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Hi guys! Help find a good VN with an interesting plot and several heroines or a harem in the same story arch. Travel time, up to 20 hours.
Thanks in advance))
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Looking for a good plumber who can solve a mystery in my house... sometimes we can smell sewer gas in a second floor bath. Need to figure out what the problem is and get it fixed.

Any recommendations??



The best VN's I know of are these, some are developed by good friends of mine/our project!

What a Legend by Magic Nuts
Ravager by 4MinuteWarning
Leave2GetherAct2 by Leave2Gether (It's not ready yet and only has about an hour or gameplay)
Seeds of Chaos by Venus Noire
Knightly Passions by Feyada

There are a few more being worked on currently that will be released in the future and I'll recommend them when the teams are ready.
Hey guys,

Firstly, sorry for my poor English

a few minutes ago I downloaded a no cd patch for "Need for Speed Underground 2" and replaced it with the original .exe file but now when I want to start the game it says: "Please insert Disc 2"

Does someone know why? Any help would be appreciated