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Developer: beWilder Patreon
Release Date: 2020-04-27
Last Updated: 2020-04-28
Censored: None
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
System requirements (min): OS: Win, Mac, Linux; HDD: 2.57 Gb
ADV, 3DCG, Female protagonist, Corruption, Age, Lesbian, Milfing, Voyeurism, NTR, Cuckoldry, Hotwifing (All avoidable)

Our heroine Noemi (call her Noe, everyone else does) is the only child of an Italian (Florentine) immigrant to the USA, who is also a self made entrepreneur and chef. She runs her own restaurant in a small neighbourhood in suburban Philadelphia with her fiancé Brad and her long-term waitresses, who are like sisters to her. Life has been good to her… too good. It all comes crashing down around her when her father is sent to an early grave and his secret debts come to light. As his only heir, they become Noe's and just like that she is under a burden of a 6-figure payment. That's not her only problem however as the biggest chain restaurant in town opens its dozenth location just across the street. She learns first hand how cut throat the food business can be at the hands of Mr. Baines and his chain “Salvatore's Deli”.
Noe shows us just how hard it is to fight off crushing debt and a lecherous, treacherous rival restaurateur all while trying to keep her dream shop open. She's by no means alone however as her eternally optimistic fiancé, a trio of trainee waitresses (Kriem, Frankie and Kelsey), and her last remaining regular, the grizzled ex-cop 'Old Roy' all back her up in the head-to-head with the world. Will she make it to her long awaited wedding day? And will she be the same person as she was when all this began? That's up to you now, isn't it!? C'mon by 'Little Toscana' and see what we're serving up!”​


Heads Up! We’ve found and fixed a bug with unlocking Frankie and by extension Kelsey too. For those who got accidently locked out of the main story early, the game should auto resolve the issue for you and allow you to play on any save properly now. However, it is our recommendation that you restart from the beginning for the best experience and pacing of the story, especially now that the gameplay has more rebalancing. It is up to you however; it should work either way.

Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth v0.9 – “Beck in Business”
This update added another 19 new days to Noe’s life and times at Little Toscana, putting her up to 111, which is almost a full 4 Months her calendar! This version adds another batch to the Beck arc as we get more x-rated action there before turning to a new character focus. That’s 3 new scenes along his arc, and in addition there is 1 Main Story and 1 Kriem arc scene too. The gameplay has also gotten another sizable rebalance, plus the last major expansion with the Entertain task now online, giving each girl a Lv1 outcome for each potential scenario, and a few new UI updates to help out too. The full list of additions and improvements is below!
- Technical information
⦁ Version: 0.9 (“Beck Again” Release)
⦁ Weight: 1.02 GB
⦁ Weight Packed: 582 MB
Updated Windows builds of the game to a 64-bit build and both Mac and Linux to Universal (32+64 bit), which will now allow Mac players to keep playing after a recent iOS update that blocked 32-bit builds (as far as we are aware).
- Content
⦁ 5 Full Scenes (for 44 Total).
⦁ 66 New Scene Rendered CGs (for 540 Total)
⦁ 24 New Gameplay Rendered CGs (for 123 Total)
- 24 New Restaurant Management Outcome CGs Total.
- Added a Lv1 Outcome to the Entertain Task for each girl, 1 for each scenario (Good result, Bad result, Proactive Success, Trap Hit, Trap Reversal and Reactive Caution). That’s 6 Outcomes per girl, for 24 Total
⦁ Added 19 new days to the playable game time (now up until the end of Day 111 / Month 4 Day 21 - Sunday)
⦁ Added 1 new Permanent Outfit to the game: Kelsey’s Dragons Cheerleading Outfit. Also added 1 new Temporary Outfit to the game: Noe’s mixed Tank Top and Pyjama Shorts.

