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Developer: Threshold - Patreon - Discord - Twitter
Version: Alpha v22.5
Release Date: 2019-10-28
Last Updated: 2020-05-17
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
2DCG, Male Protagonist, Text Based, Fantasy, RPG, Combat, Monster Girls, Female domination, Turn Based Combat, Rape

Monster Girl Dreams is a text based BFRPG made in Ren'Py. (The BF stands for Battle Fuck.)
The game is currently in alpha and is in active development, and while primarily text based there is character art for many of the lovely ladies in game.
Erotic content contained withing is primarily vanilla, M/F, femdom, and of course monster girls.

In Monster Girl Dreams you play as a male adventurer, freshly graduated from the adventuring school, Adventum!
Now you must venture across the home continent of the monster girls, Lucidia, in an attempt to get rich, or get fucked into submission trying. Also defeat the Demon Queen. Maybe.
At the start of the game you create your character and define their combat stats and weaknesses in a point buy system, and must choose at least one fetish for the monster girls to exploit with their temptations.
Gameplay functions similar to many standard turn based rpg games, but you utilize numerous sex techniques to defeat your female opponents, all while not trying to give into the enticing pleasures they offer.
Monster girls will have an array of status effects and temptations to throw at you, as well as the ability to put you into multiple sexual stances. They will probably also use their numbers to pin you down and fuck you silly!
But you'll be able to get the edge of your opposition by leveling up and choosing perks to help define your play style as well as equipping various items to boost your sexual powers even further, or to help make up for a weakness.
Or you could just say screw that, running forward without any planning, and get ravished into unconsciousness by the lewd monster girls.

You can also spend time getting immersed in the games whimsical setting and (usually) upbeat tone as you get to know some of the monster girls.
They might even hold your hand instead of trying to fuck you silly.
It's also moddable.
Good luck if you decide to try modding it! There's a guide in the game's download for those interested.

V22.5 Change Log
Remember to update your save in town.
-Due to structural changes to the games file organization it is HIGHLY recommended you load a save in town. Or things will get janky.
-Additionally all mods will be broken at the launch of this game version, and will need to be updated. I'm very sorry for this.

-Galvi now has a Titfuck scene, written by Subject Alpha. It will always trigger on your second time with her (or next in the case of save file that have met with her prior), and after wards you'll get given a menu on subsequent meetings with her on which scene you want.
-Ive gone through and updated all of the camper trio's erotic scenes. Some more than others.
-The succubi campers now have a shortcut to their location once you've completed the quest.
-After completing Jora's quest you can easily visit her.

-The camper trio, Jennifer, Heather, and Catherine now has art by Otani.

-Simplified the ChangeProgressBasedOnVirility function to be a base line Virility x 0.1 before the multiplier set by the user. This is to make the function less confusing and easier to understand how fast it will act.
-I've revised the pent up perks build up via Virility, and it should ramp up slower later, but faster earlier on in Virility amount, overall it should be less punishing until you get past the 500 and 800 marks.
-Recoil damage can now make you and enemies orgasm.
-Increased the Alarune and Nicci's resistance to sex and anal by 10%, as well as their resistance to recoil damage by giving them the Pacing Perk.
-The wait command now restores 5% of your energy.

