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Developer: Pepette
Version: CG82a
Release Date: 2020-06-08
Last Updated: 2020-06-08
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English, Français
Genre: 2D game, 3DGC, Female protagonist, RPG, Virgin, School setting, Tiny tits, Loli, Redhead, Urination, Blackmail, Groping, Voyeurism, Corruption, Exhibitionism, Sexual harassment, Drugs, Bukkake, Handjob, Masturbation, Sex toys, Oral sex, Prostitution, Gloryhole, Titfuck, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Group sex, Spanking, lesbian, group sex, DP,

You play as Lolita, a young student who just turned 18.
More than anything else, she wants to emancipate herself and no longer wants to be an ingenue.
You will have to help her discover life : she will have to find a job to pay her rent, buy food and clothes (and other less avowable things).
She'll also have to do well in school, keep fit by playing sports, discover her body...
She will meet many people to help her with this last task.

All the route are separate and you can choose to continue it or not.

If you're stuck :
- check your tasks in the TODO LIST (inventory)
- go to the CG room (downstair in the kitchen). You'll find tips in "CG locked" tags

1. Extract LOLITA 0.XX.rar
2. doubleclick on LOLITA 0.XX.exe
3. open the folder you create
4. Click on Game.exe
5. ALT+ENTER (full screen) or F5 (bigger screen)

Old saves will work BUT, however, I strongly advise you to start a new game again because the logic of the story might be disturbed.
To update your savegame, you just need to get out of a building OR enter the CGroom.
(read the pdf in the game folder)

VER CG82b : fix
- bad file for a map blocking access to a part of the CGs (thanks euphoniousmonk)

VER CG82a : third release
- 3.21 GB
- 82 CG
- 4580 Pics

- FIX :
- Fix some EnGrish (thanks maxx mad)
- fix bug in the pool when you buy an other ticket without going out (thanks 666bbb666)
- Fix CG in the mens room when change at school doesn’t trigger (thanks PanNeo79)
- fix first maid job CG doesn't trigger (thanks Frurose)
- Fix untranslated French sentence when you want to go elsewhere than to school (thanks Hentai-kun-81)
- Fix the freeze when you approch a doc in hospital
- Fix bug church confession wrongly accuses you of cheating (thanks ustar)
- Fix the through-wall of the gloryhole (thanks Hentai-kun-81, persnik, t1ant)
- Fix some bug in the gloryhole (thanks persnik, ustar)

- Move some « help books » that were in the way (CGroom, CheatRoom)
- Change the rules to keep the plug at night
- redo the 4 intro pictures in HD

- ADD :
- Add 7 CGs when you take the bus
- Add 3 CGs in the gloryhole (via the customer grid)
- Add 2 CGs drug cure at Hospital (temporary sperm addiction)
- Add CGs flash tits in bar (thanks ray3dave)
- Add lubricant use (allow anal if you are not skilled)

- impossible to change back at Beach cabin (report by popa25)
- untranslate sentence at beach (report by YuriNeko)
- Bug with red underwear change (report by puffmutter)
- crash when you leave the gloryhole (report by persnik, ustar)

Sorry if I forgot to mention your name...
You are so much making me feedback ! It's really cool. Thank you very much !
As I already said in this thread, this version is less dense than expected. Because of the Covid family came to live in my house and I couldn't work on the game in front of them.
But I still managed to make 877 images and 13 new CGs.
Take care of yourself !

known bugs (version CG69c)
- The neighbor's first CG doesn't trigger (old save : the last one is fix)
- the CG when you change in the man toilets for gym class doesn't trigger.
- The pool bugs if you buy a second ticket without going out.

Old save :
just leave a building to update your game.
(If your save is in the street, then enter and leave)
ver CG69b : bugFix
- fix missing audio and pics (thanks Frurose, Randy_dg, popa25, Gregoris, bootyHunter)
- move debugswitch (thanks ronan333, arashiki)
- fix maid job CG doesn't trigger (thanks Frurose)
- fix the crash in the hospital (thanks Popa25, Frurose)
COPY THE FILES IN GAME DIRECTORY = answer YES to "overwrite existing files"
ver CG69a :
- 2.4 GB
- 69 CG
- 3703 Pics

- FIX :
- Fix blond man at the pool giving unlimited stats when naked (thanks wmh42009, Fargus)
- Fix some french/Engrish typo (thanks LegionOfOne, Hentaisan, fearjam)
- Fix last CG with the neighbour didn't start (thanks Papy.ion6984)
- Fix the bug when you go to the gloryhole allready naked (thanks Kitsoka, t1ant)
- Fix Some invisibles bugs
- Fix nudist island repeating unlimited (thanks Jeff Kronn)
- Fix a display bug erasing an image too fast to be seen when paying the rent (thanks hentai-kun-81)
- Fix logic & bug at pool (thanks Jeff Kronn, Hentaisan, Kitsoka, raska42, hentai-kun-81, t1ant... lot of people)
- Fix sleeping pic missing when shaved (thanks Sangoku25)

