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Developer: Noxious Games Patreon - Itch.io - Twitter
Version: 1.045b
Release Date: 2020-05-25
Last Updated: 2020-05-27
Censored: No
OS: Windows x64
Language: English
3D game, 3DCG, Male protagonist, Animated, Fantasy, Monster, Monster girl, Futanari, Breeding, Rape, Masturbation, Pregnancy, Harem

MGG is a gardening/time management game, where the player is given a plot of land to build a garden and attract the various monster girls of the world to come have fun. Creatures will battle, have sex and breed.

[X] Autosave is now complete and fully implemented. For new games you will be asked to turn this option on or off. When loading a game autosave will be off by default, there is now a checkbox beside the Save Garden button which will turn Autosave on or off
[X] Added many screen resolution options to settings menu, using Steam survey data I've added a couple of the most popular monitor resolutions
[X] Added auto-resolution detection if no settings are applied, or if the games current resolution is too big compared to your desktop res. If the game has no resolution fitting your desktop res, 1280x720 will be selected. This can be changed afterwards, of course
[X] Added a button for collapsing/expanding the Journal (J)
[X] Added a new emote "No Path." This pops up when a monster tries to perform an action, but fails to reach it's target
[X] Using/Combining Items now contains a volume to check for collisions, instead of a direct linetrace hit. This means it should be much easier to Use items on Monsters, or to combine items
[X] Fixed a bunch of instances where the Player would be frozen during/after the Pay Debt event, based on certain circumstances, a few instances probably still exist however
[X] Removed Oculus VR prompt, if VR is implemented in the future this is easy to add back
[X] View mode now shows UI prompt reminding you that you are in View mode, and how to exit. Also, swapping to player mode will now pull you out of View mode, if you are in it
[X] Entering View mode while the Tool or Item panel was open freezes the player
[X] A simple AI navigation error began occuring after updating to the newest UE4 version, the Lord's Assistant gets stuck near the train station as she guides you to the garden
[X] Crafting was not removing items if you had exactly the right amount of one material
[X] Upgrading tools was slightly broken, this system is completely fixed now
[X] Harem Interior needs fixing, also Monster prices should be displayed before sale/purchase
[X] Improved the Hoes accuracy, prioritizing weed tufts before trying to accomplish any other actions. The old behavior would occasionally get stuck when looking for actions, and perform no action where one was actually available
[X] Fixed an error which stopped coins from simulating physics before they landed
[X] Fixed an error in several quests requiring certain Monsters to be domesticated, which would credit the Player for visiting monsters instead of only residents
[X] Pay Debt event still fired in failed gardens
[X] Changed the rate of new grass tufts appearing on certain tile types
[X] "Quit to Desktop" button now confirms the choice before closing
In progress/Fixing:
[ ] Pay Debt event will still freeze if the Player is in the Arena when it begins
[ ] Monsters attempt to wander/fight through fences/gates/pens
[ ] Monsters are far too hard to select if they are too close to the outer bounds of your Garden
[ ] Add menu for displaying all Resident monsters (Monster Manager), as well as more detailed information on individual monsters, such as their fighting and sex records
[ ] Player climax still broken
0.24 Patch: Includes animations for lamia female and all other species females, animation programming complete, monsters should no longer T-pose during sex.

This update fixes a bunch of glitches, and adds some quality of life improvements to the game. This build also adds 5 new achievements to the game, new tournaments with quests, and allows monsters to pass on 'Birthmoves.' Quest indicators now function properly, gold ! means new quest, grey ? means incomplete quest, and gold ? means completed quest. NPC conversation system works properly now as well, freezing the player in place during all conversations, preventing unwanted text skips. This version also adds the final raw resource, "fiber" obtained from grass tufts, and makes grass grow back on 'grass' and 'dry grass' tiles.

New Content:
-Lamia/Mermaid final animations; Idle, Walk, Female Masturbate, Female x Player (oral, vaginal)
-Final Lamia Textures
-Final Mermaid Textures
-5 New Achievements for Kitsune, Mermaid, and paying back your entire debt
-Tournaments up to S rank available, and quests to go with it
-Raw material 'Fiber' added to game, obtained from grass tufts

Big Changes:
-Kitsune and Mermaid now record data, and are visible on the information screen
-Monster's current Move set now saves properly
-Achievements for paying back debt now functional
-Cleaned up almost every quest dialogue, shorter and more concise
-Quest indicators now appear properly over quest givers, gold '!' is an available quest, grey '?' is an incomplete quest, and a gold '?' is a complete quest
-Grass tufts will grow back occasionally on tiles of the type 'grass' and 'dry grass'

Small Changes:
-Fixed a monster command error which allowed the player to command a monster to fight another monster which was already in combat
-Fixed a few species specific oddities in data records and requirement checks
-Fixed a glitch in the stylist which cost the player all their money :eek:
-Fixed a glitch allowing monster sex animations to play while they were moving towards eachother
-Fixed conversation system, when talking to NPCs the player is held still, and can only move when out of conversation
-Fix a glitch preventing rocks in the quarry from respawning on a new day
-Fixed a glitch which allowed the Player to sleep through monster EN restoration, this now occurs on the new day event, like pay debt and goulder respawn, therefore it will occur at 12am every day instead of 6am
New Content:
-Achievement system and 23 achievements
-8 more Quests for the Lord's Assistant (Main) Questline
-Added Tournaments up to C Rank

Big Changes:
-Allowed any combination of Monster species to produce offspring together, the game simply picks one parent at random for the offspring's species
-Monsters no longer gain 1 EN for every level, they will now recieve extra EN every 3 levels
-Replaced a ton of inefficient BSPs with real models (arena, building interiors, land, etc.)
-Tweaked the Birth System; more likely to breed offspring, and added the possibility of 2 monsters being born at once (very unlikely)

Small Changes:
-Tweaked Fruit growth and decay rates
-Tweaked spawn chance of Cacti to make them appear less frequently
-Fixed an error where newborn Monsters were not being assigned the right attacks
-Fixed an error with the Post Office
-Fixed the 'Succubus Cure' Quest
-Fixed an error which caused Lesser Succubi who were Resident to load in Feral
-Fixed an error which sometimes prevented Monster Record from being changed, and the completion of the Lesser Succubus Quest
-Fixed a ton of incorrect Lesser Succubus sex animation calls
-Fixed an error with the Inventory system, picking up items while Inventory is full didn't work even if you already had a few of the item
-Fixed some errors with Monsters becoming residents, and new Monsters being born, some were assigning incorrect textures
-Fixed an error which would sometimes prevent Monsters from returning after Tournaments
-Fixed an error which was causing emotes to appear far too low
-Fixed an error which prevented village lights from turning on a night, or something from turning off in the morning
-Fixed an error which caused garden data to be improperly counted in gardens which contained Shadette Sunflower
-Fixed an error in the 'Mystery Metal' Quest which caused an infinite animation loop if the player struck the Diamond Ore with a Pickaxe lower than Silver level
-Fixed an error where the player could steal items from the General Store's shelves
-Fixed an error which allowed the player to access the Engine Console


Win 64 - MEGA

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