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Developer: Bnbigus Patreon - Discord
Version: Ep. 3
Release Date: 2020-05-08
Last Updated: 2020-05-08
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
System requirements (min): CPU Pentium®4 2.4GHz; RAM 1GB; DirectX 10; HDD 500MB
2D Game, 2DCG, Male protagonist, Animated, Creampie, Furry, Monster girl, Parody, Vaginal sex, Oral sex

Bullet hell game where the goal is to catch and fuck a variety of girls.​

Episode 3
-Added the Fluttershy file to the Story!
-Player loses 30 health when hit instead of 45
-New gameplay system, boss battles!
-Fixed issue with delayed lip sync
-Fixed some typos
-Dialogue box more pretty
-Fixed glitch where the dialogue box would overlap with the fade out effect
-SFW / NSFW toggle now available in the intro disclaimer
To do
Add more firing pattern to the bosses
Ep.2 Patreon Version
Skippable Mini-games
Episode 2, Big Titty Bat!
Featuring Kumbomb as the voice of Rouge, and my first time hiring a proper voice actress!
Hope you guys like it, and don't forget to give me some feedback on the discord if you want to!
Episode 2 Chanlog
-Added WASD Support for the gameplay
-Added SKIP Button on dialogue scenes
-Added Rouge the bat to the Story
-Added Melissara animation to the Dark room
-Added Lopunny animation to the dark
-Fixed some typos
-Change menu button to quit button
-Changed Tangles model to a new polished version with more expressions
-New facial expressions system
-New Dialogue effect (screen, shake, white fade, audio ques)
-Enemy and player are now 15% faster
-Player now lose 60 points instead of 75 when damaged
-Enemy de-spawn much earlier at the bottom
-Two new enemy type, side shooter and bomb.
-Double the possible enemy formations.
To do
Didn't have time to add bosses yet. Still need to ad more of the old animation to the dark room.

Ep. 1 - First release


Win - MEGA
Mac (Ep 1) - MEGA

554771_Episode_Release.png 554784_Capture1.png 554785_Capture2.png 554786_Capture3.png 554787_Capture4.png Screenshot_2.jpg Screenshot_3.jpg Screenshot_4.jpg
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