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Tech Devil

Developer: Tiny Devil Studio Patreon
Version: 0.2.06b
Release Date: 2020-06-26
Last Updated: 2020-06-27
Censored: No
OS: Windows 7 & 10
2D Game, 2DCG, Male protagonist, Monster girl, Big tits, Big ass, Flashing, RPG, Interspecies sex, Combat, Turn based combat, Exhibitionism, Anal sex, Oral sex, Titfuck, Handjob, Vaginal sex

Capture, battle, and breed your monster girls in this 2D pocket monster game. Explore the top down over world and battle in high quality turn based encounters. Talk to monsters and experience erotic events with them, to boot!

v0.2.06b - Released on 2020-06-26
  • 1 new outfit for each monster, check the Biggys. --- The sprite is missing for the cat clothing item, but the outfit still shows on character.
  • A few small map changes.
  • Bunny suit and reverse bunny suit for Kate (patron exclusive).
  • Setup remaining "For Sale" homes. There still is one on the map, but you will figure out why when you see it.
  • Finished Breeds Ranch, The Manor, Plentywood, and Sugarbush "flavor" and npcs.
  • New npc over world art.
  • May have solved an issue with some battle npcs not being intractable. Let me know if it persists.
  • Fixed a soft lock bug when attempting to pause while loading.
  • A good bit of behind the scenes work for 0.2.2 .
v0.2.05 - Released on 2020-06-12
  • 1 Stray Cat event
  • 2 Amanita events
  • Fixed bug where player could move during a queued after battle event. Still needs testing.
  • Fixed duplicate attack bug. I will fix monsters that already have duplicate attacks in 0.2.1.
  • Fixed Missing npcs. They had apparently been overshooting their destination and walked off into the void.
  • Xp gains have been altered. You should level more consistently at this point, while still taking slightly longer for each new level. Let me know how this goes and I will start working on how quickly you level.
  • Fixed volume issues during events.
  • Barns now do distance checks, so no more cross map monster swapping.
  • Health bar should reflect change in health after leveling in battle.
  • Reworked clothes selection description in the monster menu. Should come across a little more clearly on whats happening.
  • Adjusted a few menu items to try to work with 4:3 aspect ratio.
  • Other small fixes like typos and incorrectly assigned names/images. Probably still missed a few instances of this, so let me know if you see anything.
v0.2.0d and v0.2.0f - Released on 2020-05-29
  • Patreon exclusive feature. Use Kate's bed to choose her outfit. Available to all patron tiers.
  • More story. Also rewrote capture jars to calm instead of dominate for story reasons.
  • 3x to 4x the map size and more variation added to assets.
  • 2 new monsters! Dryad and Stray Cat.
  • Kate’s art was redone to improve her appearance and allow for outfits.
  • 1 event for the Dryad.
  • 1 side mission for Kate.
  • 1 main story event with Kate - Teaser style event at beginning of game. Check the journal for the still image if you passed it.
  • Outfits are now available in battle! Nude will just be nude throughout, so watch your health.
  • Each monster has 3 outfits now. Standard, Hidden and Bikini! More to come!
  • Monster Stat adjustments.
  • Skip all button was removed from events, it will return soon enough.
  • Rapid clicking no longer skips text as it conflicted with the new text speed option in the Options menu. Crank it all the way up for instant text.
  • A bit of work done to speed up future releases.
  • Many small script adjustments to make things easier on me and allow for a bit more flexibility in their use.
  • Squashed some bugs.
  • Auto Heal after battle is out permanently. Keep that in mind when it comes to healing.
  • Music in, but it’s free generic stuff. Basically it’s serviceable. Volume adjustment in Options Menu.
  • Fixed a bug when queuing multiple events after battle. Events should play one after another now.
  • Fixed a bug where health could go into negative numbers.
  • Fixed a bug with trade in items.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause issues with mission triggers not deactivating. May still be an issue, so report the bug if it occurs.
  • Trade in items value has increased from 10 to 25
  • Added mission icons. Rpg style exclamation points appear at the next stage of a mission.
  • Creep has been unblocked
  • Fixed a few spelling, name, and image issues in conversation.
  • Fixed an oversight in normal xp leveling.
  • Fixed bug with vendors.
v0.1.9 - Released on 2020-04-24
Thanks to the help of the patrons bug testing, I was able to get about 95% of the code done. I can now put a larger focus on art, story, events etc., without worrying about getting large chunks of code done, on top of everything else. I’ll get you guys more of the naughty stuff with in the next two updates.

