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Developer: Bedlam Games Patreon - Twitter - Picarto - Pixiv - Tumblr
Version: 0.912 Hotfix
Release Date: 2020-05-29
Last Updated: 2020-06-25
Censored: No
OS: Windows (RAGS)
Language: English
2DCG, Character Creation, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Furry, Futa/Trans, BDSM, Big ass, Big tits, Corruption, Creampie, Drugs, Fantasy, Male domination, Female domination, Gay, Lesbian, Groping, Group sex, Management, Mind control, Monster, Monster girl, Anal sex, Oral sex, Masturbation, Prostitution, Rape, Sexual harassment, Sissification, Slave, Tentacles, Text based, Titfuck, Transformation, Vaginal sex, Virgin

No Haven is a side game to the dungeon crawler Whorelock's Revenge (formerly Deeper Dungeons: Enhanced). Here you have command of a small group of slavers initially and from there you can send out your men, woman, assorted fantasy races, monsters and so on out on various assignments to earn gold, supplies and slaves.

v0.912 Hotfix
-New commissions:
---Recapture. Also used for Sea Elf Female slaves.
-Miscellaneous additions:
---Added some race/corruption specific fondles as an alternative to the minimal text. If set to minimum only these won't be shown. Specifically ones for Lago'Mae/Lago'Mae Ears Corruption, Ori'Nek, Lamia, Quintari/Centaurs/Quintari Tail Corruption, Kitsune, Neko/Neko Ears Corruption, Long Sinuous Tail Corruption, Prehensile Tail Corruption, and Marlsune. Includes variations based on obedience, whether the slaver is dominant or slutty, and some have more than one variation.
---Replaced the Arrogance Subjugated commission with an updated version generously provided by the artist.
---Added some extra description to the Sinuous Tail corruption to make clearer that it's the traditionally demonic spaded tail look.
---Added a new heart-tipped tail corruption as I was in the area anyway, and noticed that it was an obvious omission that needed feeling. Comes in two different variations.
---Added some extra highlighted messages to slave mantras when they become fully embedded, improved, reduced, or are lost entirely for better visibility.
---Upgraded the prioritization of back tentacles if multiple tentacle options are available.
---Changed how forced encounters for repeated attempts work on the initial roller. Before it was possible for them to completely lose interest after getting max gold. Now they will be more likely to keep initiating, and be more likely than before if there's a chance to earn more gold.
---Added a new Glossary to explain what effects Forced Encounters available under Glossary, Help, and Options.
-Bug fixes:
---Fix for an issue where the summonee and sibling second-in-command races, along with the siblings in the Birds of the Feather scenario could be overwritten incorrectly. Also changed the mention to needing Corrupter.
---Fix for an issue in dilemmas involving a respect check with more than one slaver involved where the instigating slaver's name would be replaced by one of the others.
---Fix for Valendil Starlover's lore page applying to all sea elf males when you're playing him.
---Fix for Untamed Lusts not counting down for you.
---Fix for Demi-Angel/Fallen/Succubus with elven heritage not going the elven pussy description or elven flexibility racial.
---Fix for Savage Orc and Human Northerner racials where racials were incorrectly displayed.
---Fix for opportunities requesting male amazons or wanting amazons not to be human.
---Fix for the stats increasing for assignment types on fails and disasters.
---Fix for the Catastrophics on Price of Freedom for the slaves also affecting the two slavers.
---Fix for the various findable uniques not being counted as having unaltered assets.
---Fix for the missing extra values for slaves found from Meddling Fools and Spectacle of the Sacred.
---Fix for the new mechanic to trigger puppet leader when mental manipulation isn't involved.
---Fix for Cutprice Roses > Armour > Maid generating a bunch of broken and unusable battlemaid outfits.
---Fix for Stats only showing your slaves sometimes. The trait slots were also using the wrong variable and so were displaying one person's trait slots for everyone.
---Fix for which regions assignments have been completed not increasing which had broken the region based aspects.
