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Developer: Yangyang Mobile Patreon | Steam | Discord | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | Webstore | Itch.io
Version: 1.2.9
Release Date: 2020-07-19
Last Updated: 2020-07-26
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Voices: English
Store: Steam
Language: English, German, Russian, Chinese
2DCG, 2D game, Male protagonist, Multiple endings, Voiced, Milf, Romance, Adventure, Tentacles, Turn based combat, Dating sim, Humor, Animated, Lesbian, Harem, Incest, Vaginal sex, Virgin, Oral sex, ...

You usually play as the hero… but not this time! You're a lowly squire who's on an epic quest to get laid. Here's the catch: you've only got a few months left to find the girl of your dreams before you're shipped off to war. So git gud, get laid, and find man's greatest pleasure in Love Esquire!


1. Extract to desired location.
2. Install and apply either Greatest Pleasure CGs (Ecchi) or Hip to Be Squire Uncensored (18+) mods.
3. Run Love Esquire.exe to play.

v1.2.9 n/a

  • Fixed a bug wherein some users can't save and load their games.
  • Improved the game's compatibility with regards to the new Unity version.
  • Mac build notarization.
  • Polished and adjusted over 1500 voiced lines.
  • Polished and fixed miscellaneous grammar and narrative text.
  • Various bug fixes and game improvements.
How does New Game+ work?
  • When you finish an ending, a notification will appear before you go back to the game's main menu. You will be asked if you want to save your game as New Game+. If yes, you will be prompted to save this progress on a new save slot.
  • New Game+ save slots will have a 'NG+' marking on them, as well as a rainbow frame.
  • In New Game+, the days will reset back to Month 1 Day 05. In addition, you can now sleep anytime you want.
  • All of the relationship progress and events that you've previously achieved in your playthrough will be retained and cannot be triggered again, EXCEPT for some date-locked events (i.e. Ladies of the Lake, Fertility Date & Hugh's Monthly Check-Ups). These events should play normally once you reach them.
  • If you want to reset your relationship in New Game+, you can do so by clicking the Relationship UI in Squire's Bedroom. There should be a reset button there. IMPORTANT: You can only reset your relationship with the girl you've already finished.
  • Lastly, all 16 topics of the girl you've finished are now unlocked.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug wherein the game hangs when you're talking to Beatrice about traditions.
  • Fixed a bug wherein unlockBirthdayText is appearing instead of the proper text.
  • Fixed a bug wherein some text in the campaign shows the italic {i} tags.
  • Fixed a bug wherein the limit break unlocked scene with Hugh is not playing.
  • Fixed a bug wherein some of the sprites in the campaign are of the wrong size.
  • Fixed a bug wherein the Masochist achievement is not unlocking.
  • Fixed a rare bug wherein the exclamation mark notice is appearing on certain instances even though there's no event available.
  • Fixed a rare bug wherein the game can get stuck in campaign sometimes.
  • Fixed a rare bug wherein the game can get stuck during the Charisma training tutorial.
  • Fixed a rare bug wherein sleeping after the campaign might cause the game to get stuck.
  • Fixed some localization issues.
  • Polished and adjusted over 1100 voiced lines.
  • Improved the performance of the credits scene, so that it's not anymore very slow and sluggish when it's being played in the main menu (extras).
New Feature
  • Added 'MODS' in the game's options for easier tracking and management of the mods you've installed. We're also writing a guide on how you can add your own mods into the game! It will be available soon. :)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue wherein opening the game causes a black screen to some computers (Unity related)***
  • Fixed an issue wherein spamming the ESC key during the credits causes a black screen.
  • Fixed multiple narrative/script inconsistencies.
  • Improved some UI controls and keyboard/controller support of the game.
  • Changed the implementation of the story events: events of the same girl with overlapping trigger times will no longer happen on the same day.
  • Polished and adjusted over 1400 voiced files.
  • Various bug fixes and polish.
New Features
  • Added Cloud Save support.
  • Added 4K texture and resolution support (BETA).
  • Added controller support (BETA). Clickable items and farmable items in backgrounds are still not supported.
  • Added the ability to skip Squire's walking animation in the world map. You can enable this via the game's options.
  • Added the ability to skip limit break videos during campaign. You can enable this via the game's options.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue wherein buying the soundtrack DLC does not open the music room.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the girls' hearts do not become orange after reaching a certain relationship level.
  • Fixed an issue wherein some farmable items cannot be given to the girls as gifts.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the tiers (stars) of the items do not display in the gifting window.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the limit break notification sound effect is playing even though the limit break feature is not yet unlocked.
  • Fixed an issue wherein some achievements are triggering in the wrong places/conditions.
  • Fixed an issue wherein certain rare items can be obtained more than once.
  • Fixed an issue wherein all the girls are sad after certain events and do not recover for a long time.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the item sprites are not appearing in the game's gallery. Unfortunately, you would have to get them again in order to view them in the gallery. We're deeply sorry for the inconvenience!
  • Fixed an exploit wherein farmable items can be indefinitely looted in certain conditions.
Additional Fixes
  • Polished and adjusted over 1200 voiced lines.
  • The training UI now remembers your previous training mode and auto-selects it.
  • Polished and fixed several inconsistencies in the game's narrative.
  • Reworked Hugh's Day 30 check-up event for Months 1-3. In this day, the game will automatically time skip and bring you to the tavern by 6 PM. We made this change because several bugs have been caused by Hugh's check-up events, and this will hopefully eliminate all existing (and future) bugs that are caused by this event.
  • Vel's endings are now attainable (fixed since v1.0.1a).
  • Expanded the save slots from 6 to 54. Players also now have the ability to save on a different slot.
  • Added the missing 31 Steam achievements. They should automatically unlock if you've already done them before.
  • Fixed a bug wherein the relationship penalty for a waifu's jealousy scene is much greater due to stat bonus and x2 easy mode multiplier.
  • Reduced the relationship penalty of the waifus' jealousy scenes from -1000 to -200.
  • Added a new tutorial scene (Day 2 Morning) to notify the players that the game could end prematurely once they've reached an ending, regardless of date.
  • Waifu events should not happen anymore on Day 30 of any month to give way for Hugh's checkup event.
  • Pamu's special scene will not trigger anymore when there's a birthday of a waifu.
  • A waifu's heart will only become red when you're on the path to romance ending.
  • Fixed a bug wherein the achievement notifications overlap each other.
  • Fixed a bug wherein Month 4 Day 30 scenes break the game.
  • Enhanced the performance of videos.
  • Fixed some faulty achievement trigger points.
  • Fixed an issue wherein italic tags sometimes appear in some of the game text.
  • Fixed an issue wherein FARMABLE_NREC_0 appears when getting farmable items.
  • Fixed an issue wherein certain farmable items cannot be looted.
  • Fixed an issue wherein enemy names do not appear in the build.
  • Added percentage completion on gallery and achievements.
  • Fixed an issue wherein certain codes like <punch> appear on backlog.
  • Fixed a bug wherein the middle mouse button no longer hides the UI in the story scenes.
  • Fixed an issue wherein gallery items cannot be previewed.