~ Backup your save! ~ Backup your save! ~ Backup your save!~
Backing up your save has never been more important! A lot of changes have been made. I actually recommend starting fresh though.
Save location is C:\Users\YourUserNameHere\AppData\LocalLow\Tiny Devil Studio\ Monster Girl Hunt
  • Monster Storage. The barn has been rebuilt and Breeds Ranch is ready for you to store your monsters! Talk to the farm hand.
  • Help Menu redesign with new information explaining the new systems.
  • Hotkeys - M = map, J = journal, I = inventory
  • Shift key is sprint and faster diagonal movement has been fixed
  • Mission menu can now show side and finished missions alongside the main mission.
  • Monster Archive has location data now! After seeing a monster for the first time, you will be able to locate where they normally are on the map.
  • Inventory, Items, Item drops, and vendors. Sell “Trade-In” items
  • Accelerating clothing unlocks, they should only take about two battles to unlock if you don’t switch monsters.
  • Map code now tracks your location when indoors and is a bit more accurate overall.
  • Monster menu has a new attack button, click it to view the attacks of that monster and their stats.
  • Changes to the menu map UI
  • Small dialogue rewrites needed for barn and “west of here” lines.
  • 1 side mission that you probably won't even notice you did. It's tutorial stuff.
  • Alter a bit of the story to make more sense with the changes.
  • The butler now acts as a vendor
  • Farmer breeds gives you a few items during the main mission. If you’re past that part, you will still get those rewards.
  • The third fast travel point has been disabled until release 0.2.0.
  • A lot of UI work
  • A lot of bug fixes
  • A lot of quality of life stuff
Battle System Change Log
  • Monsters now have an Arousal level now. Don’t let your monsters get too flustered or they’ll strip down and flick the bean mid battle. Check the Help Menu in game for more info!
  • New stamina stat. Damage attacks now take a certain amount of stamina. Rest or swap monsters when this gets low!
  • New speed stat dictates who goes first in battle and evade chance.
  • Monster Stat variation. Monsters should feel a bit more unique now. This will need some balance work, just let me know. Some monster’s will just be better than others.
  • Stats on your existing monsters are rebalanced on first launch to match the new stat variation.
  • Attacks have had some alterations done. They come in 4 flavors now: Healing, Damage, Arousal, and Mixed(Damage + Arousal). You can see these icons in battle now.
  • Attack evolution. New attacks can now be gained or evolved every 5 levels. These are done at random.
  • Love XP is now rewarded based on the % of damage a monster did during battle.
  • Popups are better managed now.
  • UI Redesign and new ui elements for the new battle system changes.
  • New battle effects and new images to accompany them.
  • Better battle AI. Don’t worry, they aren’t geniuses, but they won’t spam heal themselves anymore. Enemy monsters can only use healing moves if their health is below 20%.
  • Npc battles! These are voluntary battles, just be mindful of the new battle icon above npcs heads. Once you engage, there's no running away! Currently 3 battles and many more to come.
  • Battle backgrounds. Pretty much what it sounds like, backgrounds will swap out depending on the area you are in.
  • New capture system! A small rewrite to the story was needed for this. It’s nothing huge. You get all the items you would have if you played past it.
  • Item use in battle. Heal and capture items.
  • Attack overlay images.
  • A bunch of “behind the scenes” code that you won't notice.
  • Some other random stuff you might notice.
v0.1.4 - Released on 2020-04-04
  • Always back up your save! Save located in C:\Users\YourUserNameHere\AppData\LocalLow\Tiny Devil Studio\Monster Girl Hunt
  • New Monster Archive, check the journal.
  • 4 new events. 1 cow, 3 slime.
  • Can now zoom and drag events.
  • Event hotkeys. A = back, d = forward, h = hide text.
  • Rearranged event's to "flow" better. If you are coming from an old save, you will have new events already unlocked and some previously unlocked events will be locked again. It's just a consequence of the reorder.
  • Bug fixes like clothing display, clothing unlocks, experience, player name displaying wrong, etc.
  • Small changes to things like event speeds and spelling/grammar.
v0.1.3d - Released on 2020-03-27
  • BACK UP YOUR SAVE. I did some save script work to ensure you can continue from an old save, but if I missed anything I don't want your save files corrupted. Let me know if this is happening, send me your backed up save file and I will get a bug fix turned out asap. I cant fix broken saves though!