Systems and Modding New Stuff
-Added the HoldCurrentVirility function, which grabs the current virility of the player and uses it for all checks until HoldCurrentVirilityEnd is called.
-There's now a .json file in the perk folder with a list of all perk types and their effects, neatly organized, with special thanks to feltcutemightcleanlater.
-When using DisplayCharacters, you can now use the names of the characters instead of the number they are in the speaker list. eg: "DisplayCharacters", "Belle", "Nara", "Vivian", "EndLoop",
-Added 'Speak' Function that allows you to put in any name and have it be used as a speaker, even if not listed at the top. eg "Speak", "Vili and Nara", "Give us hugs!" or "Speak", "Trisha", "Hi", and it will use the given line as a speaker and then the following line as a line of dialogue similar to the speaks function, just keep in mind speaks always gets the first speaker from the supplied list in the file, while speak needs you to give it a name to use. Speak will also be handy when handling multiple characters talking given it can be a little hectic with 3 people talking.
-You can now use 'EventJump' in menus to jump right to the event you want without needing to make a scene for it. eg "EventJump", "'Bon Bon Bun'", "MenuOptionName". I have also added the ability to specifiy a scene to jump to. Eg. "EventJump", "'Bon Bon Bun'", "ThenJumpToScene", "StoreMenuReal", "MenuOptionName". These can also be used with the "FinalOption", function if desired.
-Added the CallSceneThenReturn Function which allows you to jump into a scene then return to where it was called initally. These can be called inside eachother as well. Exiting one of these calls is the same as ending an event, leaving it with no jump. Be sure to end a call or weird shit will happen, like rewinding time. Check TimePassed.json or EndOfDay.json for examples of its use.
-Added CallNextSceneJumpThenReturn which turns the next scene jump into a call and returns to where it was called from, works the same as CAllSceneThenReturn, but you can put a check with it, eg: "CallNextSceneJumpThenReturn", "IfFetishLevelEqualOrGreater", "Breasts", "3", "quickTiddyCheck", - This is NOT to be used with event jumps. The jump must be called directly after this is called or it will fizzle.
-Added CallEventAndSceneThenReturn which funtions the same as CallSceneThenReturn, but allows you to call a new event. ed: "CallEventAndSceneThenReturn", "Enter 'Amber's Adventuring Shop'", "AmberEventCallTest",
-Putting "ShuffleMenu" before any option in a menu will randomly shuffle the entire menu every time it's seen.

Systems and Modding Overhauls
-All game .json files have been moved out of the renpy folder and into the game folder, then reorganized to be easier to look through. Special thanks to feltcutemightcleanlater.
-IfDealyingNotifications is now properly named IfDelayingNotifications
-The "ApplyStatusEffectQuietly" function has been removed, and should be replaced with "ApplyStatusEffect". It functions the same.
-"ApplyStatusEffect" no longer is able to display a line of text from the skill itself in outcomes, and has been made permanently queit, move and skill text you may have been using into the actual event. Note that this only occured out of combat, and in combat it never did this, because it was jank.
-EndRandom in JumpToRandomScene calls has been changed to EndLoop for consistency.
-EndStances in IfPlayerHasStances has been changed to EndLoop for consistency.
-loopEnd in PlayImagePulseLoopingList, PlayImagePulseLoopingList2, PlayImagePulseLoopingRandom, and PlayCustomBarrage has been chaned to EndLoop for consistency.
-endStoreMenu in SkillShoppingMenu and ShoppingMenu has been changed to EndLoop for consistency.
-endSwap in SwapLineIf has been changed to EndLoop for consistency.
-EndMenu in Menu has been changed to EndLoop for consistency.
-End for display characters has been changed to EndLoop for consistency.
-The "questComplete" function is now "QuestComplete". For consistency.
-The following text functions have been capitilized for consistency (example: thePlayerName->ThePlayerName): thePlayerName, finalDamage, damageToPlayer, damageToEnemy, attackerName, attackerHeOrShe, attackerHisOrHer, attackerHimOrHer, targetName, targetHeOrShe, targetHisOrHer, targetHimOrHer, targetYouOrMonsterName, attackerYouOrMonsterName, attackerName2, attackerName3, attackerName4, attackerName5, sexWords, sexAdjective, displayPlayerChoice, displayMonsterChoice, playerOrgasmLine, progressDisplay, playerMoney, pink and colorEnd.
-The following perk types have had their spaces removed (example: "Foreplay Energy Regen" -> "ForeplayEnergyRegen") for the sake of ease of use.: Foreplay Energy Regen, Foreplay Arousal Regen, Foreplay DefDown, Get Out Of Stance, Remove Restraints, Run Chance, Better Prices, Buy Prices, Sell Prices, Damage Reduction, Recoil Boost, Allure Recoil Boost, Recoil Damage Taken, Crit Chance Boost, Crit Damage Boost, Out Of Stance Evade, Loss Exp, Eros Boost, Item Drop Chance, Treasure Find Chance, Give Sensitivity Points, Gain Spirit, NonPen Magic Boost, Breast Boost, Seduction Boost, Kiss Boost, Sex Boost, NonPen Sex Boost, Ass Boost, NonPen Ass Boost, Pain Boost, Penetration Boost, Baseline Allure Flat Buff, Baseline Allure Flat Percent Boost, Virility Boost, Trance Stun Chance, Orgasm Energy Drain, Aphrodisiac Turn Cure, Stance Stuck, Crit Chance Boost Self, Crit Damage Boost Self, Aphrodisiac Amp, Initiative Bonus, Sleep Amp, Status Chance Boost, Paralysis Amp, Exp Boost, Status Icon, Multiply Spirit, Removed on Orgasm, Gain Energy, Gain Arousal, Stun Res, Charm Res, Aphrodisiac Res, Restraints Res, Sleep Res, Trance Res, Paralysis Res, Sex Sensitivity, Ass Sensitivity, Breasts Sensitivity, Seduction Sensitivity, Magic Sensitivity, Pain Sensitivity, Holy Sensitivity, Unholy Sensitivity, Increase Fetish, Decrease Fetish, Oral Boost, Monstrous Boost, Feet Use Boost, Breast Use Boost, Ass Use Boost, Foreplay Boost, Indulgent Boost, Sex Toy Boost, Resist Final Orgasm, Semen Energy Drain, Semen Heal, Semen Attack Boost, No Anus, No Chest, No Mouth, No Pussy
-The perk type: Start Deeper in trance, is now StartDeeperInTrance, and Cant Break Free of Trance Without Items is now CantBreakFreeOfTranceWithoutItems
-The following line triggers in monster files have been capitilized for consitencey. eg: "hitWith" -> "HitWith" List of altered functions: hitWith, hitWithA, usesMove, escape, lowHealth, playerLowHealth, onSurrender, onPlayerOrgasm, stanceStruggle, stanceStruggleComment, stanceStruggleFree, stanceStruggleFreeComment.
-restraintStruggle, restraintStruggleCharmed, restraintEscaped, restraintEscapedFail have also been capitilized for line triggers, just be sure you dont accidently apply the capitilization to a skill file by accident.
-Removed the "CallEvent" function, trust me you weren't using it.
-CallEventThenScene has been changed to CallCombatEventAndScene for the sake of clarity and sanity.