Developer Notes:
Love Esquire is a romantic-comedy visual novel/dating sim with a touch of old-school RPG combat. In this game, you're not a famous knight, but a good-for-nothing squire who's on a quest to find man's greatest pleasure. Getting the girl won't be easy though, since most of them are waaaay out of your league!

So raise those stats, battle monsters, and unleash your full potential!



5 Dateable Waifus – Love Esquire's heroines are not just pretty faces! Each have their own unique backstories, plots, and dirty little secrets for you to uncover.


Turn-based Combat – You may not be a decent squire, but you have a number of unconventional techniques to keep your needy knight alive. Taunt, cheer, heal, and loot your way to victory!


Raise Stats – Git gud and become the ideal man! Improving stats not only affect combat, but have an impact on your relationship with the girls as well.


Forge Relationships – Amp up your squirely charm by giving gifts and whispering sweet nothings to your waifu. Get those romance points high enough and they'll open up in more ways than one.


Multiple Endings – What's waiting for your squire at the end of the journey? Getting laid or dying a lonely virgin? Be careful with those choices!


Fully Voiced – Hear your waifus fully express their undying love for you!


Mature Content – Love Esquire is a bit naughty and contains themes that your parents warned you about as a kid. You won't last five minutes playing this game!

Mods' Installation:
Only use one of these mods at a time (since they override the same files).

1. Create a folder called Mods in Love Esquire_Data.

2. Unzip and extract the contents of the mod into the Mods folder.

3. Run the game.

OK After poking around the game code it turns out Love Esquire has a built-in hidden mod loader.

so to install the mods, simply create a folder called mods in Love Esquire_Data and Place the zip file in that folder, then run the game
to check it got installed correctly a folder called mods should appear in the games save location

Users/[username]/library/cache/Yangyang Mobile/Love Esquire
Users/[username]/library/Application Support/Yangyang Mobile/Love Esquire

C:\Users\[user_name]\AppData\LocalLow\Yangyang Mobile\Love Esquire

/home/[username]/.config/unity3d/Yangyang Mobile/Love Esquire

Only use one of these mods at a time (since they override the same files)

Update the OP with these new files

Greatest Pleasure CGs [Censored]: MEGA
Hip to be Squire [Uncensored]: MEGA



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