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Developer: Droid Productions itch.io
Version: 0.9.15
Release Date: 2019-10-10
Last Updated: 2020-03-23
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3
DCG, Male protagonist, Animated, Harem, Corruption, Management, Straight sex, Photography, Dating, Exhibitionism, Mobile game, Vaginal sex

After a messy divorce that's left you broke and unemployed you decide to start a new life making Pornography. Making Movies is a Visual Novel / BizSim focused on building the best porn-company your town has ever seen!

Making Movies is more or less done. I'll still be adding ports, fixing bugs and adding QoL stuff. But it's now content complete. Enjoy!

0.9.15 Some continuity bugs + training
0.9.15 fixes training not growing properly based on books player read, and some small continuity bugs (if you do X before Y, you'd get the wrong conversation, that sort of thing).
What's changed:
- fixed a video issue a lot of users were having.
- finally wrestled Unity into submission, and made a new Android build (turns out Android was just plain broken on 2019.1.1f2)
- a couple of possible continuity bugs people pointed out.
What's changed:
- transcoded all the movies at 920x540 (some of them used to be at 1920x1080). We'll see if this helps those of you having movie issues. Let me know if it works / doesn't work!
- Fixed some typos remaining from an early character that I wrote out (Tina). She showed up in Pam's dialog as <TINA> which kinda sucked
- Fixed a bug where Derek could fail to show during the final sequences of the game
This is actually the biggest update I've done. While making movies started out as a BizSim, it eventually became a Mia Waifu game. The final chapter in the game introduces a new Movie (which, since it's a threesome, was the most technically complex movie in the game to complete... the poor scripting engine was showing it's age) and some additional sex-scenes.
Mostly, though, this is the conclusion to Mia's plot-line; which I hope wraps up nicely for everyone.
This is the Mia Abduction sequence. At the end of 0.2.0, Mia ends up.. in a spot of trouble. 0.2.2 is relatively linear, but details the story of what happens to her afterwards. Can true love overcome pure evil?
- This is really the Mia Waifu update. You can trigger her dates by giving her a rose in the library after Movie 3 with her.
- It's recommended you've already completed the Spicy Coffee and Dominatrix Doctor movies, since the dates become... significantly better if you do :)
- A day or to after the 3rd date, you might want to check your email.. someone's sent you some pictures of a pretty girl.
- New movie, the long awaited conclusion to Spicy Coffee.
- Movies now pay out, depending on how well you do it, and how your skills are. Should fix the issue of running out of cash
- Lots of bug-fixes and spelling issues fixed
- Added a new movie to Mia (in the library)
- Lots of new puppy-related side-quests
- Spell-checking and cleanup, thanks to the awesome beta testers and proof readers
- Lots of bug-fixing.
- Cleaned up Mia's second movie for continuity issues
- 100+ new memories accessible
- Fixed up all the UIs to better support different aspect ratios
- Added support for showing stats (note that Susan's first movie requires Strength>10 for best outcome, and Mia's second movie requires Smooth > 10 for 'best' endings
- Cleaned up the computer interface
Saves from before 0.1.3 won't work.


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Android - MEGA

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