-Fixed Elena and Elly's normal intro scenes not displaying unless you got all their special intro scenes.
-Fixed a spacing issue in combat menus involving items (or skills) with very long names.
-Time now properly advances with Elena's bar event if nothing lewd occurs.
-During the forest inn event if you win the combat it now properly returns to day if it was day when you got there.
-Fixed a song not playing when you touch Venefica's ears.
-Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when timed perks wear off.
-The succubus glory hole event and Venefica's milking job now properly check for the player's Virility prior to the first orgasm, so pent up perks properly apply to the end result.
-Fixed Mara paying u even if u didn't work for the bar in one specific instance.
-Ancilla's service scenes, and the one imp bj during a cleaning event, now have proper orgasm calls.
-Assorted typo fixes and editing.
V22.4 Change Log
Remember to update your save in town.

-A new quest has been added to the forest. It requires you to have spoken to Elly to some degree, and cleared the Forest Dungeon. However it's only about 70%(?) complete at this time and you can't currently report back to Elly on your progress. But there's already so much content there you'll probably forget why you're there anyways.
-It's still Easter right? I didn't completely go off the rails, right?

-Venefica's Art is by Jiffic.

-Mate Bonded now increases cock sensitivity by 10% down from 15%.

-Messed with music files to decrease file size by about 100mb. Let me know if you notice any specific drops in quality, everything I tested sounded the same.

-Added Buy Prices and Sell Prices perk tags to specifically alter one or the other.

