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Developer: HLF - Patreon - Subscribestar - Discord - Wiki
Version: 0.4.6e
Release Date: 2020-01-31
Last Updated: 2020-02-08
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Male protagonist, Animated, Big tits, Fantasy, Monster, Multiple penetration, RPG, Sissification, Tentacles, Transformation, Turn based combat, Anal sex, Oral sex,

In Magical Camp, you play as a young loser who through a twist of fate finds himself trapped in a boot camp for Magical Girls. Now he has to hide his true identity and somehow find a way to escape before the psychotic camp director finds him. Fortunately, his fellow campers seem happy to help him improve his disguise, but how far is he really willing to go?

-implemented a non-canon item called "World Improver" to reduce the difficulty to Easy
-Alice's dolls are now slightly stronger than before
-Lifeforce Harvest should no longer harm the party if used against certain enemies
-Marianne in camp will now always react to having gone through the Bane of Sanity dungeon, not just after a certain point in the game
-revive items/skills now provide the freshly revived with a short window of being much less likely to be attacked
--good revives also restore some health
-Strange Shadow's shift abilities are now much slower in execution so it does not benefit from an ill-timed party member spell
-having a specific combination of affection with the Cutie Knights and their dinners done will no longer falsely result in the "Going Home" ending during the Earth holiday
-added a possible point of Acceptance if Eri immediately decides to rescue the civilians/help their friend while on Earth for holiday
-the Pleasure Palace's red crystal can no longer be ignored
-fixed the statue scene to take Tier 3 into account
-Eris no longer bugs out and makes part of the team stay with Eri
-Yoshida now properly snatches Eris' Core and you get it back if you win
-Yoshida's spell reflect stance now lasts 2-3 turns (was 1-3)
-cultists will no longer appear before Rania shows herself
-coffins should no longer get stuck in the fun house crypt
-Rania should now be much less murderous if damaged to below 50% HP
-Mind Breakers are no longer dollable
-Tilia's camp tree home can now only be freely accessed after the Earth trip in addition to needing going through her events as before to fix the pacing a little
-the torn diary notes can now be reread again at will
-exiting the secret cave will no longer bug out the night effect/camp lights
-abusing save/load to gain benefits from specific equipment is no longer possible
-more typo fixes as usual
-added a missing BGM which was crashing the assassin bad end
-added a missing BGM which was crashing Gloomwing loss
-the escape function should no longer get stuck by accident
-Cutie Magic should no longer permanently lock up
-siphoning Slime Queen's core now properly adds a point to all relevant skills
-completely new title screen by Runey
-Eric(a) can now become a succubus after interacting enough with Natalie in her route (requires BDSM events)
-added new early Alice morning event in cafeteria
-added new dungeon: Pleasure Palace
-added new cores
-added true confrontation with Yoshida
-added new TF: high heels (comes as pure body TF, mental compulsion TF, or both)
-and more
-replaced various pictures with new artwork
-split physical element into blunt and sharp
--blunt: Eric(a)'s wands, Veronica's sceptres, Alice's dolls
--sharp: some of Natalie's whips and Alice's daggers and knives)
-Shadow Bind is now a Special skill
-single-target attack spells (Magic) now properly grant 5TP per cast
--restore magic spells/revives grants 3TP/cast
--multi-target magic does not grant TP
-revive skills and items are now slower
-negative states that have a fixed amount of time before auto-removing now also provide 50% resistance against themselves to reduce stun-locking
-poison has been nerfed to deal 5%maxHP damage/turn (was 10%/turn)
-changed player characters and all enemies so against non-moving targets there will be no random misses
-in the tree dungeon, Alice can be chosen (with a point of affection to gain) regarding how to deal with the chest
-Dreamforged Dagger will now always curse target
-updated dormroom casket to work for all key items and utilize an actual menu
-renamed DD-cup breasts to E-cup breasts to prevent confusion
-siphoning the Slime Queen Core now increases bust size past the limit if Eric(a) has E-cup already
-new mirror descriptions for breasts, skin, and the new heel TF
-Alice and Veronica caught the panty thief who would steal their panties whenever they tried putting them on
-the scene where Julie sells material to Natalie no longer randomly activates when leaving the blue dorm
-access to the Onsen no longer requires saving Catherine; as long as she is in camp, access should be possible
-the usual grammar and typo fixes
-the escape function should no longer get stuck by accident
-Cutie Magic should no longer permanently lock up
-siphoning Slime Queen's core now properly adds a point to all relevant skill
-Veronica no longer bugs out when you do her morning event with "Teasing Her" and already have two cores stolen; the raid-talk is then activated by leaving the blue dorm
-Catherine can no longer spam Ultimative Dunkle Nova with reckless abandon
-Eric(ca) will now always un-T3 at the start of the second Onsen day
-grammar/spelling fixes... again
-fixed a couple accidental scene lock-outs
-Alice now acknowledges having her copied plan discussed if you have her while talking about the bee crystal
-hallway switch no longer makes Eric(a) complain after it was resolved
-Marianne no longer lets you keep the key to Yoshida's room if you screwed up the raid
-various small graphical updates
-grammar/spelling fixes
-savestates now show faces instead of sprites
--0.4.5 savestates don't show the faces, but rest assured they work, just resave them
