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Tech Devil

Developer: Burningsun Patreon
Release Date: 2020-02-20
Last Updated: 2020-02-23
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Real porn, Female protagonist, Simulator, Sandbox, Corruption, Prostitution, Corruption, RPG, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Multiple penetration, Animated, Group sex, Drugs, Urination, Lesbian, Sex toys, Group sex, Multiple endings, Masturbation, Groping, Rape, Anal sex, Pregnancy, Blackmail

You've lived all your life in a small village adjacent to The Lake District. You never really been to a big city as mum and dad told you Liverpool and Manchester were full of dangers. But a week after you turned 17 you're parents got divorced and you were forced to choose who to live with. There was no right or wrong choice, still whatever choice you wanted to make felt wrong, as if you were cheating on the other parent. So that is the start and a year later Lizzy ends up in Amsterdam. Will she be able to not fall into the dangerous downward spiral of drugs, sex, prostitution and the like? It is up to you.

Version -changelog - 20/02/2020
New Features/Updates:
- The alarm has been added to the game! Lizzy can now buy an alarm clock from the MediaMarkt. The implementation was a nightmare and the code even worse, but finally I got it working the way I want it too. It was a HUGE piece of work (been working on it for months on and off to get it right) for only something 'small' to add to the game. I guess you'll hate me for spending the time on this and not on more lewd stuff, but hey, I need to enjoy adding stuff to the game as well and I thoroughly enjoyed figuring out the code. So what does it do?
1) If she doesn't set an alarm, she will sleep in her bed like normal and wake up like normal; at set times depending on each bed (Starting bed = 09:00h, Best bed = 07:00h). So nothing changed there. Only thing that has changed is that the game now checks if Lizzy has slept enough. If Lizzy goes to bed at 5 in the morning and wakes up at 8 in the morning, she will no longer receive the complete energy bonus from a night sleep. In stead it will be reduced. So it is important for her to get enough sleep.
2) If she sets an alarm, she has 2 options. Either to always use it, or only to use it during working days. She can chose the setting in the alarm setup or in her diary page. Just as above the game will check if Lizzy had enough sleep or not. So don't expect to only sleep an hour a night or something like that as Lizzy will need enough energy of course for her 'activities'.
- The Beach and all related passages have been reworked and are now ready for the Pregnancy update that will come in the future. One step at the time.
What has changed? Well, a lot! To be able to see/do/participate in all actions however, Lizzy needs a bikini, sunscreen and a towel as well as the sandals and glasses. Actions/Possibilities unlock depending on which of those items she has or hasn't got in her inventory. Furthermore, most (if not all) events were either changed, updated or received additional options/choices. Some functionality was changed as well, just like the park, Lizzy can now lie on the beach and do stuff on her towel. Lastly, many, many new events were added, some good, some bad, some ugly. Lastly the beach party has changed as well. It is now a proper place which Lizzy can explore like any other place. Events here have seen updates as well and several have been added too, including a nice bonfire. The beach is starting to come alive and as you may notice once you start discovering all events, I've tried to make it more re-visitable and give it more purpose other than just a random place. More to follow and to be added soon.
- Faoud and his men now may try and harass Lizzy in the park when she sits down on a bench. Also changed the functionality a little making sure no menu pops up when Lizzy is approached so that there is no way out and that she has to submit to Faoud and his men.
- The mall has opened the 3rd floor and two new stores have recently opened their doors. More stores will open in the future.
- The local shop now sells a piggy bank which Lizzy can use to tuck away some of her money if she wants to.
- The dishes can now only be done between 15h and 23h.
- Many and I do mean many improvements in the background to simplify code and/or passages.
- Check out the diary page for some new info on every character Lizzy meets in the game.
The new addition will show you Lizzy's thoughts on the people she meets as well as a Relationship number. This way she can track the progress of her relationships a little better.
So far the following people have had their diary page updated: James, Bibi, Faoud, Madiba & Summer. Over time the other ones will be updated too. Yes a few new people are introduced in this update; especially Madiba is an interesting character.