-Fixed two music related crashs in kotone's candle lighting event.
-Fixed telling shizu to stop trainnee's from attacking you in the willpower temple not actually stopping them.
-Fixed multiple crashes in Sofia's combat events related to SFX
-Fixed extra step on me options with minoni popping up.
-Fixed current energy increasing when save is updated, due to energy giving perks.
-Fixed a minor crash in Lillian's quiz.
-The SetArousalToXUnlessHigherThanXThenAddY function now does what it's supposed to instead of the reverse.
-Added a missing orgasm call to the Bed-Chan Aiko threesome scene.
-Fixed a few questions in Lillians quiz having the wrong outcome.
-Assorted typo fixes and editing.
Remember to update your save in town.

-Fixed winning, then losing in a victory scene in an event, such as Aiko, causing you to get ported out of the church afterwards, also you now get post combat rewards still in these cases, just in the church.
-Added music calls to the Alraune Victory scene and made it slightly more clear it may not be safe to indulge.
-Fixed Shizu's bowing the mountain move causing some weirdness when it defeated you in her fight at the temple.
-Fixed an issue with the text box flicking in and out when a menu pops up sometimes, probably.
-Assorted typo fixes and editing.
Remember to update your save in town.

-The Alraune now has an optional sex scene when defeated.
-Revised Alraune's Sex Invitation to be a skill check combat event.

-Fixed a crash related to victory events and calling ClearMonsterEncounter. This also fixed the issue sending people back to town.
-Losing to Feng in her room now super for sure clears all status effects including surrender.
-Fixed an issue that could cause a combat variable to stay on when it shouldn't, causing the oni twins duo fight to not start at all due to a nested function in a swap line if triggering something it shouldn't be able to due to that variable being on.
-Assorted typo fixes and editing.
Remember to update your save in town.

-Added a few convos to Beris' content that require you to lewd her multiple times before she'll talk with you.
-Added in a hoof stepping scene for Minoni by Valentin Cognito, requires a lvl 3 foot fetish or lvl 3 monstrous fetish to attempt asking her to do it.

-EndVictoryEvent function has been removed, as it's now no longer needed.
-Added RequiresFetishLevelEqualOrLess function option to menu requirement checks.
-Menu fetish requirements can now be properly stacked as requirements.
-Load Validator has been updated with special thanks to dfs on hypnopics collective, i'll also be commenting it out in release builds, so if you want to turn it on to check your mod you'll need to scroll to the bottom of LoadDatabase.rpy and uncomment 'validator.printToFile()'
-Removed the incredibly depreciated SetChoice command inside the Menu Function.
-Added a "MaxMenuSlots", function for Menus, that must be called first to work. Can condense menus if descriptions get too long or menu is expect to be long, currently for the nightlife menu in case me or modders add to it. Is not used for the food menu yet because reasons. does not count the final option as a menu option, and that will still always show up with one option if set to 1. Does not go above 6.

-The healing circles in the temple and before Vili's boss fight now send you back to the option to rest or not when you rest there, when you can't heal fully, this should allow you to heal back up faster after already using the circle.
-You can now meet Mara in the bar at night.
-The sensitivity removal menu now uses arrows if you have more than 4 sensitivities to fix, and if applicable holy and unholy can now appear to be removed.

-Fixed fetish page arrows not dissapearing if you lack the money to pay.
-Kaia's at home scenes now have proper orgasm calls.
-Beris' scenes now have proper orgasm calls.
-Fixed Beris' cuddle check not resetting if you meet her at the bar instead of work.
-Fixed Minoni not taking off her clothes for a sex scene.
-PlayImagePulseLoopingRandom and PlayImagePulseLoopingList no longer use the same variables and can be used at the same time.
-Fixed surrendering to Feng in her room not removing the status effect.
-Amy's alt reaction for kissing when stunned now properly works.
-Assorted typo fixes and editing.
Remember to update your save in town.

-Post some of Mara's scenes, sleep will no longer potentially break the flow with a dream.
-Fixed menu arrows showing up when they shouldn't due to unavalible options.
-Fixed a line in Beris' conent that mentioned you were working even when you weren't.
-Fixed orgasm calls in victory events potentially derailing into a crash due to the game thinking the orgasm call events being the end of the victory event and jumping back into the prior event before combat, causing all kinds of issues.
-Sofia's ambush scene now properly uses the black out effect instead of saying BlackOut
-Music now changes during Beris' scenes.
-Assorted typo fixes and editing.
V22.2 Change Log
Remember to update your save in town.
-Beris has been added to the game, you can meet her while working at the brothel, or at the bar when it's night.