-Lovely Barricade now no longer reduces enemy status effect probability to 0%, it is 25% now; in turn it also grants +20% MagicNull (NUL)
-EVA/NUL capped at 60%
-Eric(a)'s room now contains a casket in which a few key items can be stowed, this functionality will be expanded later
-fixed passable chests in Onsen Ryokan
-there might or might not have been a misplaced wall in the way on the top floor of the Ryokan, but it's gone now
-fixed up a scene in the bathroom of the blue dorm
-Eric can no longer be wrongly blond during the first Wendy dream
-Veronica no longer clones herself in multiple instances
-Twindrills Girl in the Bee Hive now has her no-face
-improved visuals for Life Drinker's "arena" slightly
-improved art for Wood Nymph bad ending
-failure to take the small revenge on Yoshida will no longer result in groundhogs day
-Daemiana now sells a couple more things and no longer appears before the second day
-once more new grammar/spelling fixes
-it is now possible to enact a small revenge on Yoshida
-initial Acceptance-related GUI changes enabled
--GUI changes come in blocks of 5 points of acceptance each, which switches the visuals from blue to purple to pink over time (maximum of 15+ is not yet achievable)
-added Onsen event
-added volume control to the game for each type of volume (BGM, BGS, ME, SE) to be set individually
-added titles for Eric(a) depending on TFs gained
-added titles for the other 3 team members, which change automatically when Eric(a) gets to know them better
-added new vir explosive item that can be used on the pillar in the Slime Palace (Underground)
-added reflections to some maps to make them prettier
-added new generic faces to various NPCs, and a couple formerly face-less NPCs now have new unique faces
-the well now functions as a wishing well, raising LUK for the day in proportion to the amount of money thrown in (money-throwing can only be done in the morning)
-increased game resolution to 640x480
-updated various internal workings and implemented a new anti-lag script to boost performance
-recreated the camp map
-recreated all faces for Erica
-recreated faces and sprites for Yoshida
-looking into the mirror now offers the options "look at whole body" and "look only at new changes"
-all player skills were resorted
-all items and equipment were resorted
-some skills (eventually all) have new unique icons
-status icons are now unified in design
-overhauled combat balance, LUK now matters much more than before (having higher LUK than the opponent makes debuffs more likely and suffering debuffs less likely - this works both directions)
-escaping now has a 100% chance unless a party member is under a status effect that prevents them from escaping, in which case it is impossible
-all characters and enemies now use standardised values for resistances/weaknesses:
Immune (Im): target takes no damage from this element/target is immune to this status
Absorb (Ab): target heals when hit with this element
Reflect (Rf): target reflects the attack back at the user
Very Resistant (VRs): target takes only 25% damage from this element/target is 0.25 times as likely to suffer this status
Resistant (Rs): target takes only 50% damage from this element/target is 0.5 times as likely to suffer this status
No change (-): target takes regular amount of damage from this element/regular chance target suffers this status
Weak (Wk): target takes 150% damage from this element/target is 1.5 times as likely to suffer this status
Very Weak (VWk): target takes 200% damage from this element/target is 2 times as likely to suffer this status
--Alice is now resistant to mental magic and regular/breakable charms, but weak to fire
--Natalie remains immune to fire and succubus charms, but is now weak to acid and ice
--Veronica is now resistant to ice, but weak to thunder
-all traps now take elemental resistances into account
-Killer's Dagger now absorbs enemy health and grants it to Alice
--certain enemies are varying grades of resistant/completely immune to this
--some enemies immune to regular physical damage can be damaged by this weapon
-Aurora Glow now restores MP based on how many cores were siphoned
--has a minimum of 5% per turn as before
--6+ cores raise the percentage proportionally, to a maximum of 20% per turn (i.e. 20+ cores siphoned)
--if a battle ends with Aurora Glow (of any strength) still active, Eric(a) gains an additional 10 MP
-Mana Burst's side effects can now result in 1 level of dick shrinking
-it should now be more obvious how to proceed inside the well hallway
-Tilia can now undo the shoulder TF and leg TF (bar core siphon, as usual)
-Mind Breakers are now in fixed locations rather than randomly appearing
-Subconceptual Vestige now has a 100% dropchance
-Veronica's Imperial Sceptre now works as advertised
-Julie no longer requires multiple talking to to update her wares if multiple requirements are met but not activated
-siphoning the Slime Queen's Core now properly raises the counter for Cutie Beam and Aurora Glow
-Wendy now gains affection when hugged
-Isabelle will no longer talk about rescuing Tilia in the Bee Hive if Tilia is already gone
-route locks now ensure to get the correct weapon in the dream dungeon
-the Waist TF no longer causes odd responses or can be gained from Isabelle after already getting it randomly from Mana Burst
-the game now provides an alternative Giselle in the Cafeteria to prevent a softlock when Isabelle is angry
-Mist Dungeon enemies are, when applicable, immune to bound (was blind)
-various small graphic fixes
-lots of new grammar/spelling fixes

Developer Notes:
I want this game to be a hybrid of sorts between Runes of Chaos and Prisoners of the Elder One. Gampeplay is divided between socialization with the camp inhabitants (each morning and night) and combat (which takes place during the day)


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