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Developer: EndlessTaboo Patreon - Discord
: 0.11
Release Date: 2020-04-06
Last Updated: 2020-04-14
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
System requirements (min): OS: Windows, Mac, Linux; HDD: 5.67 Gb
3DCG, Male protagonist, Sci-fi, Dating sim, Monster (Zombies), Animated, Harem, Masturbation, Sleep sex

The game takes place in a world where you are the last man alive. The city is filled with beautiful girls that has their own distinct storyline. You are free to explore different locations in the city and pursue whichever girls you find attractive. Each girl is crafted with care to make them beautiful, and yet realistic. They also have their own personality and character arc. You will need to carefully choose your decisions on your quest of lust, survival and maybe even love.

Fixed the screen problems with the Mac version of the game.

Continuation of cliff-hanger.

I've improved the strip poker quest line and added multiple new dialogue segments with Roommate and Kaylie.
I've also added more details to the objective system. Hopefully it's much easier to follow now.

Not available.

No new contents
  • I've improved the HUD, added animations and sound to new icons. Now the stamina bar will change colour based on your energy level
  • I've improved Kaylie's idle animations. It should look much better now
  • Added idle animation for Zora
  • Fixed all known bugs
  • Some of you probably don't know this, but if you hover an item over something that can be interacted, the item will glow and pulse. I've increased the area and speed of the pulse animation. Now it should be more readable for people who are colorblind
Around 9 animations, 300 new renders. A lot of new dialogue and events with Kaylie and Roommate.
Added: all the new contents that are listed in the achievement menu
Added: new improved fonts for characters and menus
Added: ability to control animation speed
Changed: significantly increased the rates of random character events
Changed: inventory items will now glow yellow before you use them
Fixed: all known bugs have been fixed from previous versions

No new contents!

Just updated the UI to make it look better. Inventory items now glow when selected.
Also added buttons to control animation speed when you use the flashlight on Kaylie.
I've also hidden some new pictures in the files. The pictures are a bit compressed so they won't look the best, but might be worth your time to dig a little haha
Oh and no more grinding

Not available.

Not available.

Fixed the bug where if you get caught sneaking into your roommate's bedroom at night, you can no longer attempts to sneak into the room the following nights.

Spent a lot of effort this time to make the game run smoother and load faster. In addition to the new contents, there's also an achievement feature that gives you hints and directions for each update. You will also be able to unlock new rewards by completing these achievements.
Please start a NEW GAME. You'll miss out on a lot of contents if you use an older save. But don't worry, you will be able to use your existing saves for all future updates, I promise!

First Release

How to Run on Older or Slower Windows Systems:
Use dxcpl.exe :p
I am assuming that you have an older computer, gpu, or integrated graphics?
This trick allows a DirectX 11+ game - to run on DirectX 10 or 9 hardware.

1 - First see if you have dxcpl.exe ?
Hit the Windows Key + R to get the run box - then type dxcpl - most likely you don't have it?

2 - If not- just download it below - and click on the dxcpl.exe to run the program.

Then enter these setting:

3 - Edit list


4 - Select the games .exe file.


5 - And make sure "None" and "Force WARP" is selected.

6- Run the program.

7 - Have fun - and.... Cheers as always!!!


Win - MEGA
Mac - MEGA
Walkthrough - MEGA

2.jpg 3.jpg 491702_Preview01.jpg 491703_Preview02.jpg 491704_Preview03.jpg 491707_Preview04.jpg 491709_Preview05.jpg 491710_Preview06.jpg 491711_Preview07.jpg 491712_Preview08.jpg 491713_Preview09.jpg 491714_Preview10.jpg 491715_Preview11.jpg 491716_Preview12.jpg 491717_Preview13.jpg 491718_Preview14.jpg 491719_Preview15.jpg 491720_Preview16.jpg 491721_Preview17.jpg 491722_Preview18.jpg 491723_Preview19.jpg 491724_Preview20.jpg 491725_Preview21.jpg 491726_Preview22.jpg 491727_Preview23.jpg 491728_Preview24.jpg 491729_Preview25.jpg 7.jpg 75082_4.jpg
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