Added a small note listing the working days per job if the job is taken.
- The map, when bought, is now studied straight away and therefore no longer appears in the Inventory.

BETA Fixes
- Fixed the links several images & Vids and resized several images. - ty John B, D Fish & T-J
- Some issues with the Alarm are now (hopefully) fixed. ty D Fish and T-J
- Fixed the 'Do the dishes' warning. - ty D Fish
- Going to the beach now no longer is a free bus ride. - ty D Fish
- Fixed icon for Patricia.
- Issue with the Beach vendor having bad links resolved. - ty John B & D Fish
- Fixed various issues with the new shop and new items in shops. - ty D Fish
- Fixed an issue with the alarm and the rule to go to bed late at night at home causing an endless loop. - ty D Fish
- Fixed an issue with the Beach menu not popping up. - ty T-J
- Fixed several links that would 'teleport' the player from the current location towards another incorrect location within the city. - ty T-J
- Fixed an issue with the Spa resulting in a screen with no links, and fixed it again for reals this time I hope. - ty John B & T-J
- Fixed (hopefully all) the double video's from playing at certain beach passages. - ty T-J
- Fixed a bug in the Gym when trying to file a complaint about your personal trainer when he is a little bit too handsy. - ty Leilum

Bug Fixes
- Changed the Faoud encounter check. It now checks for an unique variable and it now should no longer trigger out of the blue. - ty many of you who mentioned this bug.
- Removed several redundant variables and cleaned up a lot of duplicate variables like $Protect and $protect. Overtime these seem to always come back lol
- Fixed a small error at the club bar where there was a small possibility to get an error if you had exactly 13 or 14 Euros and ordered a cocktail. - ty bortangelo019
- Purchasing any addiction treatment at the clinic now actually does advance time like it should. - ty Calichepaisa
- A beer drinking encounter in the park now properly check the stats of the beer used and time passed.
- Killed a dead end at the club when not having met Raul and having Looks lt 35.
- StreetF1, BFunny9
Version - changelog - 16/10/2019
- Fixed an issue where Lizzy would use cocaine in the bathroom every time after a certain event in the strip club. This should also solve the issue where grabbing a bag from the jar would result in no coke to use. - ty Xill
- Fixed an issue where Lizzy would meet Faoud or one of his men every time if Lizzy were to leave straight after the BJ event in the strip club. - ty Xill
- Fixed a link to the infamous 'Tenner' video. - ty Xill
- Fixed a link to a nonexistant image when running. - ty Xill
- Fixed a few inconsistencies in the strip Club bathroom.
- Fixed an issue with the church appearing only once. Finally found the issue some of you had mentioned a few times! - ty WolfsDrgn, dormambo, AriaZaia & sally34g (hope I remembered all of you who mentioned it)
- Fixed an issue where in one of the pickup scenes at the club it would show a red link. - ty thotwheelz & VictorHayes
- Fixed a small error in the code when meeting Faoud for the first time preventing one of the possible options to appear. - ty Ana
- When working for Donny after meeting him at the beach or pool, it is now no longer possible to work for him endlessly every Monday even though the story ends.- ty Lynodie
- Fixed a loop where Intel could be increased to 10 within a short period of time while talking to Bibi. - ty Lynodie
- Fixed an error with the SelfD & Selfd variables. Lizzy should now be able to take self defense classes again. - ty Radical686 & RenStimpy
- The euphoric state level to experience the additional energy gain and lower loss has been lowered, effectively meaning an increase of the duration. - ty Subli
- Being 'washed' by a girl in the shower now increases the Desire stat. - ty goddlike
- Fixed some minor club menu issues and you can now wait for the club to open as of 17:00h onwards.
- Fixed some typos.
Version - changelog - 08/10/2019
- Fixed the opening times from the strip club which was preventing Lizzy from working there on Sunday when walking towards the strip club. - ty rwR, phaos0, Miannie83 & DarkMoc
- Fixed a video path typo in one of the club pickup scenarios.
