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[RPGM] New Paths [v0.11b] [DrunkNescafe]



Developer: DrunkNescafe Patreon - Discord
Version: 0.11b
Release Date: 2021-01-24
Last Updated: 2021-01-24
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
3DCG, Female protagonist, Adventure, Quest, Big tits, Corruption, Blackmail, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism

We follow the female protagonist and her choice to move away from the Mountain Village to the capital. She at this point has a job as a waitress/bartender at the local bar. Where the male customers not always are the nicest.

- 3 new items
- 4 new quests (and some new questlines & cgs)
- New job
- New outfit
- New town
- New store
- 3 New songs
- ~5 New locations
- New feature: Bus ride
- ~10 New Characters
There’s also a huge amount of new assets like icons, better fogs and clothing icons.

# Improvements
- Passability on the main classroom
- Reduced the opacity of fogs

# Fixed
- More than 20 bugfixes
- Dad has a portrait now
- The bus driver can’t get too far from the bus anymore
- Removed text over characters during more cutscenes
- Fixed the issue that some completed quests showed incompleted objectives
- The time will flow as normal after Suzie’s first visit to Elena
# Added
- Stats Screen by pressing S or through the ESC Menu
- New message for Suzie’s Dad
- Message indicators for many NPCs and objects
- Bus Driver NPC
- Bus Visual
- Elena’s Home
- Beginning of Elena’s Story
- New visual for Elena
- New icon for completed in-quest objectives
- New item for Elena’s quest

# Improvements
- New Message sound effect
- Many renders had transparent backgrounds replaced by actual environments
- More main objectives have the yellow indicator instead of the white one

# Fixed
- Thought indicator on the school restroom
- Elena is a brunette, now, in all of her variations
- Borya won’t appear duplicated after certain “events” anymore
- More cutscenes will have the Action Indicators hidden this time
- Correct image layering while Suzie watches “someone” “having a good time”
# Added
- New Quest on Journal: "Cleaning for Votes"
- Completed Quest: “I Have a Dream…”
- Completed Quest: “Expanding Your Mind”
- New Questlines for Junior & Senior
- Items' pictures and descriptions for 6 items
- Desk & Chair in Suzie and Borya’s room
- 3 New Icons
- 4 New Emojis
- Suzie’s Father seated down sprite
- 12 new NPCs
- The first glimpse of “The Violator”

# Improvements
- Improved Home's movement flow
- Item Menu’s shapes and sizes

# Fixed
- Corrected the message about School's working time
- Missing interaction's in School's Restroom
- "Knowledge is Power"'s Quest description
- Weird Book won't respawn
- Some missing items are now appearing on the Items Menu
- Clock will start running again after going out of the Church
- Clock will start running again after going out of the "Secret Hole"
- Marina won't appear again after being saved
- Girl at the park won't always keep the interaction icon
- Lake Forest's Changing Room won't displayer weather effects
- Jogging cutscene will only appear if Suzie's wearing her Gym Clothes
- Misha's background will disappear after finishing his interaction with Suzie
- You can meditate for 24 hours now
- You can now watch TV with clothes other than Casual Clothes
- Suzie’s picture will appear in the main menu, now
- Porn magazine's events at School's Restroom
- Choices menus now appear correctly
- Faces in messages now appear correctly
- Corrected message if there are no jobs available at Mel’s
I did an error on some of the renders and are rendering them as we speak