---Fix for an issue where it was possible that not enough assignments would be generated.
---Fix for the unknown CT Error that could occur during Finish Day. It's possible there's others but I've definitely squished the one I could reliably reproduce.
---Fix for a far too high a bonus to Forced Encounters from Sissy/Bimbo.
---Some text fixes.
---Now slavers won't just want to talk to you in the morning about random bits of in-setting lore and will instead have a variety of requests.
---Should happen more often than lore unlocks and should adjust how often they happen based on how many slavers you have in the encampment.
---Wisps don't really have normal desires, and will just do what they like. Legion are also not really into asking permission for anything. Zharr, thugs, bimbos, obedient slavers, and other completely loyal ones are all far too content with their lot to ask for stuff. Mercenaries are just here to get paid and will also not bother you.
---There are twenty three different dilemmas to start off with at various levels of rarities in how often they'll happen. Several of which have variation in outcomes, options, and reasoning.
---Slavers on negative reputations and on certain levels of morale will be far more likely to either ask to leave if disliked or insisting you do something about being lusted after.
---Lots more usage for the respect checking system with some using the initial check only, while others skip straight to needing to force the issue like making use of.
---Can gain new traits, rarer assignments, new slavers, cheap(ish) biomancy, and region buffs among others.
---Due to this I reworked how Trait Transmission worked where a slaver can learn a trait of another slaver. Currently this only affects one of the new dilemmas and one of the Coastal Caves outcomes, but there will be other uses including one in the near future. Previously it was in strict order of checking for and applying Depraved > Slutty > Unscrupulous > Friendly > Sneaky > Seductive > Aggressive > Brutal in turn. Now it's more randomized (though still with a greater chance of picking up Depraved) and now can also potentially learn Connected, Cooperative, Creative, Dancer, Folklorist, Follower, Herbalist, Heroic, Honourable, Perceptive, Persuasive, Singer, Tactful, Tracker, Trainer, Trapper, any of the Faiths including Spiritual, and most of the Crafter traits.
---Can get your second-in-command to deal with it if they're around. Due to this Persuasive (Per), Seductive (Sed), Hypnotic (Hyp), Dominator (Dtr), Malevolence (Mal) are now listed as positive traits and Bimbo (Bim), Sex Addict (Sex) are mixed. Also added a note that them having a decent reputation helps, as it does.
---If you do this second-in-commands on lower morale have a chance to dislike the role more making them easier to remove if you want to do that. They also have a chance to lose some reputation if they handle it really badly.
-New assignments:
---A Forest Goblins vs. Wood Elves themed Uncommon Slaving assignment in the Ever Forest for a new solid source of supplies. Critical success has two versions, one for getting a slave, and one for if you have no slave capacity/are not taking slaves.
---An Adventurers themed assignment Rare Marauding assignment in the Dreadsea Coast. The Critical Success has patron provided commissioned art. Findable from the second month and will apply a penalty to Dreadsea Coast assignments along with a lesser penalty to Great Plains assignments while it is active giving the choice of sending five slavers to deal with it at a high risk or waiting for the assignment to expire. Critical success has three versions, one first time getting a specific semi-unique slave, one for after that with more variation in who you get, and one for if you have no slave capacity/are not taking slaves.
-New commissions:
---Halt Draenei Caravan with two versions for intro and the success. Also used for Draenei female slavers and female slaves. Also used for now for Draenei Farm, but I'm getting something new for that.
---Forest goblin female slaves. Will also be used for an upcoming assignment in the Deep Mountains.
---Bred to be Broken. Also used for Quintari female slavers and Centaur slaves.
---Gone for a Soldier. Also used for Orc female slavers.
---Lago'Mae in Maid Outfits for both Submissive and non-Submissive options. Will be used for Basic/Advanced Maid Training in a future update.
-New patron provided commissions:
---Human Fancy. Part of a larger commission to be used for an upcoming assignment. Also used as an alternative to tentacle sex as appropriate with the existing beast on goblin one.
