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Developer: Sumodeine Patreon - Discord - Instagram
Release Date: 2019-12-12
Last Updated: 2019-12-12
Censored: None
OS: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android
Language: English
3dcg, Anal sex, Bukkake, Cheating, Creampie, Exhibitionism, Group sex, Handjob, Incest, Interracial, Male protagonist, Masturbation, Milf, Mobile game, Oral sex, Romance, School setting, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism

You play Taylor, an introverted 18 year old who is forced to live with his sister, Nikki, when they go away to the same college, due to a University housing error. Taylor is a virgin and Nikki is kind of a slut. Can she help get Taylor out of his shell and maybe help him with the ladies? For Taylor's sake, let's hope so!

- Our story concludes…
- The morning after. Depending on what route you took in previous updates, that will mean different things
- Taylor has to check out of the dorm with Jessica before they leave for Christmas Break
- Taylor and Nikki go home for Christmas (with Molly if Taylor chose to date her)
- It’s Christmas Day! The events that unfold will all depend on the choices made throughout the rest of the game
- The largest release I’ve ever done at 366 renders, 4 potential sexy scenes, with 3 traditional style (stop motion) animations, and 1 video style animation


Win/Lin -https://mega.nz/#!lME11IxS!uMASUsqPMMgrmH6B-YWrOnAhZqplIxTSbjUzNdSIVD8
Mac - https://mega.nz/#!MIcHSCLY!eqcxwj4Srp_eg7NuN7BqTGLhZ60LSY15BxQaJIeHJWY
Android -https://mega.nz/#!VYMFhCwI!aluNbRDnsKbEBxHvVNu5rXXueSOnG7BFembFAGZxCK8
Win/Lin compressed - https://mega.nz/#!AMMFGS4R!mq71j-YVFBNYE-3HwOHE-8wjmlWITzBtWX1a6oSOr94
Mac compressed - https://mega.nz/#!xNF3mACQ!HI2bXSRyVTqpwWt9nrO0v9nWn63aZzjuYgA1Pn4Qudw
Android (taboo edition)(v1.0) -https://mega.nz/#!FMdjHIoK!t7Csf8WOH2vf1GZmy_Db7hpYiuBCtrSucvIu6drW7sg

196132_196118_v10coffee12.png v14aftercourtsarah33.jpg v13molly16.png v12profk34.png v14aftercourtmolly41.jpg v10njnightcaught12.png v12ndorm29.png v13morn11.png v11nmrsnight27.png 196127_196113_v5tmstreet2.png 196125_196111_av8bout13.png 196129_196115_v6estudio19a.png 196126_196112_v4nmdorm7.png 196128_196114_v5yogahj3.png 196130_196116_v8nmorning7.png 196131_196117_v9breakthe4thwall.png 196133_196119_v10njnightcaught12.png 196134_196121_v9ntfcum2.png v8dparty27cd.png v8dparty33b.png v9beachm2turn9.png v9beacht2turn5.png v9tf2.png v10mrsbeds8.png v11sclub7.png v12corapt9.png v13party3some29.png v13profapt23.png v14chsex4.jpg
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