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Developer: Splendid Ostrich Patreon - Blog - Discord - Wiki
Version: 0.6.5
Release Date: 2020-07-17
Last Updated: 2020-07-18
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Text-based, Female protagonist, Male protagonist, Gender bender, Character creation, BDSM, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Submission, Anal sex, Pregnancy, Transformation, Dating sim, Sexual harassment

Newlife is an erotic text-based female-perspective RPG. In this game you'll usually play as a man who's accidentally transformed into a woman - make a new life for yourself, be seduced by charming (or sleazy) men and generally have a fun sexy time. Alternatively, you can select the female start, begin as a woman and play the whole game without changing gender at all.

Major changes & additions:
  • Added a new scene where the PC may face consequences for bad work performance. As part of this, I've improved careers to support sacking and demotions. You can re-apply if you get fired, but only after a month and with a penalty at interview.
  • You can now play office politics as your work activity when employed. This will improve your office-politics level which counts towards promotions and performance. You don't get skill increases from work when you do this, but office-politics increases faster than skills so it's a faster way to get promotions. However, events could temporarily disable the effect of office politics, and if your performance depends on it then you might find yourself in trouble at work. Getting demoted will drop your politics-points down to -5, so... try not to let that happen.
Minor changes:
  • Updated the scene where your partner talks about your pregnancy to better handle cohabiting. Thanks to Saint Destiny for highlighting that this wasn't written well for that situation.
  • Baby-crazy characters can no longer ask their partner to use protection when they aren't already pregnant.
  • You can no longer exploit your friendship or relationship with the boss in consecutive scenes. So, if you do this to win a promotion then you can't the next time a promotion or trouble-at-work scene pops up. The aim of this change is to allow befriending/dating the boss to give some benefits at work without it being an overwhelming advantage that trivialises poor job performance.
  • Added a potential new interview question if you're re-applying for a job you were fired from.
  • Slacking off at work is now more effective at reducing stress, but no longer gives skill increases. It now gives a single “office politics point”, to reflect the time you spend getting to know your colleagues.
  • Increased work performance penalties from many events, making it more likely that the PC will get in trouble the following week.
  • Re-joining the company after leaving can now start you at higher than the entry-level job, though not necessarily as good a job as you held before. This won't happen if you were sacked or if you insulted the boss when quitting though.
  • Added a small new random event that disables office-politics.
  • The scene where you convince your boss to give you a promotion can now fire earlier (i.e. with a bigger difference between current and expected performance), especially for ambitious characters.
  • Added a new action to the boss-persuasion scene where you exploit your connections at the office. This is available if you've been playing office-politics and should make it easier to get promotions earlier.
  • It's now a bit easier in general to persuade your boss to give you a promotion. But beware, getting promoted into a position you're not ready for could land you in hot water at work!
Changes for user-submitted content:
  • Added the addTempTrait(string,int) method to the player-character, allowing custom scene writers to apply temporary traits. See the context object reference documentation for details.
  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Saint Destiny and NoName for reporting some of these.
  • Fixed some omissions to the custom NPC documentation reported by Rigel.
  • Fixed an amusing bug with the minidate setup reported by JulianR.Amazing and Revan54 that could lead to the same character appearing in the exlover minidate as both the PC's current partner and her ex.
  • Fixed some places reported by NoName where lactation content was using outdated conditions and ignoring traits.
  • The endgame scenes will no longer assume it's been more than one week since you started. Thanks to OrangeJuice for reporting this.
  • Fixed an issue where the PC's partner had an incorrect reaction to a cuckoo baby. Thanks to Saint Destiny for flagging this up.
  • Fixed a bug reported by Brobort where the PC wasn't being paid for street-prostitution.
  • Fixed a bug reported by Secondarian where ending a marriage (presumably via the divorce custom scene or similar as this is not possible in 'vanilla' newlife) would force the PC to remain a housewife. Ending a relationship will now automatically switch housewives to the unemployed career.
Major changes & additions:
  • Added a new branch to the sales career: sales manager. This has two jobs and branches off from the “Senior Saleswoman” job. Promotions are tracked separately so you may need to reject the promotion to “elite saleswoman” first before getting this.
  • A new skill: management. This is only used for the sales-manager jobs – an intentional decision as I always planned to have some skills that were only relevant for work. Starting the management path will unlock an event that lets the PC start training the skill.
  • Two new events for the sales career: one that lets you train your charm skill and a second one that allows for conflict with a selfish boss.
Minor changes:
  • Reduced the weighting for both promotion events by around 10%. However, you will get twice as many such events in the senior-saleswoman job because there are two promotions available.
  • Halved skill gain from going to work from 2 total points down to 1. Jobs with two different work skills will pick one randomly each week to train.
  • Added a way to support time-limited temporary PC traits, something I'd planned as part of the “mad-science” content in the storyline updates but which proved useful for one of the new scenes in this release. This is something I'm likely to work with more in the future as it allows the PC to temporarily gain bad traits as side-effects from Ivy's experimentation. This allows extreme traits like baby-crazy to be acquired mid-game rather than requiring the player to choose them as an integral part of the character.
  • Updated various bits of text in the anniversary scene to work a bit better when the PC is living with her partner. Thanks to Saint Destiny for flagging this up.
  • Added the TRADITIONAL trait requested by Cristia, which makes an NPC ask the PC to be a housewife once married, and means he'll always be ok with her deciding to stay a virgin before the wedding. The trait normally only appears on jerks as it's very chauvinistic, but can be manually assigned to other characters by creating custom NPCs.
  • A new partner effect (“chauvinistic partner”) that can appear for traditional jerks.
  • Slightly reduced the chance of NPCs being inept lovers.
  • A new option “relax outfit restrictions” added following a request over PM for stockings to be wearable in casual outfits. This allows any clothing item that's suitable for at least one of the BUSINESS, CASUAL or GOING_OUT outfit types to be wearable in any of the three.
  • Rewrote the “vows before marriage” option tooltip to remove the reference to it being a temporary option until marriage is implemented - thanks to the person who reported this over PM! I'm not sure if the option is really necessary any more, but I'm going to leave it in just in case there are players who enjoy using it.
  • Added QUICKSHOT and LONG_LASTING traits for male NPCs, as requested over PM on Patreon. These modify the per-turn arousal change from penetrative and oral sex and will mean the NPCs finishes faster or slower. While I may play around with them in the future, their effect is currently restricted to just this particular situation. The impact will vary based on the behind-the-scenes numbers but is generally twice as strong as the SNUG_PUSSY trait for PIV.
Changes for user-submitted content:
  • Changed willpower internally to be re-calculated whenever it's used rather than being set once at character creation. This means that the traits LOW_WILLPOWER, HIGH_WILLPOWER and IRON_WILL can now be added or removed midway through a game to affect the PC's willpower. Please bear in mind that the game assumes the PC will have at most one of these (or none, for normal willpower levels) so scenes that add any such traits should also remove the others.
  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Saint Destiny and NoName for reporting some of these.
  • I feel like there should be more than one entry here, which makes me wonder if I've forgotten to credit someone. My apologies if you reported a bug and aren't listed!