---Shadow Outcast. The larger commission just mentioned. Also has an alt for Shadow Outcast futanari.
---Planning out assignments/Winning the Golem Scenario. Has many variations being used, including zoomed versions, for having a Golem Second-in-Command, female Akir slaves, Noble slaves, and blowjob sex scenes. Like the encampment scene you won't see it every time you do planning out assignments though there will be a greater chance if you are playing a Golem.
-Crafting additions:
---New race styles in Asanei, Ori'Nek, Unrefined, and Neko (which has a few extra cute variations).
---Will now correctly account for if the smith/seamstress is Slutty or Reserved.
---More than doubled the number of different messages. Small chance they will now show up on not specifically Slutty/Girly items.
---Several new decoration additions including asymmetric and tassels.
---To better reflect the style of the setting the oversized shoulder pads have been replaced with sensibly sized shoulder pads.
-Assignment generation:
---Extended the recent system where there'd be a reduction in rare assignments in the first month and a slight increase after the first six months. Now it is possible to increase the chance of getting a rare assignment based on it being a solid lead, a quality lead, or best lead for an increasingly large bonus.
---Most assignments will work as they did before with the following exceptions.
---The assignment you can get in the Tavern is a solid lead.
---The assignments from brought scouting upgrades will be either normal, solid, or quality based on the level purchased.
---The assignments from Inquisitor will be quality leads.
---The bonus assignments from the Scouting aspects on Critical Success will be best leads, and on a Success will be quality leads.
---A Critical Success on Scouting assignments along with Grove Creepers will be solid leads.
---The assignments from Decadence like No Other on a Critical Success will be best leads for the City of Aversol ones, and quality for the others. On a Success all assignments generated will be solid so this should hopefully make this assignment a lot more worthwhile than it was before.
---An edge case not likely ever to come up, but it amused me so why not, so on a Failure of Sudden Betrayal if you did try to get rid of a slaver with the A Friend in Every Tavern aspect the assignments generated will be best leads.
-Miscellaneous additions:
---Stats now shows how many free trait slots you, a slaver, or a slave can have. This is how many extra traits can be learned from most sources including corruptions (usually, as there are exceptions that ignore this limit such as training). The number of slots can be increased by levelling up.
---Used zoomed in versions of the Nymph commission for generic sex for elves or those that have been dominated performing oral on lady or futanari slavers.
---Reworded the Decadence like No Other intro a bit along with adding a note in the Special text.
---A few bits of text additions and formatting improvements to respect checking.
---Changed the colour of wood elf speech from maroon like other elves to match the one used also by Centaurs, Horned Ones, and Fae.
---Adjusted Critical Success/Success odd additions a bit if the chance of a Failure/Disaster falls well below negative at time of applying. They'll still improve the chances and add to Crushing it, but by a slightly lower amount in the same way that the odds additions/subtractions are based on the numbers present so the more the assignment requires the less a Success trait is worth. This shouldn't be noticeable unless you're really, really overloading an assignment, and even then it shouldn't be too harsh in terms of effect.
---Added a bunch of new succubus first name variations.
---With the cheerleader precedent Known Shark of the Cards will no longer be earned by having Magic: Illusion and such slavers now have more text on the Critical Success to reflect that.
Bug fixes:
---Big backend overhaul for how assignments generate specific other assignments along with how the expiry is applied that should fix some obscure issues.
---Fix for a critical bug where cancelling while assigning a slave to a slaver would break the game.
---Multiple fixes for forced encounters including who was doing it wasn't being tracked correctly so the amount being taken wasn't being increased so you could never get to the puppet leader event and that a bunch of text was being skipped over during the possessed variants. Also changed the forced encounter checks while I was there so rather than skipping days 1-10 to each month to having a penalty to the roll on days 1-10 of the first month.
