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Developer: Almond & Big Milk DLsite
Version: Final
Thread Updated: 2020-08-12
Release Date: 2020-07-22
Censored: Yes (Mosaics)
OS: Windows
Language: English (edited MTL)
2d game, 2dcg, Animated, Simulator, Bdsm, Male domination, Rape, Male protagonist, Groping, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Titfuck, Sex toys, Trainer, Lactation, Censored, Japanese Game
I'm the son of the head of a huge Japanese conglomerate.
Since I was young, I've gotten everything I want handed to me on a silver platter.
No one ever told me no, so I turned in to the garbage guy I am today.

My newest hobby is sexually training new maids.
I've already "trained" a bunch, and I have to see, nothing is as interesting
sexually as making someone completely subservient to you.
It's a labor of love, and the results are always worth it.

Once again, a new maid has arrived at the mansion, and her
first day of my specialized training course begins...
[A groping & touching simulation game]

Your target this time is an earnest-looking girl with glasses.
She has a plain face, but a voluptuous body.
It seems she has no sexual experience, so it should be extra fun training her.
Things start with some slapping, breast-groping, then soft teasing.
Next, the stun gun, and foreign object insertion...
And finally, rape...

This animation game features super-smooth animations that make for a highly fappible experience!
Enjoy her lewd dialogue as she is violated and gradually broken.

CV: MurasakiPerusya


Name: Mai Hasekawa
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Interests: Reading, cooking, knitting
Personality: Docile, earnest, shy
Other: Her mother is a maid, so she's very familiar with that line of work.
However, she has no experience with men, or sex.
1. Extract and run.


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