Enjoy the new version, and let me know if you find any bugs!
Major changes & additions:
  • Added a new sex scene: face-down on the sofa.
  • Updated the sitting makeout to support transitions to sofa sex as well as escalation to more intense makeout situations. This now goes from sitting side-by-side, to straddling the man with your back to him, to being face-down on the sofa. All of these have had appropriate content added.
  • Added a new set of minidate events by Lost Trouting.
Minor changes:
  • Added a new internal-ejaculation text section for the missionary scene that will show up if it's your wedding night.
  • Updated a few rough-content sections to be enabled when the PC has asked to be treated roughly, not just when the man does it autonomously.
  • Moved position-specific sex actions a little higher in the action list.
  • In addition to sitting-specific ones, added some more standard lines to the sex-description action (which outputs a simple descriptive line of what's going on rather than representing an npc action that changes game-state).
  • Made various minor improvements/rewrites to some old sex actions.
  • Made some updates to common makeout content that could be visible in scenes other than the sitting one.
  • The booty-call event will no longer fire when your boyfriend has accepted that you're waiting for marriage. Thanks to NoName for flagging this up.
  • Slightly increased the chance of the minidate event firing. It remains fairly low but can be increased in the weight modifiers file.
Changes for user-submitted content:
  • Added isMum() method for female NPCs that returns true if they've given birth at least once.
  • Makeout actions were updated to support the new situations, with sitting+behind and lying+behind representing the new stages of the sitting makeout scene.
  • Added the HYPNOTIST trait requested by the Lost Trouting for the minidate scenes. This has a one-in-12 chance of being added to any NPC, male or female, with no conditions or opposites. The hypnotist trait is hidden and won't appear in the character summary. This is not for any in-game reason but because I felt it'd be confusing to players to see the trait appear when it's only used in one extremely-rare scene.
  • Added FACE_DOWN_SOFA_SEX and SITTING_MAKEOUT to the possible transitions you can use.
  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Stochastic, NoName, NewFace and Death25 for reporting some of these.
  • Fixed a bug reported by Saint Destiny where telling your friend that you got pregnant for your husband would crash if you'd since broken up with him.
  • Moved the DONT_TAKE_PILL text into the female-npc-only section of the enum reference guide. Thanks to Stochastic for reporting this.
  • Fixed an issue reported by Stochastic where the “end the makeout” option wasn't prevented by the BLOCK_REJECTIONS flag.
  • Fixed a misspelling of CONSCIENTIOUS in the custom npc guide.
  • Fixed a line in the male endgame scene that was never shown because its condition was the same as an earlier check that sends the player down a different path.
  • Fixed a bug reported over PM on tfgames.site where one of the sitting undress actions wasn't actually removing the PC's clothing as described in the text.
  • Fixed a bug reported by Newface where one of the new sitting makeout actions could think the PC was still wearing her top when it had actually be removed.
  • Fixed capitalisation of the street-prostitution yml file names which caused an issue running them on linux.
Some improvements to makeout and undressing text sections where I saw a way to improve the writing while looking over sitting content.