---Fix for the assignment buff from the Critical Success from Complete Profane Ritual only lasting 3 days due to a cap on the variable used instead of 8 as was originally intended.
---Fix for an issue where some of the newest assignments may not have been clearing on a quick restart.
---Fix for golem butts being too small on average.
---Fix for heritage not being cleared on rerolling your start so could pick up incorrect racials if you swapped out of a demi-angel or succubus.
---Fix for some of the newer Diplomacy assignments not working with the Diplomacy rank up assignment generation correctly.
---Fix for Lady of Light being treated when started as a slaver recruiting assignment rather than a slave capturing one.
---Fix for unintended wing growth if you corrupted a winged character before examining them.
---Fix for an issue where a slave would be rated as the wrong value during sexytime.
---Fix for switch showing up twice after trait removal which happens most obviously for you at game start.
---Fix for some repeated text on forced encounters.
---Fix for trying to increase the height of a minimum height character being treated as a reduction attempt.
---Fix for Marauding Spectacle of the Sacred Clumsy/Magic: Corruption being swapped in the description but not in the actual checks.
---Fix for not being able to change a sissy's chastity options if they were already wearing a cage when they made the transition.
---Fix for not being able to get the Succubus Summonee second-in-command given the change to corrupter.
---Fix for the broken night goblin's traits from Coiled Tentacles which were well broken by a recent change in how specific slave rewards are generated.
---Fix for repicking during training showing the slave being trained.
---Some text fixes.
-How much a slaver likes being a camp bitch will change how much morale they gain and lose. This will be overridden if they are dominated/obedient, they also won't be able to get the low morale result. Added some new text where 'avoiding notice' wouldn't make sense. Slaver camp bitches can now collect supplies if they get used though at a reduced rate. Extra bonus to supplies found for dominated/obedient, loves it, and likes it.
-Camp bitch slavers will be treated as slavers for the purpose of sex text experience. Chance now for sex addicts to be treated as slaves. Some new text variations for sex text experience.
-Fix for a missing variable check leading to a CT Error on Whore Makers.
-Fix for an admittedly unlikely scenario if Itzpa'ux or Lacey were sold as a slave after getting bimboborn not clearing your puppet leader status. Also for a somewhat more likely scenario of a cheerleader with bimboborn being being sold which would not have reduced the cheerleader count.
-Fix for those with lamia heritage not getting lengthy tongues for skill checks, not having the right pussy description, not having the improved Hardened Scales save compared to Hardened Flesh if they have that, not having slitted eyes, not getting to skip endurance training for ponygirl training, not getting the bonus to resist takeovers while in restraints, and them being able to get Fleet/Flying on generation or level up. There were also some missing lamia heritage checks in the sex text.
-Fix for the lamia heritage value bonus and minor dwarven value penalty for Demi's, Fallen, and Succubi.
-Fix for some incorrect short traits from the corrupted armours.
-Fix for the Mistress of the Ensnared Rose also not removing Terrifying along with the corrupted armour giving that trait.
-Fix for the You version of Kiruna not getting the enhanced butt.
-Fix for camp bitch slavers not being reported on (you still would have been getting the supplies anyway).
-Fix for Private Passage breaking other stuff involving slave or slaver selection before you started another assignment.
-Fix for not being able to take Unstable Change.
Personal assignment improvements:
---Added a chance in Town boosted by Sneaky and Perceptive to get some extra supplies for free when you would normally have had an uneventful day.
---Added a chance in the Tavern boosted by Friendly and Resilient to get some more extra supplies without extra gold spent when you would normally have had an uneventful day.
---Increased the Tavern supplies result where you would gain 20 to 40.

Training improvements:
---Advanced Bimbo Training - Anyone with this training will count the traits Bimbo (Bim) and Sex Addict (Sex) as fully favoured. Crit no longer grants Bimboborn and instead If trained by someone with Hypnotic/Dominator/Corruption/Malevolence will fully embed the bimbo mantra.
