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Tech Devil

Developer: AgentGames Patreon
Version: Chapter 3 Part 2
Release Date: 2020-07-09
Last Updated: 2020-07-13
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
3DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Male domination, NTR, Incest, Interracial, Paranormal, Graphic violence, Possession, School setting, Milf, Superpowers, Mind control, Rape, Anal sex, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Masturbation

Your life hasn't been a success since you left the high school. You are bouncing from one work to another trying to make some money, you don't have a lot of friends and you are generally pretty sad with how things turned out, but you are trying your best to make something out of it. Your father suddenly disappeared in your childhood, which doesn't help at all. At least you have a supportive girlfriend which you are glad about. You wonder what would happen if you had the power to make all the wishes come true... And there comes an opportunity, but at what cost? Will you do what it takes to fulfill your dreams or fight it to save your family? Remember, in this story decisions matter.

1. Extract and run.
(OPTIONAL) Install the Incest Patch by pasteing patch.rpy into %gamedir%/game

Mostly rewrites and few new scenes.

Update which adds 2 new non-NTR paths with new renders and new dialogues.

Small update which fixes a few dialogues, adds (hopefully) better use of character names in incest patch and adds missing renders.

Version 0.1 - Initial release

Developer Notes:
We are a 'team' of 2 people and this is our first time making a game like this. It's the first public version of the first chapter - it's not finished yet! We want to see what do you guys like and dislike. There are a few subjects to change for sure - the font, colours and intro. We want to adjust this game based on your feedback to make it a pleasurable experience. Keep that in mind when testing the 0.1 release.


Win - MEGA

Incest Patch - MEGA

424022_423947_ep01_dziewczyna_1.jpg sgsd.jpg Capturekhhhfhdfhdf.jpg 424024_423949_ep01_lezenie_w_domu_5.jpg ep02_diane_ntr_12.jpg Capturekghkghkghdhf.jpg Capturekhgkhgkhghdf.jpg 424025_423950_ep01_nie_ostrzegac_20.jpg Capturekghghkhkdhf.jpg Capturehkgkhkfhd.jpg 424026_423951_ep01_nie_ostrzegac_24.jpg Captureghkhhghgk.jpg Captureghkhkgkhghfd.jpg Captureghkkhgkhghdf.jpg Capturejgfjjfjfjg.jpg Capturejgggjgjgio.jpg Capturejggjgffsgd.jpg Capturekghghkghkdfh.jpg Capturekghkghgkhdhf.jpg Capturekghkhghdhf.jpg Capturekhghkgkhgdhf.jpg Capturekhgkgkgdfh.jpg Capturekhgkhghghkghdf.jpg Capturekhgkhgkhgdf.jpg Captureljjljljgf.jpg ep02_shopping_mall_30.jpg
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