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Developer: Killer7 Patreon - Discord - Itch.io - Gamejolt
Version: 0.10
Release Date: 2020-05-30
Last Updated: 2020-06-05
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Android
Language: English
3DCG, Male protagonist, Incest, Big tits, Mobile game, Monster girl, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Romance, Creampie, MILF

Planned fetishes: Pregnancy

A young man fresh off a broken relationship and an eviction notice reconnects with his mother, Rebecca, after more than twenty years apart. He leaves town to move into her house with her two daughters from another marriage, Sandra and Lucy. New opportunities for work and play as well as new ways to define your relationships with your newly discovered family will emerge. What will you do and how will it affect those around you?

⦁ Added six more ingame days!
⦁ Added over 1000 cgs!
⦁ Added 26 animations!
⦁ Updated the main menu screen
⦁ Reduced the filesize for the Android version drastically ( thanks to Ryahn for that )
⦁ Added six more ingame days!
⦁ Added over 1000 cg's!
⦁ Added 21 animations!
⦁ Updated the main menu screen ( again )
⦁ Added a new endscreen with some infos once you reach the end of 0.9!
⦁ Added six more ingame days
⦁ Added over 1200 cg's
⦁ Added 39 animations
⦁ Updated the main menu screen
⦁ Added a new icon and loading screen for Android
⦁ Fixed the lovepath with Lucy. Now in order to get Lucy you have to be in a relationship with Sandra - Since Sandra is the harem enabler and the harem route is currently the main route!
Added six more ingame days
Added over 1200 cg's
Added 24 animations!
Started the love path with...someone!
Fixed the bug where you got certain events with Mary/Fiona/Becca even when you didn't pursue a path with them. ( For real this time )
Added persistent savegames for Android (check developer notes)
Added six more ingame days
Added over 1000 new renders
Added six NSFW animations
Fixed a bug that gave you events with certain girls you didn't like to be in a relationship with ( Fiona/Becca/Mary ).
Added three more ingame days!
Added over 500 new cg's!
Added four new NSFW Animations!
Fixed some minor dialogue bugs. Stuff like a question not disappearing etc.
Cleaned up the code a bit ( no one told me you don't need == True :( ).
For F95 Only: Changed all "Mum's" to "Mom".
· Added three more in game days
· Added four new NSFW Animations
· Added over 450 new Renders
· Added the start of the harem path

· During question times (with Lucy/Maddie/Yvonne) questions will now disappear once you asked them
· Updated the gallery to include the new NSFW scenes
· Fixed a bunch of dialogues and missing image errors
· Reduced the game size a bit again
· Added a icon and splashscreen for Android
Added three more in game days. (over 310 renders).
Added four new animations.
Added a gallery to view past events. (you have to enter your name again for replays, only once.)
Added two options for Fiona’s path.
Added two new characters for the story.
Added a new textbox. (you can use the old one if you don’t like it, it’s in the GUI folder, just rename textbox_old.png to textbox.png)
Added the option to pursue relationships for characters you missed points with. An explanation for that is below.
Redone all renders for the very first day of the game*

Bugfixes and tweaks:
Tweaked the love points gain for Sandra and Maddie slightly. (This means you get more love points in the beginning for Sandra in case you missed a few that weren’t as obvious)
Fixed missing label bug if you decided to not visit Lucy at the beach.
Fixed several dialogue decisions resulting in an error.
Fixed certain dialogues that didn't make sense if you picked a different path.
Added three more in game days!
Added a new main menu screen and removed the changelog window
Added two new characters that will play a key role in the future
Added over 350 new CGS!
Added two new NSFW Animations
Added the function to hide the dialogue on Android when you swipe up
Added a new game Icon
Fixed some script errors
First Release

Incest Password:
To enable incest in the game, click the "Enter a code" button on the main menu and enter the code: realstory

Developer Note:
The MC may cheat on his partner. However, there is no content in which a character cheats on the MC.


Win/Lin - MEGA
Mac - MEGA
Android - MEGA

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