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[Unity] Oh So Hero! Pre Edition [v0.14.700] [Full Frontal Frog]


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Developer: Full Frontal Frog Patreon - Itch.io - Twitter - Trello
Version: 0.14.600
Release Date: 2020-08-01
Last Updated: 2020-09-21
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
2DCG, 2D game, Furry, Gay, Anal sex, Footjob, Platformer, Animated, Combat, Oral sex, Handjob, Teasing, Masturbation, Sci-fi, Side-scroller

Oh So Hero is a 2.5D Lewd Metroidvania PC game in development

In Oh So Hero, you play the role of the dragonesque hero Joe to fight and fornicate with enemies, build intimate relationships with anthropomorphic characters, and embark on a sex-filled adventure to stop the mysterious alien invaders that have wreaked havoc on Joe's once-peaceful island.

  • New NPC: Ray, the Tanuki! (includes sex animation)
    • Find him in Lood City (still under construction).
  • Added final sex animation for Stier!
    • This is when Joe is grabbed at 100% lust. Stier, the Minotaur, is found in Lood City.
  • New Gameplay Camera System!
    • Makes the game really look and play like a metroidvania!
    • Go through Treewish Forest and Brask’s Jungle to see it in action!
  • New Items!
    • Three new special items have been added. You can find them in Treewish Forest and Brask’s Jungle.
    • They are currently using placeholder sprites. We will be creating new 3D models for all items at a later time.
  • Update to Joe’s Butt Stomp ability
    • It will now interrupt movement by the “water jets” (rainbow chevrons) in Brask’s Jungle. There is a use for this!
  • Partial redesign of Southeast Beach!
    • Now includes a moving crane and a new platforming segment near Cas’s House.
  • Linux Builds!
    • The 64-bit build is verified working on Ubuntu 20.04. The 32-bit build is untested. Your system must have at least 4GB RAM to run the game. Let us know here or in #osh-bugs (on Discord) if you run into any issues.
Improvements & bug fixes:
  • Add proper spawn facing direction to all doors/checkpoints
  • Hide loading progress bar when confirmation prompt is up
  • Ensure loading screen and game over screen art/animations are proper aspect ratio and always fit in the window
  • Attacks cannot damage defeated enemies (i.e. after lust defeat)
  • Enemies can no longer interact with springs
  • Enemies will stay on the platforms they are intended to stay on
  • Change Joe's bounding box collider to include his head; it now has the same Y-position and height as his hurtbox
  • Change sliding from 1/2 to 1/3 height
  • Automap touchup, including new tiles
    • It is sometimes out of sync with rooms/camera. A rewrite is coming later.
  • Better title screen fade-in
  • NPC dialogue menu fixes
  • And even more fixes that are too trivial to list!
Android build progress:
  • Oh So Hero on Android is looking like a real possibility! We’ve produced an APK (Android build) that is running on a Samsung Galaxy Note 9.
  • However, this is currently unplayable because of two key reasons we still need to plan for and address:
    • No input methods. The game currently only supports physical keyboard or gamepad. We need to allow control via the touchscreen, and this involves design consideration as well as development. There’s a lot of work to be done here.
    • No copied asset bundles. The files holding the animations are not automatically packed into the APK, and thus the build can’t progress past the title screen. We’ll need time to research and develop the simplest means of getting asset bundles on the phone, and with the best possible performance.
  • Beyond that, there may be other issues we’ve not been able to see yet. Since we have other priorities right now, including the upcoming release of Pre Edition II, this may not be completed until 2021. However, we’ll keep you updated whenever we have new progress to share!
Winner of last poll:
A Hyena NPC will be coming to a Lood City music store in the future!

