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Developer: EccmA4 Patreon - Twitter
Version: Beta
Release Date: 2020-09-20
Last Updated: 2020-09-21
Censored: Unknown
OS: Windows
Language: English
2DCG, 2D game, RPG, Female protagonist, Fantasy, Adventure, Animated, Oral sex, Anal sex, Vaginal sex, Rape, Bestiality, Monsters

LonaRPG: you play as a young nearly defenseless girl in a dangerous world.​

**Teravisor OptModV19 are included, if theres any weird issue please delete the Mods.
-*fixed, slum without encounter npc spawn.
-*fixed, some animation error when begging.
-*fixed, r20_RefugeeCamp1 with a invincible NPC.
v0.4.3.1 fix and Additions
-*fixed, Trait UI and UX fix.
-*fixed, all capture and rapeloop : if where u captured got a chest, all ur item will transfer to chest.
-*fixed, WorldMap : block input when lona is dead.
-*fixed, removed all orkind prostitute events.
-*fixed, NoerMobHouse : repair the doors when captured event.
-*added, r5_PineFroest : add 1 more sub map made by fans.
v0.4.2.4 beta
****Elise's quest line is cut off until its finished****
-*fixed, CompHumanScout : will not spawn 2 times.
-*fixed, CompOrkindSlayer : fix ingroup check.
-*fixed, Skill basicNeed Masturbate : remove sex experience check.(i can fap when i still virgin, why lona cant?)
-*fixed, error when try to disband GrayRat.
-*fixed, Flame DOT effect now with 100% aggro for 300 frames.
-*fixed, skill AbominationTotemHeavy(spore) : XY error if destroyed by any damage.
-*fixed, when Scene isnt on MAP. BGM & BGS vol*0.6
-*fixed, DoomFortressInn : locked in washroom if u sleep in the water pot.
-*fixed, overmap dash balloon loop failed.
v0.4.1.0 Beta
===== -*fixed, some NPC SKILL PICKUP structure. will ruin your save if anyone is fighting in your game. ======
===== if ur save got no one fighting. PLEASE LEAVE AND ENTER THE MAP AGAIN and then shits should be fine.======
-*fixed, Skill LanternHeavy : no sap, no parry.
-*fixed, follower in group should not use mark skill, this also make follower stucked like idiot sometime.(cause by 0406)
-*fixed, if follower not in group, they will use mark skills.(no more free killing)
-*fixed, now u can enter jail without captured.(test)
-*fixed, most OPT error(sometime option will show up with no reason, this fix may cause new bug)
-*fixed, noerBank : -25 basic morality if Lona targeted by ANY default NPC in map.
-*fixed, crash when encounter triggered in Wasteland terrian.
-*fixed, capture or rapeloop now remove all hair in inventory.(the one equiped stay)
-*fixed, you can move when overweight. but Lona suffer -1 STA each 60frames. in overmap each move cost double STA.
-*fixed, set traps now do a sight check if its around a NPC, and it cause NPC aggro.(test)
-*added, a CG event on FishCave Convoy quest.
-*added, a daily job in PirateBane at night.(low reward, no risk.)
-*added, encounter : fishPPL.
-*added, new terrian : marsh.
-*added, new follower : CompFishGuard(test) and CompFishShaman(test) in FishTownInn.
-*added, NoerDock add a relay point. can travel to Fishtopia Isle.
-*added, map : FishindTownL.
-*added, map : FishindTownR.
-*added, map : FishTownInn.
-*added, map : FishTownLeather.
-*added, map : FishEscPT.
*******- last 040 maybe? if i didnt fucked up anything.*************
-*fixed, Basic Command "BreakChain" : now works on cuff.(its bug)
-*fixed, Basic Command "CleanPrivates" : now u get semens, with "SemenGulper" trait u get more.(this will buff prostitute)
-*fixed, black screen when Nap in NoerCatacomb.
-*fixed, Door : can open/close while combat(i played, i dont like it)
-*fixed, Nymph lona. sta_Plus from +1.3 to x1.3.(a bug since 0100.)
-*fixed, Nymph lona. MaxSta +20(because NymphLona suffer more from ograsm. effect in new game.)
-*fixed, Shy Lona. flirty mood is fucking weird.
-*fixed, most Fishkind & DeepOne now with fated_enemy to SaintMonastery.
-*fixed, all grab skills(rape target) : now aggro target for 600frame with 100% chance.(test)
-*fixed, default lona can with Succubus trait.
-*fixed, DaggerControl(backstab) : 100% aggro chance for 600frame. removed Sap effect.
LonaRPG.Beta. Fuck the DOOR
-*fixed, trait : default Lona now can have Mana & Weaponry Knowledge at same time. IronWill blocked mana knowledge.
-*fixed, error when enter RudesindSlope.
-*fixed, removed death loop animations from CorrosionArea and BurningArea.
-*fixed, Nymph trait. Atk decrease from 5 to 0, MaxFood 0 to -10(effect in new game.)
-*fixed, Door : u cant open/close while combat, u cant open/close when a Npc stand on it, u cant through the door with setup skills like throw rock.
-*added, AbanHouse1: extra option when Lona helped Adam steal something in DoomFort.(so u dont need to kill him)
