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Tech Devil

Developer: NRT RenTeam - Patreon - RenTeam - Discord
Version: Alpha
Release Date: 2019-03-06
Last Updated: 2020-02-17
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
3DCG, Adventure, Male Protagonist, MILF, Incest, Big ass, Big tits, Exhibitionism, Fantasy, Management, Magic, Paranormal, Simulator, Teasing, Anal sex Oral sex, Vaginal sex

Our game, Lust Town, relates the tale of a young man who sees himself involved in a grand history full of magic, shady deals, drugs and corruption after meeting a special and attractive girl who hides a dark secret. Without meaning to, our protagonist will find himself turned into a lust mage and interested by the powers he received, oblivious to the dangers he’ll be exposed to.

v0.1.0.0049 Alpha

v0.1.0.0048 Beta
In the new publication, we have added new features, such as the option of the memories in the computer (return to see erotic scenes already discovered), or direct access to the map of the town.
I do not recommend abusing the map, since many events shoot up at the doors, if you get stuck, it may be because of that.
Also, Linda will be in the brothel.
Traci will appear and we can see her intimate with her friend Samantha.
And some new things added.

v0.1.0.0035 Alpha
Totally remade in Ren'y. Still is in test phase.

Improved some chat images.
Included a video scene (the only one will be in game) in rudy second scene.
A total of 245 new rendered images, all of them in 720p.
Two new adult scenes
New characters intro (Neighbour, Gym trainer and some bad guys.)

Bugs fixed:
Motorcycle shop, you can enter after buy your hog.
You can't sell drugs or smg in normal store anymore.
Female cop in three stars brothel don't stuck anymore.
Some bugs on home spycams quest fixed.

3 New scenes (Rudy, Rachel, Alaina)
Police spawn
Brothel update up to level 3.
New quests
Fixed some bugs.


Win - MEGA

Scene_NoPolice_02.png Scene_Dungeon_Rape019.jpg Capturegfsdfsdf.jpg Scene_Spycam_Sam_02.png Scene_Sam_Traci_18.png Captureaasasas.jpg 167530_LT0.jpg 167534_LT4.png 167538_LT8.png Capturevbcvbcvb.jpg Scene_Alaina_Sleeped_25.jpg Scene_Lab_70.jpg Scene_Mom_Salon_Fap_18.png Scene_MomRoom_07.png Scene_MomRoom_12.png Scene_Playroom01_044.jpg Scene_Playroom01_060.jpg Scene_Rudy_CAM_12.png Scene_Rudy_Jen_brothel_26.png Scene_shop_020.jpg Scene_Sophie_08.png Scene_Sophie_10.png
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