---Heal Slut Training - Anyone with this training will count the traits Healer (Hea) and Slutty (Slt) as fully favoured.
---Advanced Sissification Training - Anyone with this training will count the traits Feminine (Fem) or Beautiful (Btf), along with the Exceptional version (Exc), as fully favoured. If trained by someone with Hypnotic/Dominator/Corruption/Malevolence will fully embed the sissy mantra.
---Exquisite Fellatrix Training - Anyone with this training will count the traits Submissive (Sub) and Seductive (Sed) as fully favoured. If trained by someone with Hypnotic/Dominator/Corruption/Malevolence will fully embed the suck cock mantra.
-Changed the calculation on forced encounter making you a puppet leader. Previously you needed to have five different people forcing encounters along with paying out 100g or more to the current forcer. This made it potentially impossible for it to happen if you kept getting hit by one repeatedly. I've changed it now so that it's a separate roll for each forcer with it being adjusted for how much you're paying out making it much more likely if there's more than one but still possible if you have just the one.
-Bimboborn removal protection now only applies to slavers.
-New powerful racial for Draki giving them the chance of rerolling the assignment result when their magic/elementalism would be a positive.
-Oozes now can use their racial to avoid Week's End rejection. Also fixed the typo in regard to Male/futas getting a +50% penalty instead of 30%.
-All three versions of Kiruna have gained a substantial buff to her butt variable. Recruited Kiruna now correctly is Draenei Wright like the playable one. Her and the Orc Wright will now have the new Wright racial.
-Added an extra ten days length to the expiry of the Male Perfidity critical success opportunity.
-Fae have now also lost their auto aspect after it was turned into a Racial a while back.
-You can no longer make use of golems, driders, and legion.
-Northerner cheerleader may be an inch away from succumbing to her orc cum habit, but for now at least remembered how to dance.
-Marshlands training is back to being once per slaver again after somehow that condition mysteriously disappeared.
-Demi-Angels will now get regular surnames while True-Angels will get the old Demi-Angel ones.
-Insatiable should now also count as Sex Addict for fulfil opportunity assignments.
-Succubi can now properly shun the other.
-Removed the mention of having a tail from the draki Their view.
-If the slaver scouting the Ever Forest is lost on the Fail you will no longer get the scouted assignment.
-Fix for the short trait gained when getting Cunning from marshlands training.
-Fix for an CT error referencing Orc Cum Addict training.
-Fix for the (Exc) rejection check on Week's End comes. Also fixed former Cheerleaders getting rejected, for city elf cheerleaders having the fallen examine, and the correct rejection result not showing.
-Fix for a name change issue due to becoming a succubi..
-Fix for being able to send the slaver you're betraying on Whore Makers.
-Fix for the new enflamed/heightened senses, nipple chain, and sensitive nipple checks.
-Fix for an order of encounters with Donella and the witches that could lead to getting a blank result.
-Fix for a bunch of errant text on Advanced Sissification Training.
-Fix for opportunity assignment displaying a random image for the result.
-Fix for Fulfil Opportunities not being removed on expiry correctly.
-New assignments:
---Wayward Temptations. A new uncommon Dreadsea Coast assignment with specifically commissioned art and a hidden reward. Also used for the recruitable slaver unique Kaara de Sindero Oscuro's examine which gives you a pretty big clue of what that hidden reward might involve. Crit and Success have different descriptions on the outcomes based on your slaver's traits and aspects to reflect how they might go about accomplishing it. Specifically there's ones for Anointed One, Submissive, Depraved, mental powers like Dominator, Mind Reader, Faith: Shallya, and Seductive in that order along with the more basic approach for none of the above. All with altered/expanded versions when you go personally.
---Quicker than they Like. A new rare assignment on the Great Plains, and a follow up with some impressive rewards to the first QAYL. Only available for player characters who have run that first assignment themselves and were fortunate to return relatively unscathed. As part of this there's now a bonus to QAYL for you based on how many times you've run it yourself up to a maximum of five times which will also increase the chances of having a forced encounter.