Update from Red:
Hey guys! Here's a little preview for birb and his assistant boar! Things have been rather slow on the level building side but we’re doing our best to start importing the city assets into the game sooner rather than later!
New features:
  • 2 New Game Over Animations: Southeast Beach & Brask’s Jungle.
Gameplay changes:
  • Joe’s regular attack and combo will only work when Joe is on the ground. We will be adding proper aerial attacks later.
  • After an enemy’s KO status (yellow stars) expires, they’re considered “defeated”. But instead of flickering and disappearing, enemies will now remain on screen when defeated. Future development will have their sprites reflect means of defeat (i.e. soaked in cum).
  • Various stats such as HP, damage, LP, arousal, etc. have been adjusted on Joe and all enemies for better difficulty balance.
    • Example 1: Goliath lick attack takes longer to wind up and deals less LP arousal.
    • Example 2: Joe’s slide attack deals far less damage, but still breaks boxes.
  • A “Loading Screen Confirmation” option has been added to the Options screen. This controls whether you need to press Confirm after a new area has loaded. The default is “On”, which is good if you wanna watch the randomized loading animation. Turn it “Off” to return to the old-style loading (auto-confirm); good for speedrunners~
    • NOTE: First time loading the game will always require confirmation, just as it did before.
Improvements & bug fixes:
  • Further AI revisions on Stier and other enemies.
  • Small improvements to Stier sex animation playback & SFX.
  • Revised dialogue for Ket in Sheo Islands Beach (multiple locations).
  • Daku lust attack now momentarily hitstuns Joe, as was originally intended.
  • The first Goliath in Brask’s Jungle is now facing/attacking in the proper direction.
  • Hide mouse cursor while playing the game. Mouse is not utilized in-game currently.
  • Progress has been made on other reported bugs and crashes, but more work is to be done.
  • Updated credits and reordered people based on total patronage.
  • And even more fixes that are too trivial to list!
1 New Animation for Stier! 100% Lust animation initiated by player.
3 New Game Over Animations: Sheo Islands Beach, Treewish Forest, & Forbidden Bayou.
1 New Loading Screen Animation (random).
Proper Lust raising attacks for both Daku and Lono’e.
New features:
  • New Enemy: Stier! Can be found in the Lood City test area at the end of Smol Beach.
  • New music from Tweaker in the new test area that will become Lood City.
  • On Windows, the game now comes in an installer setup exe instead of a zip file.
Improvements & bug fixes:
  • Improved AI for all enemies. This update focuses specifically on more natural movement and more accurate attack targeting. We will continue to revise AI during development to adjust the difficulty and make further advancements.
  • Fit camera to Goliath sex animations so it doesn’t get cut off by UI.
  • Randomize enemy sex animation when Joe is at 0 HP.
  • Enemies should no longer be able to miss attacks at low framerate.
  • Enemies should no longer be able to change facing direction during attacks/sex.
  • Swooned enemies that solo climax have a 15% chance to drop a Chillpill.
  • HUD improvements; Zenni panel now appears contextually, or in pause screen.
  • Updated credits and reordered people based on total patronage.
  • And even more fixes that are too trivial to list!
Improvements & bug fixes:
  • Multiple 0 HP fixes (zombie, no grabs, soft-lock, etc.)
  • Fix post-sex stat changes for enemy sex attacks
  • Title Screen menu selection fixes
  • Fix out of bounds bug at start of Brask's Jungle
New features:
  • New NPC: Officer Lance! Can be found in Smol Beach (after Jungle & Bayou).
  • Additional animations for Domino & Tiburon!
  • New Game Over screen!
Improvements & bug fixes:
  • Minor dialogue graphic enhancements.
  • Fixed crash with switch in Treewish Forest.
  • And even more fixes that are too trivial to list!
New features:
  • Due to the unfortunate illness of our artist, Red, there are no new animations in this build. This is primarily a bug fix build.
  • We have however laid the foundation for new items to be added to the game. These are simply a couple basic ones that have been introduced/backfilled to get the ball rolling:
  • Gold Coins can be found in crates. They give you Zenni, a currency that will be used in the game later in development. They can be collected, but they currently serve no purpose.
  • Sensual Body Paint is a stat boost item that will increase the arousal (lust) done to enemies when using Joe's sexy pose. It can be found in Treewish Forest near the second "sexy switch" device.
Improvements & bug fixes:
  • enable Joe' slide hitbox/hurtbox sooner
  • enemy AI will only use grab moves if Joe is swooned
  • fix some enemy AI issues and enemy attack hitboxes
  • prevent game crash if loading corrupt save file
  • save stats to save file; max HP on load
  • fix softlock at 0 HP if pressing X while in climax state
  • fix respawning after falling in water
  • no damage during forest sexy switch animation
  • fix all control prompts to use active input method
  • some dialogue-related tweaks and fixes
  • reduce spring sound effect volume
  • wood crate fragments will not interact with springs
  • fix bug upon opening/closing credits screen multiple times
  • and more!
New features:
  • New NPC: Tiburon! Can be found in small beach area after Forbidden Bayou.
  • New NPC: Domino! Can be found in small beach area after Forbidden Bayou.
  • Completed Forbidden Bayou section!
Improvements & bug fixes:
  • Improved visuals in Sheo Islands Beach
  • Joe can now slide under Goliath’s fireballs
  • Improved O'Deere AI and attacks
  • Improved various attack VFX (& SFX)
  • Improved water hazard behavior
  • And even more fixes that are too trivial to list!
New features:
  • New Enemy: O’Deere! Can be found in Forbidden Bayou.
    • Attacks and AI are incomplete, but will be finished/tweaked in another update.
  • New Enemy: Blowey! Can be found in Forbidden Bayou.
    • Comes with a new water hazard mechanic that has some known bugs, but will be fixed in another update.
  • Mac build!
  • Updated credits ordering for dedicated patrons.
    • If you’re missing from the list (or lower than expected), make sure you have filled out this form.
Bug Fixes:

