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Developer: HFTGames Website
Version: 1.08
Thread Updated: 2020-08-19
Release Date: 2019-08-09
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Voices: English
3D game, Female protagonist, Lesbian, Simulator, Virtual reality, Masturbation, Sex toys, Voiced, Character creation, Animated
Continue your adventures with Mandy, the sweet, multi-orgasmic cutie who loves it when you watch her, especially when she is being “naughty”. In Mandy’s Room 2, you take on the role of “Mr. Jenkins” once again. As her glitchy robotic diary, you continue to read Mandy’s mind and hear every cute and naughty thought she has.

In this second adventure, you accompany Mandy and her new BFF Molly on a weekend trip to a secluded cabin in the woods. But knowing Mandy, this won’t be any ordinary sleepover. The two girls quickly discover that they have similar “naughty” interests, and before you know it, the clothes come off and the two begin to play a series of “sleepover games” that lead to some very intimate moments. Being a spectator for a game of hide-and-seek has never been this much fun!​
1. Extract and run.
2. VR is optional.
Developer Notes:
Virtual Reality
Mandy’s Room was built as a Virtual Reality experience for the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. You interact with her through simple nods and head-shakes. You can navigate the world of Mandy’s Room 2 with a single controller, leaving your other hand free. Though Mandy’s Room was built for VR, a VR device is not required. Mandys Room can be just as fun on any PC or Mac using a mouse, without VR equipment.

In Mandy’s Room, you interact with Mandy using simple nods and headshakes (or mouse-shakes). It is a sexy, fun, linear experience with no tricks or puzzles and no wrong answers. In Mandy's Room 2, everyone wins!

Key Features
• A titillating story from start to finish. The erotic story in Mandy's Room 2 unfolds before you, as Mandy and Molly get to know each other better, and get more wild, silly and intimate.
• Full English Voice content by professional voice actresses skilled in Adult voice-over.
• A casual, linear experience meant to be enjoyed while relaxing in your favorite chair.
• Interact with Mandy simply by Nodding and Shaking your head.
• High-Resolution, High-Definition visuals, and animations.
• 'Intimate moments' filled with lip-biting, moans, shouts, and squeals, with quite a few giggles mixed in.
• Mandy’s Room was built for VR, however a VR device is not required to play!


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