---Spectacle of the Sacred. A new rare assignment on the Dreadsa Coast using patron provided commissioned art. Available from the second month onwards. First time you go on it has unique rewards (including an encampment buff), and text with two alternate approaches. Can be repeated after that with the two goals but with somewhat different text and rewards.
-Other new commissions:
---To Hunt a Paladin. First part for the assignment and then another part for the successes.
---Raid Human Village. Also used for Human Commoner male slaves. Now should always respect the gender to enslave general order with specific traits if you get a male on the Crit.
---Raid Goblin Village. Now moved to the Dreadsea Coast, and has expanded text to reflect that. Two day version is no more and has been replaced by a five day version with improved rewards to reflect the additional time taken. Has alternate versions of the commission including one only seen if you do send an ogre futanari and succeed there. Now should always respect the gender to enslave general order.
---The Encampment. Will be used on finish day to show up randomly along with the title page, the blank background, your character's examine, and the map. It also will be replaced if there's an assignment completing or a slave is being used. Crops of it are now used for the Male Wright and Female Neko slaver examine (the old Female Neko slaver examine is used for now as the Futanari one with the old Futanari one being removed).
---The Encampment for the Golem Scenario. Crops with variants of it are now used for Kreen and Cathayan slave examines. Due to this I've added a new placeholder for Female Cathayan slavers.
---Female/Futa Human Cityborn Slaver Examine, Female/Futa Marlsune Slaver, and Female/Futa Marlsune Slave Examines depending on the version used. There's also another version to be used in a later update when a certain advanced race is added.
-Forced Encounter expansion:
---Failing to implant a trigger can now result in the target slaver returning the favour if they are Hypnotic/Dominator/Psionic and will be more likely to attempt to start a forced encounter. It's also a bit more risky to fail to use a trigger or dominate during a respect check against a Hypnotic/Dominator/Psionic slaver.
---New text with variations for forced encounters due to being subjected to Malevolence and being Possessed.
---New variations based on whether they've done it before, and new variations with improvements for being subjected to Hypnotic and Dominator.
---Possible now to gain the Puppet Leader status with enough repeated visits and if the right requirements are met.
-New racials:
---Kestrae Harpies now better reflect their forest flying abilities.
---Demi-Angels boost healing both in encampment and on assignment by being present.
---Neko may ignore the first Disaster gained on Infiltration assignments.
---Kitsune now do better on Diplomacy against the easily fooled, but less so against the more cultured.
---Humans help other races work better together.
---Fallen having gotten so corrupted to fall from being demi-angels now get even more corrupted.
-Two new unique starts:
---A seductive Sea Elf male using the Chained Melody commissioned art with a new aspect and lore page.
---A big Forest Goblin male using commissioned generously provided by a patron with a new aspect and lore page.
-Updated the Art Sources to include all current commissions including for some future assignments.
-Overhauled the text on Hard Reality. Mainly the critical success which is now twice as long as it used to be, but there's also improvements to the success and intro. Also fixed the issue where she was not coming with Magic: Illusion.
-You can now get level ups from the encampment even when you're at the max aspect slots meaning you can get a chance at getting free aspects like Dark Pact and Practitioner to Arch-Practitioner.
-Jacked up the odds on the scouting upgrades for the mid level and most expensive ones.
-The recruitable form of Kat is now inexperienced, has picked up a new outfit, seductive and a more specific lore page, along with pumping up her ass to the next level.
-Biomancy flexibility may now be done if the target is agile but hasn't got the exceptional result and is not an elf. Also corrected the breasts to show when they've hit maximum.
-Arisin' on the Storm will only be generated now from the second month onwards.
-Convent slavers and slaves will now come wearing their habits like in the Heretic scenario.
-Convent rather than having their own specific skin description now track what they were before joining the sisters. Using the skin description tables from their various possible origins and will have extra description noting what they were before. This will also come with some potential extra value bonuses. Witches already worked like this before with the various human subtypes, but now have a chance to also be elves and neko like Convent can with their own set of new specific descriptions.