  • Improved character lighting
  • Cas/Joe no longer has a glitch showing the wrong frame during the first animation
  • Continuing from Game Over will no longer start Joe at 0 HP
  • Player movement now happens at a variable frame rate (except jumping)
  • If you enter the title menu to Load or New Game, then back out, it will not softlock
  • No more mysterious exploding boxes when entering Brask's Palace
  • And even more fixes that are too trivial to list!
Experimental features:
(incomplete or used for debugging, and may not work as intended)

  • High Definition character animation builds (will be arriving soon; check Discord):
    • Recommended system specs: 8 GB of RAM or higher.
    • Eventually will be included as an option that can be enabled in the main build.
    • Ideal for you Goliath fans. Ribbit~
  • Debug time controls. Change speed of animations and gameplay with the [ ] \keys:
    • [ (left bracket): slow down time
    • ] (right bracket): speed up time
    • \ (backslash): reset time to normal speed
  • Linux build
    • We don’t have the resources to test this right now, and it might not even work, but you can find out for yourselves!
-We added an NPC animation to Cas (beaver dude):
-We added an NPC animation to Brask (black salamander), with a Small Palace Area (WIP):
-We added Basic sex sounds to animations. You can always adjust or mute in the options menu (“lewd sound volume”). They’re very early since we need a lot more time to set up for every single different animation.

Other fixes:

HUD & pause menu improvements.
Treewish Forest sexy switch positioning/facing fix.
Joe’s stats (HP, etc.) carry over from screen to screen.
No enemy updates this time around, but we are making progress on some neat stuff. More info to come soon.
  • Gatis 4th Sex Animation (Joe at 100% Lust)
  • Improved Gatis AI & Tantalize VFX
  • Better Doors
  • HUD updates
  • Butt stomp fixes
  • K.Ren dialogue fix
  • Gameplay camera fixes
  • Animate forest switches
  • Sexy switch alignment fix
  • No interrupting sex with dialogue
Hey guys! The new update is here! It's located at the end of the jungle area. Gatis is about 70% complete and will require another update this month to be finished. He currently has 3 out of 4 of the sex animations completed, plus the solo swooned animation.

Here are the major changes since last build (v0.12.001):
  • Gatis (Swamp Gator) added to new Forbidden Bayou environment
  • New dialogue for K.Ren
  • Keep having sex at 0 HP (also, 0 HP bug fixes)
  • New Enemy Lust Meter
  • Butt Stomp enhancements
The sex animation that occurs at 100% lust for Joe will be inserted later this month, amongst some other stuff. We appreciate your patience as always!
The level itself isn't mechanically complete just yet either. It's only in a demo state for now.
Performance Test Build
If you had trouble playing Oh So Hero in the past, please give this new version a try! Not only does this have the RAM fix we've put so much time into, but it also has a complete rewrite of the animation code, which includes some small fixes here and there.
Major Changes:
  • Goliath (giant frog) fixes have been made. The animation resolution has been decreased temporarily to ease RAM usage. This will be fixed in a future update when we finish implementing the high/low quality asset bundle variants.
  • Two new characters await you! The dialogue is incomplete, but you can have some fun right now~ Find them in Sheo Islands Beach (starting area) and Cas's House!
Introducing Goliath, the giant frog!
- He can be found in Treewish Forest and Brask's Jungle.
- NOTE: This character is still undergoing development. AI, stats, and attacks will be tweaked in coming versions.

Added display resolution dialog (options screen) on launch.
- This will later be implemented into the in-game options.
  • Can jump through elevators, and won't get squashed by them
  • Rainbow chevron arrows have a speed limit and other fixes
  • Move Cas's House up as temporary fix for strange bug
  • Tone down Lono'e & Amaru grab strengths (sex drive)
  • Add button prompt to power struggle meter
  • Minimap cleanup & more fixes
Here's a list of fixes:
- Proper image compression now greatly reduces RAM usage and loading times
- Lono'e (brown dinos) now get close enough to kick and grab
- Fix block locations in Treewish Forest
- Remove invisible platform in Sheo Islands Beach (hot dog cart removed temporarily)

RAM fixes and a fix to the platforming section in Brask's Jungle
v0.10.001 - First public demo


Win x64 - MEGA
Win x32 - MEGA
linunx x64 - MEGA
Linux x32 - MEGA
Mac - MEGA

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