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[Flash] Magic University Principal [v1.00] [Pokkaloh]



Developer: Pokkaloh Patreon - Newgrounds - Tumblr
Version: 1.00
Release Date: 2020-04-09
Last Updated: 2020-04-09
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English
You are the principal of a new magic university. Why did the minister decided to create a new school and name you the principal? While it may sound like a good position, you will soon understand why the school was made. But in the end, it's up to you to make the university a paradisiacal place full of love and with a lot of warmth that can be shared between the teachers and the students. Live in the university with your students and solve their problems so that they can focus on learning.

1. Launch flashplayer_25_sa.exe
2. Click on File->Open->Browse... and select the .swf file

  • Adelie part 2 (going further)
  • New excursion zone : The volcano
  • Succubus scene
  • Patreon code to unlock all the gallery
  • Katelyn advanced training
  • Slime for Harry
  • New sexy lesson (patrons only feature)
  • More interactions with the maid
  • New location : the forest
  • Sexy lessons (patrons only feature)
  • New student : Harry
  • Teaching minigame replaced by something else
  • Two new well of light scenes with Scarlet in the shower
  • Possibility to sleep without taking a shower (not always available)
  • Possibility to teleports sometimes after an activity to avoid useless walking
  • Main changes screen at the start of the game
  • Attack sound effects
  • Only the finish excursion button at the end of an excursion
  • Scarlet part 2
  • Particle effects in battle
  • School events (small dialogues that happen during a lesson)
  • The animation viewer (available through a cheat code) improved slightly
  • Possibility to buy posters for the classroom
  • Solve a minor bug that made the maid complain about the well of light multiple times
  • New student : Scarlet
  • Possibility to go on excursion and fight monsters at the beach
  • Improved school entrance
  • Option to advance dialogue by clicking anywhere
  • Better well of light
  • Walkthrough is easier to understand
  • Probably other stuff
  • New student : Flint
  • All the movement / interacting with the map has been improved
  • Possibility to buy new teaching cards
  • Possibility to buy a well of light to gather infos in the girls' shower
  • Option to hide cum
  • Option to hide boys only scene (like shower scenes)
  • Better performance (probably)
  • WASD controls added
  • New cheat code for a more sexy outfit for Katelyn
  • New cheat code to get gold and teaching experience
  • Cheat code "BUG" in case you get stuck somewhere (but it shouldn't happen)


Win -https://mega.nz/#!kNdRUQaB!cUj_ZuRnNDafhVA0XOBTyvc3c1yDDf5TARmDzAw_TPk
Android - MEGA


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