-Expanded the Convent lore pages a bit mainly to better flesh out some of the faith's hidden places of worship.
-Small expansion to the City Elf lore page.
-Added a check so that Shadriel has to be a slaver for the owned relationship when her former matriarch is promoted to happen.
-Added a note to the start and to the Art Sources that all non-commissioned art is now considered placeholders with the intention to replace in time with commissions. As part of this replaced the petrified examine for the Artistry in Flesh assignment art.
-Reduced the bonus gold and supplies from Marauding rank ups as at max rank they could be way, way too high. Bonus is increased now on Rare/Special assignments.
-Reduced the rate that the recruited ooze caller calls oozes.
-Reduced the expiry length of all versions of Saving Glory by 40 days, and increased all versions of Shark of the Cards Expiry lengths by 4 days and Board the Crossbones by 2 days.
-Mad Schemes due to potential inconsistencies based on how that aspect is worked out will no longer show in suggestions.
-Biomancy Flexibility will no longer show as completed if the slaver hasn't got Elven Flexibility and can be attempted if they already have Agile.
-Forest Goblins have some skin colour variations rather than just the one.
-Added some tall male descriptions where they have dancer, sneaky or agile which would make the 'built like an orc' mention inappropriate.
-Fix for an issue with Reputations where on a positive result you could still go down in an illogical manner.
-Fix for the check for hates it on guard assigning was using the camp bitch one instead.
-Fix for Switch not generally doing what it should do when it comes to trait checks.
-Fix for formatting on Ballet of Brutality, Queen's Gaze, Private Dancer, Rules of Nature, Scourge Artiste, The Seven Veils, Dawn's Radiance, and Shallya's Mercy.
-Fix for the following having the wrong short abbreviation for their Trapper trait which was preventing them from getting the Booty Snatcher aspect: One of the Forest Goblin trait packages, The Ooze Caller start, and the unique from Deluge of Oozes.
-Fix for Obedient slavers not getting the Sub crit version on Decadence Like No Other.
-Fix for the description for Beautiful not being shown under Full Custom.
-Fix for an issue with Brief Foray where there was only a minimal amount of gold rewarded.
-Fix for getting the sub version of possession despite being dom/corrupt due to running out of trait slots.
-Fix for the abbreviations of Greedy being incorrect which could result in drow ex-soldiers picking up double greedy from corruption.
-Fix for an issue with high value/veteran rewards such as the Asanei leader from Best Left Sealed. Due to them getting the chance for extra traits the minus for that was potentially setting them back to 0 making the game think they didn't have any traits and so when they got the generated one the fixed ones were being overwritten.
-Fix for the outfit from Ponygirl training turning up on random assignments.
-Fix for dominant characters not having access to zoomed driders.
-Fix for Arrogance Subjugated only being able to be done once.
-Fix for being able to take Strong Right Arm with 6-7 points.
-Fix for the unique starts keeping their set physical attributes after taking different physical attributes in full custom.
-Fix for being able to start Advanced Blowjob Training with only a partial in Basic Blowjob Training.
-Fix for Corner of your very Own being set as Uncommon causing expiry issues.
-Fix for an issue with Slave Wear, Street Walking Attire, and Dresses were incorrectly changing the clothing total and could result in a message saying there's no clothing available.
-Fix for change of liking encampment roles in the morning text only showing if the slaver had a status effect. Thank you to Donna the helpful Werebear for highlighting this!
-Some text fixes.
Main highlights for this one are the talking to options, a new character with attached assignment in the marshlands, ponygirl training, new assignments, new commissions, and more

Important RAGS Information:
Please ensure that you are using or of the RAGS client. As of 0.803 you may also be able to play it without problems using other than occasional formatting issues as a trade off for better performance. Any other version of RAGS is still not a good idea.

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