- Change some reputation surname - seems it was misleading translation (thanks LegionOfOne)
- Rezise the game (thanks stoneM) - You can choose F5 to have a bigger screen (alt enter still works)
- Max the number of time Lolita said she need a shower or is angry (old save : counter have to start, so she'll said some few more time)
- Add the possibility to skip the masturbation anim in the room after 2 times with dildo (thanks : Twistedcat8, Loqic)
- fast service at the bar after the 4th time she works = she doesn't detail the orders anymore(thanks AnyName'llDo)
- Cropped the pictures of the pool
- Start to reworked the consistency of things she does and not, according to her stats. (there's still a lot of work to be done here...)
- Rework the sprite of Lolita

- ADD :
- Add CHEAT ROOM in the CG room (no code needed)
- Add an OPTION MENU : you can skip ALL changing, skip stats display, choose sexual preferences
- Add TROPHY system = in this release, 3 are easy ton unlock, 4 are hard, and 3 are unreachable (thanks LegionOfOne)
- Add good reputation… This is the very beginning of this part of the game. (thanks LegionOfOne for his translations)
- Add new musics
- Add 4 levels of cum stains to the portrait of lolita. (thanks yudas51)
- Add a light above each outfit (in the wardrobe) indicating where she can wear them : red = bedroom only, orange = home, green = outside
- Add 1 CG Naked spank in school
- Add 1 CG in the Bazaar
- Add 7 CG in the church (the nun give a little tip at the bar if you confess)
- Add 4 CG in the brothel
- Add 1 CG Anna’s story… see her at the pool
- Add a romantic story with the poolside cashier, but No CG yet
- Add reaction to Lolita's outfit at bar and brothel (5 issues, depending on how sexy) and at pool (each swimsuits)
- Add a hair regrowth system : her bush reappears after a week (thanks deaddog)

Sorry if I forgot to mention your name...
You are so much making me feedback ! It's really cool. Thank you very much !
0.55.1 : Bug fix
- fix Tent exit in gipsy camp (thanks : PolarTiger)
- fix gloryhole exit (thanks : Sangoku25, Rech, Grimm2017, Twistedcat8, max_002, Loqic)
- fix G string in the clothes shop (thanks : Sangoku25)
- Add the possibility to skip the anim in the change room after day 7 (thanks : Twistedcat8, Loqic)
- changed the conditions to trigger the "shave request" event - need to restart the game if you allready reach this point (thanks warbandit18)
v0.55 : First release
- 1.86 GB
- 55 CG (with variant for all outfits)
- 2687 pics

Currently, there are only 2 possible game-over in the game. Both of them are related to the blackmailing done by Paul: Always go and see him when he asks you. Obey him as much as possible (sometimes you won't be able to).
If you don't want to start the blackmail, don't talk to the blond student near the fountain.
The auto save will not be triggered if you risk a game-over. So you will be able to resume 24 hours earlier if you fail.

to increase EXHIBITION
- Eat: depending on the outfit, you will get points.
- get changed in the park for a jog.
- on Wednesdays leave your home without being dressed in sports clothes
- At the swimming pool, put on a sexy swimsuit (or go naked swimming) and talk with everybody
- never protest if you get groped
- Pee in public: at the beach, at the cafe...

As updates are made, repetitive elements will be less present. Please be patient.
If you don't eat or shower, you miss stats increases, but you don't risk game over.

many places to make money unlock as you progress through the game.
- Bar: 16€ to 28€.
- Maid : 20€.
- gloryhole : 20 to 200€.
- brothel : 20€ to 370€.

You can only pay for your drugs in kind if you're an addict.
It's random, but you're more likely to end up a junkie if you take cocaine.

Developer Notes:
Please report any bugs at lolitagonewild@gmail.com (send your savegame)
develloper is French, so try not to use too many abbreviations, otherwise she will have trouble understanding you.

As I used a different method to compile the game, let me know if a crash occurs

V 0.55
I know, RPG is an "old" engine, but I find it appropriate for this game.
So if you dislike ALL rpg game, there's no need to post here...

CG are made using Honey Select.
The CG have variant for all the outfits.

The future of this game :
Lolita will experiment more and more. I plan more event everywhere !

Update frequency :
This game is free, I'm not a professional and I create it on my freetime. There's no guaranty in the update frequency.



603331_08_-_map.png 603323_01-home.png 603324_02-shower.png 603325_03-cooking.png 603326_04-bar.png 603328_06-swiming_pool.png 603334_11-neighbour.png 603338_15-Volley.png 603336_13-tan.png 603343_20-TROPHES.png 603329_07-rent1.png 603330_07-rent2.png 603332_09_-_drugs.png 603333_10-_blackmail.png 603335_12-masturb.png 603337_14-glory.png 603339_16-cinema.png 603340_17-priest.png 603341_18-brothel.png 603342_19-Anna.png
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