- Features
⦁ Expanded the Restaurant Gameplay section to include the Entertainment Task for all girls, once unlocked via the main story. By sending a girl to Entertain, she will increase base (before bonuses) tips for that day’s waitresses and reduce the amount of stress gained for all girls expect themselves and those resting. Both bonuses are included in the amount shown for the day in their section of the results. A bonus to tips earned / stress burned is added based on the girls’ Open Mind stat as well. For every 2 points of Open Mind, and extra $1 is added (up to +$10 bonus), and every 4 points relieves an added point of stress (up to -5 gained stress bonus).
⦁ Continuation of the Beck arc, giving this first majorly developed character arc to 9 scenes total now, and including 3 x-rating scenes (2 new ones). Also, the continuation of both the Main Story and Kriem’s personal arc as well.
⦁ We’ve added a new toggleable heads up UI to the VN sections of the game that will display the Keyboard shortcuts listed in the accompanying files in the game now too, so you don’t have to go looking for them.
⦁ Vastly rebalanced the Gameplay section including tips earnings, Rep gains / losses, and most importantly Stress gain. The full list of changes includes:
- Reduced the cost of doing Yoga on down time days to 0, now making it so nothing adds to Noe’s debt anymore and meaning you can’t go backwards on your debt progress. At the same time, Yoga’s stress release is now nerfed back down to the same level as the other activities, now reducing 60 points at a time.
- Now that Yoga doesn’t have a greater bonus and cost, we’ve flattened the tier of stress relieving activities. Park and TV scenes now also reduce stress by 60 points each. Poker, Car Wash and training scenes (which all give you money or points as well as stress relief) reduce by 35 points.
- Increased upper limits for Good outcomes and increased lower limits for Bad outcomes for Waitressing, Cooking and Promotion. This means you can now attain Good outcomes at slightly higher stress levels than before, and at the same time Bad outcomes don’t kick in until a higher stress level is met. This means if you keep stress to low-to-mid levels, you should mostly only get Good Outcomes (trap situations not included so watch out for them).
- Reduced the amount of Rep gained and lost using the Promote task, making the Competitive Stat bonus more effective in the process. Lv1 outcomes now gain Little Toscana Rep / lose Sal’s Deli rep by 3-5, instead of 3-7. Lv2 results are now 4-7 instead of 4-9.
- Increased Tips earned when using the Proactive attitude on Waitressing by 100%. Now girls will earn a guaranteed $50-60 before bonuses and multipliers on success. There is no additional cost to reputation. (Thanks to Always Absent for this suggestion).
- Reduced stress gained across all Promote outcomes. Also levelled out the amount of Rep Gain and Loss for both Good and Bad Outcomes between the girls (Competitive Skill bonus not included, girls with higher Competitive skill will still get bigger bonuses).
- Also reduced the amount of Sal rep lost on successful Trap Reversals, now down to 2-5 from 3-8 per reversal. Conversely, Waitress traps that land will have a weaker hit to your rep, now down 10-13 from 12-15.