- Fixed the virginity checks when following a nice guy home from the club. They now should show the correct message again. - ty shizzlenizzle
- Added an additional message at the Red Light District letting players know that there is no more content. - ty max_002
- Fixed a link to a video in one of the stripclub scenarios. - ty Logiq & laladon
- The public toilet in the Bijlmer is now usable again. - ty laladon
- When arriving home late during the week, the game now checks the time properly and tells you to go to sleep. - ty _Skyfire_
- The game now checks the time properly when enjoying the beach. - ty MrGreenFrailejon
- Sitting on the bench in the park for an hour now does no longer consume energy. - ty gongo_g
- Fixed a textual error in one of the pickup scenes when using a condom but then suddenly not using one. - ty VictorHayes
- Fixed an issue where refusing to take coke with the couple while being a virgin would lead automatically to the next day. - ty VictorHayes
- Fixed an issue where the BJ scene in the stripclub could not be triggered and fixed the scene as well... damn full of errors but luckily you guys didn't see it as it was untriggerable if that is a word lol. - ty Xill
- Fixed an issue where the stripping experience would stop at 27. - ty Xill
- Fixed some city center menu irregularities.
- Dancing in the strip club now increases fame, depending on actions taken. - ty Xill
Version - changelog - 01/10/2019
New Features/Updates:
- The club has been reworked. So, what has changed you ask? Well a lot! Apart from a lot of code that has been rewritten and updated, below a list of the main changes:
1) The club entrance has changed and works a lot better now, giving you a choice of joining the queue (if there is one) return to town, go to the back entrance or talk to James the bouncer.
2) Also added a 'wait for club to open' option when arriving at the club within a reasonable amount of time before actual opening. - ty Pepette & Oddf3ll0w.
3) The club bar has changed. From now on you will have to choose your beverage and (most of the times) pay for it before actually getting it. Just a slight change to make it feel more 'real'.
4) Several small-ish events added to the club and several existing events updated to have more options/possibilities to trigger different outcomes.
5) Raul has been reset for everyone. So you will all need to get the random encounter again. This had to be done in order to make the new encounter work correctly. Once you visit him, there are several different ways to uhmm 'please' him to get a job at the club or the strip club! Impress Raul with your dancing skills and he might just give you a new job at one of his clubs where you will meet Daisy or Marko. (Daisy & the dance job is not finished yet and therefore not yet available in this update. Sorry!)
6) New (part-time) job available at the strip club: Professional pole dancer. Work there in the evenings and dance for the crowds and impress everyone with your amazing dancing skills.
7) When it is late, normally Lizzy would be prompted to go home, now however when she is in the Bijlmer she can also opt to go to the club if the club is open. - ty OddF3ll0w.
- A dance studio has opened its doors in the city center. Go there to learn different dancing skills which are needed for the Raul story line. The pole dancing class at the Spa has been cancelled.
- Dancing clothes & shoes are now available to purchase at the mall.
- All .PNG and .JPG filenames should now have been changed to .png & .jpg - ty Gromanch69 & LongJohns77 for mentioning it and ty RenStimpy, T-J & Ilovemessi for letting me know how to solve it!!
- When showing off in the club while being drunk it now shows the correct image depending on whether or not you are wearing panties.
