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Tech Devil

Developer: Nefastus Games Patreon - SubscribeStar
Version: 0.20
Release Date: 2020-07-21
Last Updated: 2020-07-21
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
3DCG, Male Protagonist, Cheating, Incest, DILF, MILF, Loli, Futa/Trans, Groping, Harem, PoV, Prostitution, Romance, Creampie, Anal sex, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Virgin

You take on the role of a successful middle aged man who is starting to feel the years slip by. Maybe the new college students you and your wife have allowed to move in since your kids have moved out will push you into a full blown mid life crisis, or maybe your loving wife can keep your head on straight.

So it took a few days extra, seems like it always does. Doesn't seem to matter what I plan. Really thought I would be done around the 12th lol, and here I am scrambling on the 19th. Still, I did say give or take a few days, so technically I am only a day or two late so it's progress.
Should be uploaded and available in the wee hours tonight, depending on upload speed as usual.
On to the changelog.
360ish still images, one animation(Plus about 4 trashed animations, still working my ass off on those, but improvement is slower than I would like)
Update is mostly some of the core group, with a sprinkle of others. A few scenes that I think are...well you will see. Looking forward to feedback on this update, there is a night time outdoor scene that I think the lighting is better on, trying to balance it still looking like night with being able to actually see things. Animation that is included...something still seems off. I mean it was presentable enough that I didn't immediately vomit and trash it, but I just can't quite dial them in completely. Think they are getting better though, albeit slowly.
About 430 images, though admittedly quite a few are for a character not everybody is choosing. Still should be a normal length update even for those of you not on that path however.

Should be some crowd pleasing moments in this one, a couple I know people will love, and a couple that even though people will love they will also kind of hate...You should understand that statement by the end of this version.
This update is quite action focused so if you aren't on certain paths, and by paths I just mean romance vs not romance for the girls, then it may feel very short.
I did a couple of animations again, just simple motions like grinding and whatnot where still images don't really convey the movement well. I also had a couple of animations that I had to trash(wasted a bunch of time because I end up focused on one area rather than the entire scene)...I still have a lot to learn about animating(mostly need to take my time more), sometimes I lose track of bits and they go insane and look ridiculous.

As I said this update is mostly focused on action, that doesn't mean full on action, but most of the scenes are on the intimate side. Makes it tough for me to tell if the update feels short or not since when testing I have to go through the action pretty quickly or....well I get bogged down lets say. So let me know how the length feels, I mean compared to previous updates not in general since there is no such thing as an update that is long enough haha.
Around 400ish images. The new ones are webp(didn't change the previous ones yet), converted from .png files. Should still be HD if everything I read was correct, but let me know if it looks like the image quality dropped.

A good bit of this update is about testing out the girls about how they feel about your new umm.... lifestyle. I mean you had a discussion with the wife but you would have to be real lucky if all these girls are okay with you doing your thing............................good thing you are the bumbling charmer that consistently dates above his station.

There is some action this update(plus lots of sexy moments and situations though I think), probably not enough to satisfy anyone but there never is. This update is about having fun and learning some things. Next update....well I don't think many people will complain about next months update haha.

Also next month I am finally going to test out just doing an update file for those who have already downloaded main game, wanted to do it this month but with the illness and all just didn't have the time to test it properly. So if you are one who deletes games after you finish, maybe don't delete this one.
400ish images. Though every single one of them is just different angles of the MC washing both himself and his car. That's all that happens this update, one REALLY long car wash. Okay, that isn't true, but I thought about it. Was even going to have Rock pop in to help sporting some daisy dukes....Oh I guess he actually does make an appearance, so not completely just the core group(I think it's actually only one render), but don't worry he isn't in daisy dukes hahaha.

Tried to clarify an earlier choice that a lot of people misinterpreted and a few other choices are there with the rewrite in mind so they may seem out of place for now. There will be a few changes in the order of scenes and certain interactions when rewrite is complete, but the overarching story won't really be affected unless you choose for it to.

As usual I never want to give away spoilers, but this update focuses on the core group. No extra characters this time.

