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Tech Devil

Developer: Yukimomo Patreon - Discord
Release Date: 2019-12-21
Last Updated: 2019-12-23
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English
3DCG, Adventure, Ahegao, Animated, Creampie, Fantasy, Female Domination, Groping, Handjob, Male Protagonist, Oral Sex, RPG, Titfuck, Turn Based Combat, Vaginal Sex

Set in a fantasy world, you're a member of a guild that's returning home from a long trip. Being made a captain of twenty-five new adventurers to train and get to know. Explore the stories behind each of the characters to befriend, fall in love with or start a harem with. Push through dungeons in turn-based combat, unlock classes, use alchemy/smithing/tailoring to create new items and gear. Travel through the world to different locations to complete quests, find random lore and wander aimlessly through the main story. You could also just stay at the guild and just build your harem, cause fuck all that other stuff, right?

After I did the bug fixes, I was fairly busy during the week of Christmas and the following week. I didn't get much done in those two weeks and I didn't feel like there was anything to push out, which is why this update got pushed back so much. This is about two and a half weeks of work, instead of the full month-ish that went by. There were a few things that I wanted to work on for this update that will be pushed back to the next update, with the next update having a heavier focus on events.

Three new events to complete/continue some quests -
Aqua - Visit Aqua on the weekend in the Morning or Afternoon
Emma - Head to the Tavern to talk with Alice
Noah - After talking with Alice in the Tavern, head to the Shop and talk with Rachel

The Tavern, Beach and Shop have been added -
Tavern - Currently only used with Emma's event
Beach - Unlocked after Aqua's event, currently can only play 'Volleyball' here. Currently not available at night.
Shop - The Shop is now open. Currently only able to Sell Items/Loot/Equipment

'Volleyball' mini-game is available after the Aqua event at the beach. This was more about testing for future mini-games to see what could work and get some ideas. How it works - Anytime you receive the ball, you have a bar appear on the bottom left side of the screen, it has a Green hit zone inside of it, when the black bar is within the Green zone, click or press Space bar then choose a target to hit the ball to. You also have a Self Stability Bar on the bottom left of the screen, the more times you hit the ball, the lower it gets, this affects the size of the Green hit zone when you're trying to hit the ball. IE - The lower your Stability, the harder it'll be for you to hit the ball. The other AI characters also have Stability, so focusing on one target could raise the likely hood that they drop/miss the ball. Quit the mini-game at any time by clicking the Quit button on the bottom right side of the screen.

Clicking on the chair in the bedroom during the daylight hours will allow you to invite someone over. Currently only Emily for repeatable event.

A 'clock' has been added to the top right corner to tell season(color), time(Morning - M, Afternoon - A, Evening - E, Night - N, Late Night - LN), and day of the week. Clicking on it will skip time forward when it's available.

Items tab in Pause menu now works - View Items, Loot, Weapons, Armor, Accessories, and Gifts. Mark something as Trash to send it to your Trash tab, the Shop has a Sell Trash button to make selling a bit easier.

Characters tab has not been changed yet, but the ability to change class has been added. This mixed with Class Mastery being implemented means you can unlocked nine more classes based on the character's Mastered Classes.

Quests tab now has Extra Quests, while at the Front Desk, click the Quest Board to see the Daily available Quest. You can hold up to 16 Extra Quests at one time, however, each Extra Quest you accept only last for 3 days until they expire. When you complete an Extra Quest, they will no longer expire and you may go to the Front Desk to turn them in to Ciro. Currently all Extra Quest are of the Hunt variety they will all require x amount of something to be killed. However, they may be multiple of a specific monster, multiple of a specific Type or multiple of a specific Faction. Extra Quests currently only reward Essence, view them in the Extra Quest tab and see reward/requirements.

Party tab is now available quickly view your current party to see Type of Class(Tank-Blue, DPS-Red, Healer-Green. Based on background behind them). Hover over them to see a condensed info window showing: Name, Level, Class, Exp, Class Mastery, and stats. Click on a party member to swap out with a different Squad Member you have sitting in the reserve to make your own team. Party tab is only available after the Friday of the first in-game week.

The Map tab now has a National tab for going out on hunts(for RPG side only). Visit five locations with varying monsters at varying levels(5-20 based on location).

The five locations -
Beach - Levels 5-10 with 4 different monsters
Lush Forest West - Levels 5-10 with 6 different monsters and more difficult variants of 3 of them
Lush Forest East - Levels 10-15 with 6 different monsters
Lush Forest Center - Levels 10-20 with 7 different monsters
Parrot King Forest Outskirts - (Slight changes) Levels 10-20 with 5 different monsters

Monsters now have some type of Loot in their drop pools(Losing a battle results in you only getting EXP from the fight, any Essence/Loot/Equipment is lost). Currently Loot does not have a use, other than to sell, which all Loot is currently set at a base price of 1 Essence each to prevent selling of it at this time.
It's now easier in combat to see who's turn it currently is, the characters name is displayed above the Actions window and a Active text is display above their picture.
That's all that I can remember for the update, I don't believe there's much else, could be wrong.

Initial Release:
'Full day' event on Sunday.
Morning/Afternoon events for Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday.
Five other events to do during Evening/Night.
Turn based combat

Developer Notes:
At the start of a new game, you're asked if you wish to have RPG elements turned on or off. If you don't wish to experience the combat, then you can turn it off there.

Win/Lin - MEGA

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