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[Ren'Py] New Body, New Life [v0.6] [Moccasin's Mirror]



Developer: Moccasin's Mirror Patreon - Twitter
Version: 0.6
Release Date: 2020-08-28
Last Updated: 2020-08-29
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Other Games: Lust Vessel
Genre: 3DCG, Female protagonist, Corruption, Futa/trans, Interracial, Lesbian, Transformation, Oral sex

NBNL will follow the adventures of a nameless man inside the body of Nicole Miller, a hooker without aspirations beside having sex with many guys. Now you are in control of Nicole's life and our nameless protagonist will have to face the bad decisions that Nicole made in her life and try to change it for the better.​

Version 0.6
- 3 new sex scenes
- 14 new scenes added
- New stats screen (We have to make a little extra work on the "fans" stat.

Version 0.5
- 22 New scenes, 4 of those are sex scenes
- New UI, mostly for character relationship panel
- All the named characters appear in game now (some of them in the background)
Version 0.4
-20 new eventes 5 of those are sex scenes
- Fixed lot of typos and grammar errors (most of them were during the intro)
- Compressed the game, version 0.3 and 0.4 weight almost the same
-Fixed OCR 4 event (didn't apper)
- Changed the appearance of one of the teachers (the unnamed one)
Version 0.3.1
- Fixed bug with the third modeling event
- Reduced the Rebecca relationship points requirements from 4 to 3 requirements for POTC event line
Version 0.3
- New main menu screen, the basic renpy screen was functional, but boring, that's why we made our own, although it is likely to be improved in the future.
- 23 new events.
- Bug fixes
- We lower the threshold to get certain events or dialogue options specially Alisa's sex scene.
Around 30 new events
New gameplay elements
5 new sex scenes (proper sex there are a lot of nudes besides)
Some improvements to the game interface.
Improvements to the dialogue in the last versions (Thanks to Prince of Parthia)
A Linux version (If something is wrong let us now!)

First release



Win/Lin - MEGA
Mac - MEGA


384907_79a16-2.png 384912_162-2.png 384914_54a-2.png 384917_25-1.png 384919_192-2.png 384920_181-2.png 384923_106-2.png 481313_6et13.png 481314_4et19.png 0__3_ (1).png
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