Added some more variety to some of the player's kiss actions.

Updated the “stroke his chest” action to have better text when touching a bare-chested man, as well as varying arousal based on the player's liking for his body-type.

Rewrote the male-orgasm text for makeout scenes.

Increased the chance of the nightclub impregnation-speech action being used if its conditions are met (thanks to Meiluy for pointing out that this action is very rare).

Gave Ivy a few alternative lines in the malestart ending scene for when the PC is married.

Added a new section to the NPC pregnancy reveal to handle the situation where the PC convinced an NPC to try for a baby, as suggested by JulianR.Amazing.

Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Stochastic, Saint Destiny, NoName and Secondarian for reporting some of these.

Updated the conclusion of the latest NPC impregnation route to properly handle the situation where the man is living with the PC. Thanks to NoName for reporting this omission.

Fixed a bug reported by Secondarian where online porn clips were being set up with incorrect parameters leading to odd situations with the discovery scene.
Major changes & additions:

  • Added a new socialisation scene that can appear if you have a baby and a female friend who isn't a mother and is not pregnant
  • The PC can now ask her partner to start trying for a baby via the important talk date action at home. Your boyfriend or husband may also make the request of you while you're in your flat.
Minor changes:

  • The jerk-friend event can now fire at neutral liking towards the bf (but not disliked), and no longer has a love requirement.
  • Changed the timing on the NPC pregnancy reveal scene so it should fire at the end of the week where she gets pregnant, before the player is shown the “x has become pregnant” message in the week summary.
  • Reworked the logic around pregnancy revelation to make it a bit more likely the PC gets dumped on telling her bf that he got her pregnant. In particular, having a child already no longer blocks these breakups.

  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Saint Destiny, NoName, OrangeJuice and dotSEA for reporting some of these.
Major changes & additions:
  • Added a new scene that will fire the first time a female friend gets pregnant.
Minor changes:
  • Increased the likelihood for impregnators to attempt to sabotage the PC's pills.
  • Added liking changes to the cooking class scene female path. You should now be able to befriend the female NPC from the class without needing to meet her out clubbing.
  • The post-transformation scene with the genderbent jerk-friend (the one where you can get your bf to fuck her) will now give you the opportunity to befriend her, if you have free friendship slots.
Changes for user-submitted content:
  • Added persistent character flags that can be set by writers. These are intended for writers who need to store information across in-game weeks but who don't intend to submit their scenes for inclusion in the game and therefore were previously limited by the test gameflags. See “Persistent Character Flags” in the context object reference for details.
  • Making a porn film that's good enough to appear in the sleazy cinema will now add a new trait to the player-character: PORN_STAR.
  • Added tables of contents to the reference documentation, as suggested by Lost Trouting.
  • Added a very simple “divorce” custom scene to the documentation folder. This may be helpful as a quick template without all the long descriptions of the main example scene.
  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Stochastic, TaeTae, MadCat and Jacob N for reporting some of these.
  • Fixed a bug with the genderbent jerk friend scene where being nice to her was ending the scene without the opportunity to get her fucked.
Major changes & additions:
  • Improvements to lactation: See the Minor Changes section for details.
Minor changes:

  • The PC will now continue lactating for a while after giving birth.
  • New trait: Milky. This makes the PC lactate all the time, regardless of pregnancies.
  • Lactation can be disabled in the options screen.
  • New stat: facials received.
  • Added lactation content for sex scenes and makeout-actions.
  • Lactating characters get an alternative “make coffee” action when curing hangovers the next morning where the coffee isn't black.
  • One new lactation-themed socialisation event.
  • Added line-breaks to the “cheats in secret mode” tooltip in the options screen – thanks to Corvus for reporting that they were missing.
  • Updated the wedding-vow-discussion scene to handle the PC owing her fiance a favour, something which currently only happens if he paid for her wedding dress.
  • Added a few passages requested over PM on Patreon to the final scenes in the recent impregnator-friend scene chain.
Changes for user-submitted content:
  • Added a removeTrait method to NPCs.
  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Saint Destiny, Sync, Catpocalypse, OrangeJuice. NewFace, Classique75 and Saur for reporting some of these, as well as an anonymous person who was very helpful with a long list of issues over PM on patreon.
  • Updated street-prostitution payments to be consistent with the text.
  • The “pay a party-girl's bar tab” path in the befriending scene will now correctly make her a friend. Thanks to Unknown for reporting this bug.


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