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Mom and Son incest JAV English Subtitles (Chinese/Korean too) [New Upload: RCT-762]


Check out the bottom of this post for information about the patreon.
Link to download subtitle files (31 English subtitle files, 65 Korean/Chinese ones)
Watch subbed videos here (4 videos)
Watch subbed videos here (1 video)
Some videos from spankbang keep getting taken down, watch them subbed at the links below (3 videos)
1 2 3
1 2 3
1 2 3

Here are some english translated videos with the subtitles hardcoded into the video that I've found:

I'm not really sure where else to upload these, so I guess I'll do it here. As you can see by name I like mom/son incest, and seeing as how incest games are the most popular ones on this website, I'm sure a lot of you guys do to. I really enjoy mom/son incest games on here, I've played nearly every one, but I also enjoy mom/son incest JAV as well. I figured a lot of people here would like that too so I am going to upload all of the subtitles I've found for mom/son incest JAV while searching the internet.

There are two folders, one for english subtitles and one for korean and chinese subtitles. You can easily translate the korean and chinese subtitles to english by downloading subtitle edit (Subtitle Edit), opening the subtitle file, clicking auto-translate at the top, and then translating it from chinese/korean to english if you're interested.

So how to use the subtitles is you're going to have to find the JAV video online and download it, play it in VLC and add the subtitle to the video. Or you can stream the video online and attach the subs to the video, but with openload and verystream being taken down it will probably be pretty hard to find video online with a player that lets you attached subtitle files.

Just a warning depending on what video you use and what video was used to make the subtitle file it is possible the timings might be off. If that happens you can easily fix the problem by opening the subtitle in subtitle edit, clicking synchronization at the top, hitting adjust all times and then selecting how much earlier or later you want the lines to appear. So if the lines are showing up 30 seconds after they're supposed to just select 30 seconds and hit show earlier.

If you want more you can donate to my patreon. The purpose of this patreon is to just basically crowd source funds to pay for commissions to get subtitles produced by people who speak Japanese and English, I won't be keeping the money for myself. I set up the patreon to be per creation rather than per month so that it only charges people each time a commission is finished and uploaded. The people who I will commission the subtitles from will charge 150-200 dollars per subtitle depending on the length of the video. For the first couple of commissions if we can get to 100 dollars pledged I'll just cover the rest. Also, since there seems to be little interest in this I'm not really checking the patreon, therefore if you do decide to pitch in any money for a commission just say so in the thread so I can be aware.

So that's about it, if you have any questions feel free to ask in the thread.
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