till the end of day 71.

-Added: Hide button to support android ports.
-Added: Preference for custom fonts and M/M (Default: Disabled).
-Added: Textbox sample in preferences.
-Added: Map exit points in E-Rantel and Re-Estize.
-Added: 4 CGs.
-Added: 1 Mirror event.
-Added: 1 Character (Jirnivel).
-Added: 3 Side event.
-Added: 1 Map (Gigantic Tree).
-Added: 1 Gold Token: Mare (Thanks Springbuns for the ideas!)
-Added: 8400 words (~20 minutes gameplay).

-Fixed crash at the beginning of Clementine's footjob.
-Fixed Rubedo's side event appearing before her activation.
-Fixed: Mirror showing wrong percentage.
-Fixed: New event marker showing in the opposite direction when checking Throne Room.
-Fixed: Horizontal offset in floor selection.
-Fixed: Minor typos.
-Fixed: Game taking too long to launch.

-Added: Preference to disable floor thumbnails.
-Added: 9 CG.
-Added: 14 Side events.
-Added: 10200 words (~30 minutes gameplay).
-Fixed: Mirror crashing the game if you start a new game on a new release with an existing save without loading a save at least once.
-Fixed: Minor typos.
-Fixed: Ninya's resurrection event no longer loops.
-Fixed: When Aura and Mare speak at the same time, the text outline will be the correct size.
-Fixed: Aureole's event looping and the chance of her first event never triggering (skipped to 2nd instead).

-Added: 13 CGs.
-Added: 3 Characters (Rubedo, Arche, Imina).
-Added: 10000 words (~30 minutes gameplay).
-Fixed: You can no longer attempt to save in automatic saves.
-Fixed: Being able to access either Catastrophe Dragon Lord fight or Shalltear's fight ignoring Clementine's state.
-Changed: Console has been turned on (tread carefully!).
-Added: 3 Characters (Karorin, Manservant, Lance).
-Added: 8 CGs.
-Added: 2 Maps (Arwintar, Arwintar's inn room).
-Added: 2 Mirror events.
-Added: 6500 words (~15 minutes gameplay).
-Fixed: Minor typos. -Fixed: Narberal will no longer call you her husband in Re-Estize if she is not married to you. -Fixed: Missing check for Yuri's creampie. -Fixed: Hamsuke will no longer be called Hamsuke in the graveyard if you named her something else. -Changed: "Jelori" and "Rosalyn" have their own category in the gallery now, return button moved on top for ease of access. -Changed: CGs unlocked by the mirror are now marked as such. -Changed: Locked mirror events now show whose character unlocks them. -Changed: Added flash to cum scenes. -Changed: "About" section displays the percentage of dialogue read now. -Added: 5 CGs. -Added: 1 Gold token (Hilma). -Added: 2 Characters (Rishusa, Hilma). -Added: 2 Map (Tob's cave, Hilma's mansion). -Added: 2 Side Events. -Added: 1 Mirror event. -Added: 8700 words (~25 minutes gameplay).
-Fixed: Jhaiza's gold token being unlocked without meeting the requirements.
-Fixed: Ghost event in Momonga Chambers.
-Fixed: Neimel no longer appears if she is dead.
-Fixed: Momonga not displaying the last objective of R16 correctly.

-Changed: Sebas and Demiurge sprites have been redone and are now animated.
-Changed: Gallery supports animated CGs now (All changes were applied accordingly, including the walkthrough).
-Changed: Gallery always shows "Previous" and "Next" buttons to allow a faster navigation.
-Changed: Ninya has a sprite now.

-Added: 6 CGs.
-Added: 8 Side Events.
-Added: 4 Mirror events.
-Added: 5500 words (~15 minutes gameplay)
-Fixed: Shooting Star ring not recharging as often as it should.

-Added: 6 CGs.
-Added: 1 Gold token (Jhaiza).
-Added: 1 Character (Cixous).
-Added: 7300 words (~20 minutes gameplay).
-Fixed: Shalltear CG 8 not showing up in gallery.

-Added: 7 CGs.
-Added: 5 Characters (Evileye, Tuare, Lakyus, Tia, Tina).
-Added: 2 Maps (Re-Estize, Upper District Mansion).
-Added: 4 Side Events.
-Added: 1 Mirror event.
-Added: 8300 words (~20 minutes gameplay).
-Fixed: Integrated R13 patch.
-Fixed: The game no longer caches too much data (No longer required after changing animation method).

-Changed: Mare has been redone and he is now animated.
-Changed: "Swamps" can now entered at anytime as "Great Lake".

-Added: 6 CGs.
-Added: 1 Character (Crush Lulu).
-Added: 2 Maps (Dummy Nazarick, Lizardmen's village).
-Added: 6 Side events.
-Added: 3 Mirror events.
-Added: 9000 words (~25 minutes gameplay).
-Fixed: Integrated R12 patch (World map crashing under some conditions).

-Changed: Characters and logo are now .Webm (Faster to load and the game's size has been decreased by 800mb, thanks Obsidu for the suggestion!).

-Added: 4 CGs.
-Added: 3 Characters (Jhaiza, Zaryusu, Shasuryu).
-Added: 2 Maps (Party room, Swamps).
-Added: 3 Mirror events.
-Added: 4 Side events.
-Added: 6600 words (~15 minutes gameplay).
-Fixed: Mirror percentage calling the old not persistent variable which lead to crashes/incorrect percentage shown.
-Fixed: typos throughout almost half of the game (thanks to Masterlordflame!).
-Fixed: There is no longer a delay of a few seconds when accessing the maps (Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown).

-Changed: Kyouhukou's event has now a limit (Within Season 1).
-Changed: Entoma's font.
-Changed: Eclair's font.

-Added: 7 CGs.
-Added: 3 Characters (Aurora, Nymph, Vampire Bride - Rosalyn).
-Added: 2 Mirror events.
-Added: 2 Maps (Demiurge's farm, Lupusregina's chamber).
-Added: 6 Side events.
-Added: 10400 words (~30 minutes gameplay).
-Fixed: You can no longer interact with tokens beneath the main menu. (Fallback from R9)
-Fixed: Carne Village's brothel's walls normal map and lighting.

-Changed: Vrelkia's first scene (Carne brothel's prostitute) includes an extra CG.

-Added: 8 CGs.
-Added: 1 Map (Fields).
-Added: 2 Mirror events.
-Added: 8000 words (~20 minutes gameplay).
-Fixed: Minor typos.

-Changed: Worldmap UI has been improved.
-Changed: Entoma's font outline to make it more readable in a dark background.
-Changed: Cocytus, Sebas and Demiurge characters have been redone.
-Changed: Lowered volume of Cherry Blossom Sanctuary map.
-Changed: Minor alteration to Mirror's UI and made it persistent.

-Added: New event marker for world map.
-Added: 4 CG.
-Added: 5 Characters (Goblin - Vrelkia, Kurome, Rat - Akame, Nezumi - Nhinne, Kitsune - Sayuri).
-Added: 3 Map (Carne's brothel, E-Rantel's sewers, E-Rantel's demihuman district).
-Added: 4 Mirror events.
-Added: Music to "Great Forest of Tob" and "Treasury".
-Added: Missing routes in E-Rantel.
-Added: 5400 words (~15 minutes gameplay).

Developer Notes:


Win/Lin - MEGA
Mac - MEGA
Compressed PC - MEGA
Compressed Mac - MEGA


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