-Amy's art has been added to the game, art by Plasmid.

-Level now gives half as much Virility. Base virility has been increased by 5.
-Shizu, Ancilla, and Amy's counter attacks now only work on offencive moves. Meaning you can heal and such again during these turns.
-Slightly lowered the rate at which Galvi gives you rut.

Quality of Life
-Clicking a non-functioning menu option will now check if it should still not be functioning, eg a menu option needing energy so you drink a potion, but the menu option still doesn't function.
-If a menu goes over 6 options arrows now appear on the sides of that menu to advance pages, it is highly reccomended to use FinalOption to register the option to back out of the menu. The currently used arrows are subject to being changed, and are considered placeholders for their use here.
-The fetish removal menu also uses these arrows now.
-You can now meet up with Galvi at the bar when it's night.

-Added OffenceCounter counter type for monsters.
-Counters now flow properly and wont ignore multiple different counters. Counters now ALWAYS trigger when applicable, even if the character is stunned/restrained and so on, modders be sure to adjust accordingly if you have counters that make no sense that can trigger during these times.
-MenuAddition's can now be made to add in options to an existing menu, checkthe eventAdditionExample.json for an example. They add in new options to the end of the menu instead of overwriting them.
-Added FinalOption menu function to force a menu option to always be the last avalible option in the list, do not use requirements functions with this. This is soley for back out options.

-Fixed some of Mara's content not actually making time advance.
-Added failsafe to level up menus to set the shift multiplyer back to 1. Just in case somehow the game doesnt register your shift key undoing or somthing, leaving the multiply at 5. Yes you can press shift to spend points in increments in five.
-Fixed timed perks not counting down their remaining duration.
-Fixed an issue that would cause auto night background switching to not work with modded image paths.
-Added orgasm calls to Feng's non-combat sex scenes.
-Fixed Minoni holding a book in one of her sex scenes.
-Fixed IfHasSkill, MonsterHasSkill, and MonsterHasPerk functions not resetting correctly after being called once, meaning all other attempts past the first would always pass.
-Not lewding an imp after defeating her no longer advances time forward.
-Fixed an issue where sofia's doom ball scene would reference demon layer even if you didn't have it.
-Amy, 'Awakened Sofia', and the Tengu now have repsonses for their autocounters if they are immobile in some way.
-Increased the size of the combat tooltip pane.
-Menus now use a fake text box which may alleviate some extra clicking? Though I think I'm wrong there, but this was done so the menu side buttons would actually register the first click and not need to pass the text being dissplayed from the last line pointlessly when naviagting.
-Shortened ruts description so it doesn't clip off the screen.
-Himika stays topless during the appropriate loss scene.
-Assorted typo fixes and editing.
V22.1b Change Log
Remember to update your save in town.

-Fixed Timed perks wearing off destroying your other perks.
-Fixed Timed perks not wearing off if two would wear off and one was at the end of the list, with the other right before it.
-Added some missing orgasm calls in Tabitha's content.
-Paying debt no longer then shows you your affection progress with Elena in the debt feild after she wishes you a good day and the menu pops up for her.
-Assorted typo fixes and editing.
V22.1a Change Log
Remember to update your save in town.

-Fixed Speaks2 and onwards not functioning correctly in town.
-Fixed a broken conversation jump in Elena's content.
-Caressing Dynamo from older saves should now be replaced with the correct perk again.
-Minoni no longer has her book out and open when you have sex with her.
-Fixed victory scene breaking and throwing you into a loss scene due to orgasming breaking reality, among other similar issues.
-Timed perks now properly wear off at 0 time during other checks instead of spamming messages that it's wearing off despite not actually wearing off.
-Timed perks now properly display they have 0 time left after a notification delay.
-Revised Minoni's layering so her arm and boobs don't clip into eachother.
-Assorted typo fixes and editing.


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