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Developer: Andrealphus Patreon - Twitter - ko-fi - Discord
Release Date: 2020-06-25
Last Updated: 2020-06-30
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Other Games: Freakshow
2DCG, Adventure, Anal sex, Big ass, Big tits, Cheating, Creampie, Dating sim, Female protagonist, Male protagonist, Multiple protagonist, MILF, Oral sex, Romance, Sex toys, Teasing, Vaginal sex, Mobile game, Pregnancy, NTR (Avoidable)

Love & Sex: Second Base is a dating sim where a geeky guy (hopefully you) gets to be a roommate with two very hot girls and meet others in is daily life. The main purpose of the game his to get lucky and maybe marry the girl of your wet dreams, to do so you must make choices and raise your stats.

- New location: The aquarium
- 3 new story events for Minami (you can now date her)
- Changed the cheat code
- Bug fixes

- New girl: Minami
- 3 new locations
- 5 new sex scenes/CG
- 12 new story events
- 212 new lines of voiced dialogue
- 10 new random events during restaurant dates
- New dating scene: Eating an ice cream
- Some new music tracks
- Added a button to mute the MC
- New dancing scene
- Bug fixes
-Bug fixes
- 6 new sex scenes
- 17 new story events
- 110 new lines of voiced dialogue
- New kissing scene for Anna
- New outfits for Sasha and Samantha
- New dance scenes for Sasha and Samantha
- Close ups for Sasha and Samantha
- Updated kissing scenes for Sasha and Samantha
- Sunscreen art for all girls (except Morgan)
- Playing in the water art for all girls (except Morgan)
- Bug fixes
- 4 new sex scenes
- 13 new story events
- 110 new lines of voiced dialogue
- New kissing scene for Anna
- New outfits for Sasha and Samantha
- New dance scenes for Sasha and Samantha
- Close ups for Sasha and Samantha
- Updated kissing scenes for Sasha and Samantha
- Sunscreen art for all girls (except Morgan)
- Playing in the water art for all girls (except Morgan)
- Bug fixes

What is missing and will be added later this week:
- Sasha sex scene
- Bree sex scene
- Harmony sex scene
- New Mall
- 10 new story scenes
- 4 new sex scenes (Harmony, Alexis, Shiori, Audrey)
- Bug fixes
- A few more surprises
- New item lucky clover
- 4 new events for mike (Bree MC)
- New art for Harmony's roller skating date (Mike MC)
Sadly Harmony's sex scene won't be sorted until may.
- Added Harmony to the story tracker
- Updated Mall with new backgrounds
- New locations: the Police Station, Nightclub bathroom, Nightclub VIP area
- New secondary character: the Police Inspector
- 420 new lines of voiced dialogue
- 9 story events
- 5 new sex scenes
- 5 new random events
- 1 new outfit for Harmony
- Bug fixes
- 4 new story events
- 3 new CG
- New sexy dress & swimsuit for Shiori
- More variations for Shiori's fall & doggy scene
- Bug fixes

Sex scenes breakdown:
- Beach sex with Shiori
- Office sex with Shiori
- Tittyfuck with Anna
- Threesome with Kleio and Morgan
Alexis event 02 seems to be fixed.
- Aletta missionary sex
- Bug fixes
- 1 new story event
- Bug fixes
- New girl: Emma
- 9 new CG
- 12 new icons
- 33 new story events
- 600 new lines of voiced dialogue
- New location: Strip club
- Close up for Alexis, Hanna and Shiori
- Pet head for Alexis, Hanna and Shiori
- New activity: Hold hand during dates
- Changed most of the game's music
- So much bug fixes & rebalance (and probably some new bugs)...
-3 new Story events
- New UI
- Story tracker
- Close up for Bree & Anna
- Pregnancy, sexy swimsuit and collar for Anna
- 8 new sex scenes
- 23 new story events
- 15 new icons
- New animated emotes
- New art for Anna
- New location: Car workshop
- New backgrounds: Aletta's office, Mike's office and breakroom
- New activity: Train with a girl at the gym
- New activity: Work with a girl at the office
- New activity: Go shopping with a girl at the mall
- New activity: Study with a girl at the university
- New activity: Ice skating during winter park dates
- New activity: Pet Anna and Bree's heads
- New activity: Tickle
- New activity: Massage
- New activities: Go steady, Break up & Apologize
- So much bug fixes (and probably some new bugs)...
- New girl: Harmony
- Huge core engine tweaks and rebalance (broke save compatibility, sorry)
- Lots of UI and QOL improvements
- Hire cleaning services
- 28 new story events
- 4 new sex CG
- Kissing CGs for Lavish, Alexis, Harmony
- New outfit for Bree: Maid
- Dancing CGs for all the girls
- New beach, church, nightclub and front porch backgrounds
- New locations: maid cafe, break room, front porch
- So much bug fixes (and probably some new bugs)...

- New expression for Sasha
- New sex scene with Sasha
- Updated milk scene for Shiori
- Updated bitches scene for Bree & Sasha
- New event for Ayesha

- New smartphone option: Booty call
- Being late to dates!!
- New street, alley and park backgrounds
- Updated Sasha sex scenes (doggy, missionary, stand, bj)
- Pregnancy for Audrey and Kylie
- Released the kraken!
- Kissing scenes for Kylie, Audrey, Aletta and Shiori
- Spanking scene for Palla
- Updated pub date scenes
- Sexy swimsuit and collar for Audrey and Kylie
- Playing dart art during pub dates
- Full rewrite of Kylie's events
- New missionary art with Kylie
- Doggy and cowgirl with Kylie
- A lot of smallish stuff :)

Bug fixes for Audrey and Morgan among other stuff.

- New cheat commands
- 7 new CG
- 5 new expressions for Sasha
- 17 new story events
- 1 new skill: Massage
- 1 new item: Massage book
- 24 new random events during dates
- Fixes & new bugs

- Morgan dialogue expansion
- 3 new outfits for Morgan
- Fixes

Current Features:
Go on dates with 7 different girls in 7 different places
Send friendly, sexy or dirty texts to the girls
Call the girls to know there location or just chat
Talk about a dozen subjects or chat about nothing major
Hang out at more than 20 locations
Buy clothes and accessories to be more charming
Go to work and earn money
Get your girlfriend pierced or pregnant (or both)
Use more than 55 activities
Experience more than 70 events


Win/Lin - MEGA
Mac - MEGA
Android - MEGA

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