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Developer: Revilo TFGamesSite
Version: 0.7.10
Release Date: 2020-03-08
Last Updated: 2020-03-24
Censored: Partial
OS: Windows
Language: English
2D Game, 2DCG, Male protagonist, Furry, Futa/Trans, Gay, Group sex, Lesbian, Loli, Monster girl, Necrophilia, Possession, Pregnancy, Prostitution, Tentacles, Transformation, Trap, Turn based combat,Anal sex, Oral sex, Vaginal sex

You're stuck in a virtual world where all the enemies are sexy monster girls and you become whatever defeats you, what could possibly go wrong?

[Coastal Zone]
  • Wearing the Red Beret now has slightly different text if you’ve already worn it during the Succubus Quest in the Demon Zone.
[Desolate Zone]
  • Ending D63: Joystuck is no longer incorrectly labeled as Ending D57.
  • The hospital roof is no longer reblocked after completing the Nurse Event.
[Desert Zone]
  • Altered Bastet’s various bodysnatched catgirl sprites.
  • Moved the location of the Desert Trader.
  • Restored Randomness to the Desert. Now events like the archeologist and genie lamp, as well as enemy placement will be picked from a pool of semi-random locations. This also means the map upgrade Nephthys gives you after you find Bastet now has a purpose.
  • No more wooden bridges across lava in the Volcano.
[Other Stuff]
  • Fixed a bunch of issues with image scaling and misplacement. (Image misplacements in stuff after the Desolate Zone mansion will require loading a save before first entering the mansion for now. Sorry!)
  • Fixed a whole lotta spelling mistakes and punctuation issues. (Thanks Yoshielder!)
  • Starting a game in God Mode will now give the PC skills that one-shot kill enemies. (You can’t sue me if this breaks things. I have a team of 17 lawyers.)
[Coastal Zone]
  • Fixed one house in Dirian having messed up textures.
[Demon Zone]
  • The Strengthened Buff is now removed after the Baphomet fight.
[Desolate Zone]
  • After completing the first part of the nurse event you’ll no longer be stopped from heading down the stairs to the ground floor.
  • Completing the Nurse Event and escaping the steamed up showers now makes the steam disappear and the player put his clothes back on.
  • Using the Unlimited Ticket at the arcade machines now actually requires you to have the unlimited ticket in your inventory.
  • The “Wolf Lecture” event on the bridge should no longer occur until after the player has been through the area once.
  • Fixed a bunch of typos. (Thanks Yoshielder)
  • Fixed a bunch of wall clips. (Thanks again Yoshielder)
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs. (cough cough)
[Desert Zone]
  • Fixed a bunch of typos. (I should ask the doctor about this cough)
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs. (cough cough dying cough)
[Other Stuff]
  • Dust Pouch, Chunk Pouch and Dart items are no longer 100% accurate and now use the same calculation for physical attacks to determine whether they hit.
  • F12 now properly resets the game to the main menu. (I still don’t recommend using it though)
[Desolate Zone]
  • The elevator in the hospital will now only work once you’ve beaten the Lich and restored the power to the city, even during the nurse event.
  • Entering the bathroom stalls during the wheelchair part of the nurse event won’t screw everything up.
  • Losing 3 lives in the Spookums arcade game now kicks you out of the game and back to the mall.
  • Getting hit by the isekai truck no longer ends the game before you actually get isekai-ed.
  • The graffiti punk properly disappears from the subway station.
[Desolate Zone]
  • The Wolf Brute chasing the Squirrel now properly disappears after the minievent is over.
  • You can now re-enter the police station from the newly made entrance.
  • The Kimcubus no longer reappears if you reenter the rightmost house in the suburbs.
  • The movable space during the graffiti event is now its correct, larger size.
  • The punk now briefly pauses before using the spraycan.
  • The graffiti event shouldn’t freeze after Kim wakes up.
  • The minievent on the bridge should play out correctly now.


[Desolate Zone]
  • Added 13 new endings.
  • Readded Ending D3 to the game. It’s now found during the Nurse Event.
  • Added a few mini events around the city.
  • The Werewolf Bridge has had an appearance overhaul.
  • The Northern Suburbs has had an appearance overhaul to coincide with its remade “Demon Trap” event.
  • The Police Station has had an appearance overhaul. While the event itself hasn’t changed, it now has an optional second part that unlocks after completing another new event.
  • Screen now properly fades out when the Player enters the shower during the Nurse Event.
  • Defeating the Parasite Slime now properly opens the path between Barricade and the Northern Town.
  • You can no longer escape the Mansion’s processing room by walking through the walls near the stairs.
  • Unlock crystal now properly activates the Mosquito and Automaton R3V-I fights.
[Other Stuff]
  • Added a new cheat code to unlock all enemies in the arena. What better code to use than the one who catalogued them all?
[Desolate Zone]
  • Lowered the drop and steal rates for the Chainsaw from the Ghoul.
  • Added the actual weapon the Ghoul was supposed to drop.
  • Fixed a bug that cause the generator in the Hospital Basement to crash the game when fueled.


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