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Developer: ArchonStudio Patreon
Version: 0.34
Release Date: 2020-06-14
Last Updated: 2020-06-15
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English, Russian
3DCG, Male protagonist, Male domintaion, Corruption, Slave, Titfuck, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Graphic violence, Sandbox, Strategy, Post-apocalypse

Lord King - this is a visual novel with elements of strategy. You are going to face everything that includes in life of the lord: controlling other people, obedience to the queen, intrigue and honesty, rebellion and wars, betrayal and loyalty... It's only depends on you what kind of ruler you want to be.
The setting of the game is post apocalypse. Almost whole population wiped out and survivors are afraid of the "taint" - a disease, which kills or turns you into mutant. The main action of the game happens in one of intacted cities, surrounded by radioactive wastelands.

Your hero came here from wastelands to find his tribeswomen, which have been enslaved. As fate would have it, he becomes a head of one of cities districts – they call it lord. Now you have power to control people’s lives and not only use it to save your tribeswomen but also to become the king of this city

This is a short update (I had less than 2 weeks to make it - more info, as usual, in the dev notes), included two stories:
- A new scene with Ully's punishment + a repeatable scene with changed text + 2 animations;
- A scene with Lori. You need to decide, if you want to start a romantic relationship with her, or you want her to stay just a slave.
If you chose the first option, you'll get a date with her + a repeatable version of this date + Lori's quests (1 or 2 depends on your choices - they can't be completed atm) + 5 animations.
If you want her to be just a concubine, you'll get a new harem scene with her w/o the quests (cuz MC doesn't give a shit about Lori's problems in this case) + 3 animations.
Some moments:
  • 200 slaves are added to the slave market (I remember about you!);
  • Fixed a bug with displaying income in status report of Pino;
  • If you invited Lori, but didn't go to your bedroom at night (and skiped time elsewhere), you don't get the scene this night, but Lori will start coming to your bedroom every night until you finally date her. Don't invite her again, trust Lori, she always remember about the date!
  • Finding different camps and a mutants unit in the Wastelands;
  • Once you find a camp, you can attack, trade or racket;
  • Fighting with enemy, based on your soldiers, weapons and experience. To win you need to kill half of enemies (and vis versa);
  • Trading with camps - you can sell your weapons to them (usually overpriced);
  • Racketeering the camps - if you have twice as many soldiers as an enemy (and St. Radium is on your side), they'll give you some coins without a fight;
  • Ambushing units - to success you need to have more experience than your enemies have (and, again, St. Radium should be on your side). A successful ambush kills some of enemies troops without losses and can even lead to auto-win;
  • Plunder: in these raids you can get coins and slaves (but only people; as you know mutants must be exiled);
  • Sexual punishment law is implemented. Now you can choose what to do with a thief girl. 20% chance to get the scene on the Council. If you treat her well, you'll increase the chance to get the scene, and vis versa. The chance can't be lower than 11% and higher than 29%. No relation penalty for now - do with her what you want to do, she is a criminal after all and must be punished.
  • new scenes with Taina, Danka, Catherine, Pamela (a new girl);
  • 6 new animations;
  • 2 buildings: laboratory (+10% profit) and outpost (-10% chance of the farm being attacked).
  • I added cheatcodes (for $5+ patrons to thank them).
Bugfixes and tweaks:
  • improved the weapon system. Now cost of 10% of the weapon depends on your soldiers quantity;
  • fixed the bug when the weapon number could be negative;
  • fixed the bug when Lori shows up in the slave market afer you rent her to EDL;
  • added starving: your people will die every week if food<0. 1% of all people will die per week in the order: all slaves->all citizens->all soldiers;
  • To prevent food collapse, I added an option in Taina's talk window to enslave your own citizens (it reduces the people's attitude towards you, ofc);
  • now laws change the attitude as well. Taina will tell you about it, when you try to change a law next time;
  • minor bugs.
  • addded 5 main quests (you can't miss them - just get some sleep, go to the council and then follow your quest book) and 1 side quest (with Cat if you didn't stand her up - talk to Adam about his mother at noon). More info read in Dev notes.
  • remastered 96 images and 4 videos of the intro (now it's clearer if MC took *spoiler*'s virginity);
  • fixed the bug with text skipping when you're trying to save (this was the worst bug, many people reported about);
  • fixed the bug when you can't click on a character after saving/alt-tabing;
  • improved the game code (side effect: now you could rollback/rollforward freely);
  • added a limit on casual slaves for sale, now you can't boost your economy endlessly (I will add some slaves to the market every update).
Stability of the game is improved a lot. Fixed:
  • Skip time rollback bug.
  • Show save screen when you click on sandwatch.
  • Show navigation menu when you talking to people in every palace room after loading.
  • Rollback to previous dialogue is fixed - now you will return to a previous room, not to the morning council or previous diaolgue.
  • Some minor bugs.
  • Spellchecked as well.
And to make this fix more spicy I added 2 lewd scenes with Lori: cunni (good care) and forced kiss (bad care).
v 0.1
200+ renders;
2 kissing animations;
5 XXX animations.
and -only God knows how many- words. (I'm sorry, it's hard to count (does anyone even care how many words are there?))

Developer Notes:
We are looking for a proof reader. If you want to help, PM me here or on discord - Archon#3479


Win/Lin - MEGA
Mac - MEGA

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