  • Save located in C:\Users\YourUserNameHere\AppData\LocalLow\Tiny Devil Studio\Monster Girl Hunt
  • 2 new events! Check out love levels in the monster menu to see who needs your attention.
  • 3 new outfits, one for each monster. They are hidden and you are need to have that monster with you though, so catch some monsters, talk to people, rummage through their belongings. Social norms be damned!
  • New Animation system in! Dialogue, advance, back up, etc.
  • You can now select which monster follows you in the over world. Change them in the monster menu.
  • Last viewed monster clothing in monster menu will be what your monster wears in conversation (Note - Report any instances where this doesn't work. It should work, but there were some edge cases I had to catch and there may be more. I'm only human.)
  • Added existing battle clothing unlocks as their own after battle events, added new dialogue for these events, and reduced time required to unlock them.
  • Map and fast travel added in the pause menu.
  • Chunk loading code in place for future map expansions.
  • Can now heal monsters at your bed. Not really all that useful at the moment as you auto heal until the item update.
  • New Mission Structure - This allows for side missions and better flexibility. Watch for side missions in the future.
  • Journal UI and code changes. New sections includes missions(further updates coming), monster archive(placeholder), unlocked images (non love related stuff), help (needs updated images).
  • Many minor corrections
v0.1.2c - Released on 2020-03-13
  • Fixed window resizing bug.
  • Fixed issue where using downed monster if a fight was possible.
  • Various grammar and spelling issues.
  • Dialogue now has your first monster introducing herself earlier since it conflicted with the battle system revealing her name before she did.
  • Fixed issue where missions could trigger while inspecting objects.
  • Can now click on npcs to continue mission as well as getting close to them
  • Fixed bug where it was possible to click on interactable objects while in loading screen
  • Issues with after battle notifications should be fixed
v0.1.2 & v0.1.2b - Released on 2020-03-13
  • Windows 7 support! Save location has been changed because of this. You need to move save data to continue. Details at bottom.
  • New slime event.
  • New hidden event. Lets play find the creeper!
  • Events will start in world instead of require player to navigate to correct menus to find them - Done.
  • Intractable objects, mouse over icons, and Images to go with it (Adds a bit more flavor to the world).
  • Cue when mousing over something that is intractable.
  • Menu and other UI tweaks - new journal tab.
  • Collider / hit box adjustments. A lot of adjustments.
  • Conversation code expansion.
  • Small movement speed increase.
  • Squashed a handful of bugs.
  • Game only auto saves after you exit battle now, so don’t forget to save your game often.
  • Altered some dialogue.
  • Tutorial images.
  • All monsters that appeared in battle now get normal xp divided between them equally.
  • All monsters that appeared in battle now get 20% love xp unless incapacitated. Small reduction in love xp required to level up love as well.
  • Worked out some other battle system kinks, like shorter intro and quicker effects, health restored after successful escape, etc.
  • Monster capture chance in now additive. 20% to 35% to 50% etc. Once a monster is captured, this resets.
  • Can now talk to monster girl following you.
Save File Migration - Moving it with code would break Windows 7 games, sorry about that.
  • Previously saved to Documents\MyGames\Tiny Devil Studio\Monster Girl Hunt.
  • Now saves in C:\Users\YourUserNameHere\AppData\LocalLow\Tiny Devil Studio\Monster Girl Hunt.
  • Move your saveData.dat and playerPreferences.dat file to new save location if you wish to continue your game.
v0.1.1 - Released on 2020-03-07
Addressed some concerns and issues. Also added a few small things.
  • Corrected version naming conventions
  • Removed unnecessary scene (pre-boot scene used to test scene transition, nothing important)
  • Replaced null images with transparent sprite (May help to prevent crashing)
  • Added default font shader (May help to prevent crashing)
  • Remove planning tiles that lacked shaders (Should help to prevent crashing)
  • Fixed 2 UI "Uniqueness Violations"
  • New credits screen
  • Some UI Changes
  • Fixed excess love adding up (not going to take what you have already earned though)
  • Added monster naming. Some restriction may apply!
  • Added Release option (your keeping that dumb ass cow though, shes to stupid to survive on her own)
  • Doubled capture rate
  • Cleaned up a few scripts
  • Corrected typos
v0.1.0 - Released on 2020-03-06
3 monster girls
3 events per monster girl


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