-*fixed, NoerDock, black screen after HCG scene.
-*fixed, some dialog error when follower isnt in group.( will show "[XX]" on dialog window)
-*fixed, Black screen in AbomHive1.
-*fixed, Black screen after Cecily meet Adam.
-*fixed, MineCaveQuest : a random crash after Lisa's H event.
-*fixed, black screen after elise's Aid.
-*fixed, Adam's Quest 1 error.
-*fixed, error when trigger the followers if follower with unlimited date.
-*fixed, NoerEastCp : cannon sight stucked.
LonaRPG.Beta. -= fix bugs. make more bugs =-
******* clearn up some code with my shit tier skill, may cause new bugs. *******
******* tell me if u stucked with black screen or tempCG isnt erase with "when, where and how". i will release a patch ASAP. ****
-*fixed, DoomFortEastCP : Quest giver now are unique character, if he dead, quest failed.
-*fixed, OverEvent_MilkFeeding : only check MilkSplash once after its end. and move this to wakeup event check.
-*fixed, HerbContraceptive now will remove sick and lewd lv1 with 100% chance, pill will remove lv3 with 100% chance.
-*fixed, FireBookControl and MusketHeavy will cause crash(since 0400)
-*fixed, CompElfArcher : wrong follower slot.
-*added, NPCdata : DeeponeBowGuard,DeeponeWatcher.
-*fixed, DoomFortInn: crash when tner the map.
-*fixed, MineCave : removed some outdate design on morality.(may cause new bug)
-*fixed, MineCaveQuestVer : all guards now with wildness guard setup.
-*fixed, huge nerf on LongBowSnipe. HP ArmorPiercing from -15 to -6. STA ArmorPiercing from -15 to -10, STAdmg from *1.2 to *1.4, weapon damage from 10 to 8.(test)
-*fixed, all quest EXP now buffed (around 2x)
-*fixed, equip glass stats from sexy+1, weak+1, WIS+15 to sexy-5, weak+5, wis+5.
-*fixed, chcg_event ENDev now are OFF when grabber is lona.
-*fixed, Musket removed from lisa. u can still optain from random storage box.
-*fixed, Musket Skill C : slot move to H.
-*fixed, skill BasicThrow : will cause some skill EFX error when target is blocking with shield.
-*fixed, skill BasicControl(dodge) : effect frame from 14 to 24.
-*fixed, add a sight check to all player SelectBox skills, you can only attack where in sight.(test, no more attacks through the wall)
-*fixed, some sprite error when small creatures dead.(cause by 0391)
-*fixed, DoomFarmA : Doggo is friendly if player got captured.
-*added, NoerGynecology : Elise added few more events.
-*added, skill LanternHeavy : Scorch target with DOT effect,STA damage based on WIS.
-*added, Lantern in ExtSlot also give lights(weaker effect).
-*added, DoomFort : Adam with a new quest, reward is musket.
-*added, new map : DoomArmory.
-*fixed, removed most death loop animation.(increase few fps)
-*fixed, some graphics error when object dead. (cause by 0391)
-*fixed, cecily quest : some logic error when milo is dead. missing remove_companion when betray line.
-*added, adam now with unique portrait.
-*added, Abomination Rapeloop bad end.(all common ending are done)
-*fixed, dead object wount self.delete.(cause by prev ver, makes more laggy)
-*fixed, some lag issue since 0.1.0.
-*fixed, most scat/WS objects now blocked by fetish option.
LonaRPG.Beta. -*repack because shitty crash*-
-*fixed, huge nerf chance of leaveing map encounter check.
-*fixed, Crash when wnter BanditCamp1(wow.... i m so sux...)
LonaRPG.Beta. ****** edit AutoHotkey.ahk for key binding if u know what is it **********
-*fixed, nerf prostitution damage output again, from 60% to 10%.
-*fixed, crashed when u killed teller, and her monster from.
-*added, new companion UniqueDavidBorn. in BanditCamp1, defeat him to recruit.(if u already killed him, u need a new save)
-*added, a debug trigger when player stucked in overmap.
-*fixed, prostituting reward bugged(never gets items but TP).
-*fixed, WakeUpOverEvent fertish option reverse issue.
-*fixed, Weird logic when cooking, offer more soup than what u offered.
-*fixed, Pirate's Bane Inn, no more cheap instant noodles.
-*fixed, NoerSewer, removed Morality decrease effect when marked by Mother and her son.
-*added, Mystic Meat recipes to Cooking. samilar to human meat recipes.
-*fixed, food change.
ItemSmokedMeat > +food from 32 to 24.
ItemSopPlant,SopMeat > +food from 32 to 26.
ItemCheese > +food from 24 to 32.

-*fixed, added a basic time pass when leaving map.(test)
will cause a encounter check and time pass after leaveing region map.
this will increase gameplay diffcult, but this is a necessary desgin.
-added, Cg event in NoerDock.
-fixed, crash when prostitute the normies in NoerRelay.
-added, UniqueDedOne to NPCdata.

Do NOT using gitgud version texts for English translation. Doing so may cause the game to crash.


Win - MEGA

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