- Community Feedback
⦁ Found and seemingly fixed a bug that locked out players from advancing the Main Story and unlocking Frankie during the game. This bug should auto fix itself and continue on with a simple save data load (check the Heads Up! above about this please.) Thanks to several people for flagging this, Alfius for the detailed feedback and BoyGeorge for the save files for testing!
⦁ Found and fixed a bug that reset Sal’s rep to the default of 80 or the last held value upon restarting the game programme. Thanks to Alfius for alerting us to this one!
⦁ Updated the Restaurant Manager Tutorial Board to now reveal information in a tiered style, opening new pages when new relevant gameplay sections are unlocked. This should help new players avoid being overwhelmed with unneeded playing info right from the start. Thanks to Alfius for this tip too!
⦁ Increased the size of the button to open the Progress Tracker on the Day Menu so it is now more visually prominent. We also increased the size of the Progress Tracker and especially made the primary stat icons for each character arc bigger/more visible.
⦁ Found and fixed a bug that would allow players who rejected, and thus ended Beck’s arc early, to see follow up scenes. Now this should be sorted and by telling Beck to fuck off, he’ll stay fucked off.
⦁ Found and fixed a bug that was stopping the Proactive Cooking bonus from affecting all other girls outcomes on occasion, instead it would trigger and help girls down the line only. Now all waitresses should get the double tips bonus regardless of who does it. (Thanks to Always Absent for flagging and confirming this existed).
⦁ Found and fixed another bug that meant that Car Wash outcomes on down time days override Poker when selecting Poker activities. Now poker should play properly.
⦁ Fixed a small UI issue that told players they had 1 day left on the last day. Now the days remaining count is properly aligned to the actual playable days.
v 0.8
v0.7 A Full House Rocks the Most
This update comes with a full two weeks added to Noemi’s life, making it a full 80 days at ‘Little Toscana’. We’ve added a new Main Story scene, which brings us Kelsey at long last. She makes her mark on the game plenty this time out too, including in her first Kelsey Arc scene. Frankie and Roy get their arcs advanced too, one a show of love and one a show of hate… Kind of. You’ll see.
- Technical information
⦁ Version: 0.7 (“A Full House Rocks the Most” Release)
⦁ Weight: 867 MB
⦁ Weight Packed: 457 MB
- Content
⦁ 5 Full Scenes (for 34 Total).
⦁ 60 New Scene Rendered CGs (for 405 Total)
⦁ 20 New Gameplay Rendered CGs (for 87 Total)
- 19 New Restaurant Management Outcome CGs Total.
- 8 Waitressing Outcomes for Kelsey, 2 Good (Base Level Flirtation), 1 Bad (Base Level Flirtation), 1 Good (2nd Level Flirtation), 2 Proactive (Good and Bad), 2 Reactive (Good and Bad).
- 6 Cooking Outcomes for Kelsey, 1 Good (Normal), 1 Bad (Normal), 2 Proactive (Good and Bad), 2 Reactive (Good and Bad)
- 4 Promotion Outcomes for Kelsey, 2 Proactive (Good and Bad), 2 Reactive (Good and Bad).
- 1 Day Off CG for Kelsey
- 1 New Training CG (Yoga), Kelsey’s Competitive, allowing her to train and increase one of her stats too. Competitive is Kelsey’s main starting stat.
⦁ Added 14 new days to the playable game time (now up until the end of Day 80 / Month 3 Day 20 - Thursday)
⦁ Added 5 new Permanent Outfits to the game: Kelsey’s Little Toscana Uniform, Kelsey’s Pro Practice Leotard, Frankie’s Cardigan and Jeans, Noe’s Dark Nightwear and Brad’s Tank and Boxers.
- Features
⦁ Expanded the Restaurant Gameplay section to include Miss Kelsey Matthews, noted sociopath, narcissistic and fan of good times. She makes for a great promoter of ‘Little Toscana’, but also a fine waitress too. With her included, the gameplay is fit for all 4 ladies working at once.
⦁ Added a small expansion to the Day Off/Downtown section of the Gameplay to allow for Kelsey to train her Competitive stats for the restaurant sections too. Later each girl will have all their stats ready to train, for now all three can be trained in some way.
⦁ Continuation of the Main Story arc, now adding Kelsey to the game properly, plus the continuation of the Brad/True Love, Frankie, and Roy arcs. The Kelsey arc is opened up with an initial scene.
⦁ Double pathed the new Brad Scene, allowing for both romance and ntr fetish outcomes, depending on players’ previous choice in the arc. The arc is the first to open to double pathing.
⦁ Updated and Revised the Sal side of the Restaurant Manager game screen to include more helpful information. During our own playtesting, we came to believe the Trap System, while a good way to keep the player on their toes and capture the tone of Noe’s daily struggles, was a little punitive and quite a guessing game. Now we’ve updated the read-out info to include more helpful notice of potential traps, now making it more of an informed strategic risk/reward gambit than a straight up guessing game.
- Community Feedback
⦁ We’ve found and fixed a bug that caused the gameplay section to stall/freeze if players exited the game early and reloaded to attempt better results on a day. This means you can now properly load the game with needing to restart the program as a whole. Thanks to ThisIsMe88 for flagging this!
⦁ We’ve renamed the Jump feature to the Leap feature. It’s still a way of skipping/jumping/leaping whole scenes entirely or to the next choice if one is present, but now by pressing the ‘L’ keyboard key. Now mapped to the ‘L’ key, it is no longer adjacent to the ‘H’/Hide key, so no more accidental slip ups! Thanks to Art for this!
- Known Issues
We are thrilled to report that there are no known issues at this time. Please do inform us via message or our Discord server if you do come across any, we sincerely mean that.


Win - MEGA

Walkthrough - MEGA

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