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Developer: @Kerni - Patreon - Blog
Version: 0.57
Release Date: 2020-06-19
Last Updated: 2020-06-20
Censored: No
OS: Windows x64
Language: English
3D game, Big breasts, Bondage-bdsm, Fantasy, Group, MILF, Male protagonist, Sci-fi

This time you play as Marc , a voluntary test subject for a new vaccine.
Just wanting to do something else than the usual work on a space station and maybe having a shot at the CORE android on the planet.
But... you really hope the vaccine works... like intended.

- Added about 500 VN frames
- Added 1 new clothing to find in the old pirate base
- Added 1 new device to wear for the girls
- Added 2 new generic lewd scenes
- Added Player will receive a map item where all the resource drill positions are marked (can also be added by using the tablet ingame)
- Added a function which ables the player to ask a girl to do a autonomous AI life event
- Fixed Maya can now equip the tentacle tail after unique event
- Fixed many little things i have forgotten about after fixing
- Fixed Tentacle tail will now occupy both orifices
v0.55 (Closed beta)
- Added about 5500 VN frames
- Added 2 new devices to place
- Added more save slots
- Added 1 new device to wear for the girls
- Added second part of the new pirate base
- Added new dialouge options (needs story progression)
- Added several new clothing items to the game (needs story progression)
- Added A new way to generate metal (a tip.. the crashed vehicle and the nomad module)
- Added Void helmet now useable on Malia and Maya (currently limited usage and needs story progression)
- Added a few new clothing items
- Fixed While beeing in first person event the hair of the protagonist would sometimes show
- Fixed many little things i have forgotten about after fixing
- Fixed a bug which caused the inventroy to show up dring the use of the 3d printer
v0.42 BETA
- Added 300 VN frames for main story (overall 7600 frames)
- Updated inventory is now scrollable with mouse wheel
- Updated 3d printer list is now scrollable with mouse wheel
- Fixed tons of little things (big thanks to the closed beta testers)
- Fixed Generic Pillory event is now Finish-able with Malia
- Fixed Game can now be saved if the Tentacle shower or the Sybian has been picked up
- Fixed Yoke will not be consumed if a girl uses the Tentacle shower#
- Fixed Player counts now as a navmesh object and can not be pushed away by npcs anymore.
initial version
- added about 3000 VN frames
- added A few restrain devices which can be found /unlocked in the story
Developer Notes:
Some technical details:
- About 3000 VN frames.
- 5 GB unpacked
- Using DX 11
- Needs about 5! GB of RAM (heavy texture load , please consider to use the half texture resolution load!)
Known bugs:
- Performance is very low due to high polygon 3dChars from Daz3d ( i did not optimized the models itself only the clothes a bit)
- My engrish is... ahmm.. xD
- Loading time for a savegame is horrible slow , thank Unity 3d For this! (C# related)

A few hints for newcomers:
Press tabulator for the inventory, quest and minimap
Press Q to skip through the dialogue
F5 to F8 is quicksave and F9 to F12 is quickload


Win 64 - MEGA

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