For those of you on a certain woman's path(you will know who I am talking about at the end of this update), if the ending concerns you have faith. Neither she nor I will let you down, next month. Well I mean I probably will let you down a little(no one is ever completely happy with an update lmao), but not in a terrible way.
450ish or so renders
I think good progress with the two live in girls.
A good scene with the fire haired one and the Mrs.
The return of a couple of optional characters, one with something extra and one who requests you pay to play, though you can only pick one this time.
300+ Renders
Progression with a few of the ladies
One major choice that you probably won't want to pick, but the slower route I think will be better long term, keep a save
Redhead makes another appearance after getting shafted last update
Secretary continues being a thorn in the MC's side in delightful ways.
370 or so renders, I really tried to improve the lighting again so feedback on this batch is greatly encouraged.
Some familiar faces make an appearance.
Some other faces say their farewells(For now anyway)
Things are about to start progressing more quickly with some crowd favorites, now that some things and feelings are more out in the open and the story will refocus on the 5 original ladies(the 4 most everyone knows and loves plus the wife some hate).
The MC may find a confidant to share some of his concerns with(Someone most already know, a 'professional' if you will.)
Oddly enough(And I literally just thought of this), I think for the first time the fiery haired hellcat is the main character with the least facetime this month....I don't think I like that. I will make it up to her soon.
Added roughly 360ish renders.
Story continues to develop, MC continues to get a bit more comfortable with his choices
Good progress with a few girls, learn a fair bit about the two guests that showed up last episode.
Set up next update for a major action packed update(Will be clear at end of this one)
Added a few hints on certain choices when one will lead to more content than another in the future. Just to keep people from having to have 1000 saves just in case.
bug fix
Around 380ish images, There is one scene with the optional character so if your not into that it will be just a touch less, maybe 350ish.
360 ish renders.
Mostly small scenes with the main characters, most of this update involves resolving the cliff hanger.
Can't really say much more without spoilers (that most of you likely already have figured out), but don't expect much by way of 'progressing' with any of the girls. That will come next update. This is all about M.C. facing some issues that he needs to try to resolve.
Not available.
340ish I think new renders.
A long scene with the youngest tenant.(Hint: If you want to see more of her be honest with her)
A brief tryst with the wife or not, can be a touch rude and still get your rocks off if you are on the less than amicable path with her.
Some more story beats to set up next updates.
More MC bumbling around as per usual.
Some small progress with most the other girls, but honestly this update is mostly focused on the one.
Not available.
Various bug fixes
360ish renders, ton of words.
Don't read the rest if you prefer surprise, no real spoilers, but an idea of what scenes to expect.
Progress with the 4 college age girls.
Potential storyline continuation for each of them.
Major scene with purple haired hottie.
More red haired hellcat teasing.
Revelations and confrontations for the eldest tenant
The youngest tenant may be getting jealous(not seriously jealous) of all the attention the hellcat gets.
340ish new renders...some good some bad and some that weren't supposed to be included
Didn't keep track of how many words it was, but my hands were sore after coding it lmao
Continuation of most girls storylines, some much more...frisky.. than others
Scene based on choice at end of version .02
- Scene with wife(3 variations based on choices roleplay, loving or hatefuck)
-Scene with escort(possible fun in driveway)
-Jerk off scene....just fades to black, I didn't want to make a bunch of renders of MC jerkin it
Wake up chat with wife and Christine
Lengthy beach trip with wife, both girls and both friends
Meeting with a client and assistant
Possible continuation with assistant after meeting, party a bit.
Finally as always, focusing on improving renders and story. Be gentle lol, but criticism/tips of them welcome.
v.02 - Unavailable

v.01 - First Release

Developer Notes:
Switched to .webp for the image format, and my god did it take the size down(around 500mb instead of the 5 gig). I didn't realize it was such a big decline. I didn't really notice any issues with the quality, there is some grain in a few of the images but that was due to lighting and I didn't notice in time to fix it, not due to the change. I have all the files saved still in their .jpg format so if there are any issues with the .webp let me know.


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