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Developer: Kyrieru
Version: 37
Release Date: 2020-06-14
Last Updated: 2020-06-16
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
2DCG, 2D Game, Female protagonist, Animated, Creampie, Female domination, Combat, Side-scroller, Monster, Fantasy, Internal view, Rape, Vaginal sex, Oral sex

The game will be a rogue-lite RPG of sorts, with some sim elements. Among the planned features are the ability for any monster to H any other monster (male-female female-female, futa-female). For now though, you can only run around and beat up the prototype enemy, who has an H-animation.
Animations will mostly be automatic, however this version currently has the controls that would be in place when controlling an enemy, or when dominating an enemy or character.
Fetishes will be..well, everything under sun, but needless to say there will be rape, and monsters.

-Added basic character mods. (add your own characters)
-Example mod character. (Not meant to be a fleshed out enemy)

You can now add basic characters by creating an image for each action. (For now they must be male, or futa. Ability to have female characters will be added later)
These images will automatically be detected based on the name of the file, and the character will appear in the game like other enemies. You can also spawn an added enemy by pressing space.

For more specific directions, check the help file included in the "modding resources" folder, which also contains template images for creating actions. The actions must be created with the template size, and the sprites must be aligned to it.
-Added workbench
-Added watering can
-Changed flower hitbox and added cooldown timer.
-Plant and field graphics (not implemented yet)

Spawn a watering can to mess around with by pressing space.
The workbench can be created and placed, but it does not function yet. It will be used to create tools like the watering can.
-Flower trap + H (kiss type, for now, however it will use grab animation later)
-Enemies are not all hostile.
-Name jitter fix

Timing may be off for some animations due to a change.
Flower trap will be developed more later.
Later, upon meeting the player for the first time enemies will show the "?" bubble, at which point they will take a few moments to form a first impression. They will also do this with other enemies.
A bubble will show their intended behavior or action. (though maybe not for aggressive actions.)

For now it happens every time and no relationship is saved yet.
-Storage chest.
-Lumber box.
-Add to lumber count by throwing at lumber box.
-Item transfer between inventories.
-Depth changes.
-Misc fixes and changes.

Opening the inventory near a container will allow you to transfer items to the container.
Using the container will also go directly to the inventory. (right now they are all linked together, but it will not be this way in the future.)

Throwing wood at the lumber box will add to a wood count. This count is what will be used to build things. The count will be per-patch, so having high wood at home will not allow you to build in other patches.
-Added kiss pose type and cat kiss.
-Worked on pleasure system stuff
-Misc fixes

Pretty small update. A lot of time was spent doing future work for other stuff, but not much of it is seen in this update. For now, only the cat can kiss, and performs it like other animations. Later this will not be the case, but for now it is the only way.

Press P to preview what it might look like when pleasure is maxed out.
You can press page up or down to flip through some variations.
Pressing space will do a flash that will happen in a few cases.

Sounds in general need to be overhauled. In terms of when certain sounds are used.
The kiss doesn't have a good sound effect yet. I also need to reintegrate the voice properly.

I also temporarily disabled cum splashes because it will also be overhauled to account for depth. As it is now, it appears over stuff and that's no good.
-31_1 fix bug when sleeping, and key messages.
-Sprint by dashing.
-Enemies retain hp values when you leave
-Bushes that grow fruit every 4 days.
-Jiggly graphics fixed.
-Help menu (which lies about N)

It will be possible to toggle names and health bars.
Health bars may also disappear after a moment.
- Human pose (ghost one)
- Octo press pose.

.1: possible fix for ghost prob when he does H animation.
- Mostly bug fixes
- Cat enemies now have random palette chosen
- Bunch of H fixes.
- Sound changes

Palette changing all enemies may end up leading to performance issues, so in the future it will likely be something that can be disabled.

Enemy animations will loop forever due to them not escaping each other (and due to cat not having a guage that depletes.) This will be changed later.
- Everything is broke.
- Human is back with new attacks. (direction + attack while jumping)
- New human pose
-Cat can dominate human player
- Cat is enemy
- Enemies now fight each other.
- Male enemies can sex cat enemy.
- Fighting mechanic changes

The player H will not work with night enemy
The player cannot dominate Cat yet.
-Trees spawn in patches
-Cut down trees
-Wood item
-H-masking fixes
-Targeting changes (still kinda finicky)
-House position is now random. (preparation for the ability to place them anywhere)

I plan on adding some bushes which can be destroyed by hand, which will give you sticks.
Trees will only be possible to cut down using an axe. Cutting them down in the current matter is just to show em off.
-cat dominate animation. (L shift neat an enemy while they are standing and the yellow arrow is visible )
-beginning of targeting (for actions and selecting).
-enemy knockout

Shift to dominate an enemy. (currently only works when theyre standing. Later will work when theyre knocked out.)
"escaping" a dominate animation breaks the enemy.
-Expandable Wheel Menu
-Build Menu
-Lumber Box/placing items

The lumber box will be used to store wood. Wood stored in the lumber box will allow it to be used anywhere within the same zone.
Needless to say, there will be requirements for buildings things later. The lumber box will require some wood to be in your inventory, for example.
- Hopper (dominated) pose.
- Working inventory
- Pocket items. First slot of inventory functions as "in-hand" item.
- Fog of War for map.
- Item persistence.
- Enemies can now hit items
- Player can hit items.
- Added Goblin ability to jump and attack
- Added some more voices to the current voice set.
- Now include current controls in the folder.

The item spawning in your hand at the start of each room is just for testing, since there is no natural spawn for them yet.
v 19
- Octopus enemy added in the game (no dive animation yet, diving will crash the game when used on this enemy).

X - Jump
C - Attack
Down - Back dash/dash
Up - defend

F4 - Fullscreen.
F5 - Increase render resolution

Down - Insert/thrust
Right - Initiate climax. (later this will have conditions or be based on stuff)
Up - Pull out.


Win - MEGA

383855_screenshot.5.png 383854_60a4b3b1e06529ba7202a325b4295aee.png 383852_079ad79c02224aa6f1a269ef0553feb2.png 2qwt7ac9nw4bkzfgv6rplxg1l.gif 383853_c18d46e569c237d5187d7bafc371afc9.png
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