- Makeup now available from the local shop, it is cheaper, but it has fewer uses. Cheap shitty shop!! - ty ray3dave
- The mall is now always open straight from the start. No longer need to buy the map to unlock it. You still need the map to unlock other areas though. - ty ray3dave
- After having paid the rent, or at any other time when you do not need to pay rent you can now go straight outside from the entrance area, instead of always first having to go back to your room. - ty Maxine_D
- Added some images when doing your workout routine at the gym and getting approached by a guy. - ty newport_georgeg
- The work icon has been upgraded! From now on (when not playing on hard) you will instantly see when you meet the requirements to work for any of the 4 jobs (new job not included yet) or not; Red is not good and when hovering over the icon it will tell you the requirements. Green is 'good to go!'. Not only that, the green one is now also a button which will be your instant //I-am-lazy-get-me-to-work-button-straight-away-button-button//. When pressed, it will instantly start the commute for Lizzy from her home (and ''ONLY'' her home) to her work. There is a chance though that during your walk or your trip on the bus you encounter an event just as if you walk from your apartment to the appropriate city-part or when you take the bus (During the commute, the only encounters that are available are the ones that do not take up a lot of time). As Lizzy is walking in a direct line from home to work, the duration is a little shorter than normal. Just over an hour. So, make sure to leave an hour before work starts if your by foot or else Lizzy will be too late. By bus Lizzy can leave a little later, but obviously it will cost some money. Going to the library is always by foot as it is in the city center.
- A new toggle has been created and it allows you to choose how Lizzy would go to her work, either by foot or by bus. The setting of this toggle will be leading whether Lizzy uses the bus or goes by foot when the new-and-upgraded-go-to-work-icon is pressed. By default, it is set to foot.
- When a random guy approaches Lizzy at the gym for sex it will now correctly check if Lizzy is a virgin or not and offer different choices depending on her virginity. It will also show the correct message on the character page. - ty AlexDark & GoldenMousey
- Reduced the amount of time that it takes to do each of the 'favors' when 'talking' to Henry about the rent dramatically.
- Quick showers no longer increase dignity. - ty deluges
- When showering multiple times in a row, the Morale & Energy gains have been lowered dramatically. - ty Subli
- Updated & rearranged the layout of the inventory screen.
- The Spacard and Gold card now have an icon and are listed as an icon in the inventory.
- Any Book(s) Lizzy purchases, now also appear in your inventory. - ty Back
- If Lizzy's Cumcraze or Cum addiction is high enough, she now will be unable to resist the guy that is jerking off in the shower. - ty pepette
- When you have selected to never use any of the makeup items or if you do not have any makeup, the option to actually apply makeup is now shown in red text without a link. - ty ChunkyPuffs
- Increased starting cash for all difficulties and increased all base income for all 4 jobs slightly.
- When Lizzy loses her virginity to the gym teacher, it now shows the correct message on the character page. - ty AlexDark & GoldenMousey
- Updated the hints section.
- Updated the payment code to make it work a lot better and make it work properly when Lizzy has multiple jobs. Also reduced the penalty on payout for having low morale on all jobs slightly.
- Changed the way LooksBase is calculated. Works like a charm now and allows me to easily remove and add items that alter the LooksBase without having to worry about if it is shown correctly. On the stats page the Looks number will always be the total amount of Looks Lizzy has. Right next to it it will show the amount of Base Looks Lizzy has which is part of the overall looks.
- Updated how the check for wearing panties works and it should now always work 100% correctly.
- Many, many spelling mistakes were corrected. They seem to multiply themselves somehow! :O
- The park and all the related passages have been updated. They are now ready for the pregnancy update that will come in the future. Additionally, several smaller events have been added, some other events were slightly reworked and some events received additional options/outcomes. Also, some minor functionality changes have been implemented in an attempt to add more variety to the park. I.e. you can now sit on a bench, or lie down in the grass and have several options available to choose from, depending on Lizzy's inventory.
- It is now possible to encounter Faoud and his men in the park, though the chance is smaller than during any of the other encounters.
- Faoud and his men now no longer should be able to grab Lizzy multiple time in a row. - ty SloanD
- Flower shop now visit able even if not taken job straight away after first visit when not having any other job. - ty BruceLee73
- You can now wait for maximum two hours in several places. - ty greyelf for helping me with my problem here
- Cleaned up the 'Study' passage which was working in different ways depending on what was happening. It is the passage showing the pop-up messages like the flyers, the map and others. Now it is pretty easy to add more popup messages and have them all in one place for easy checking/adding etc and always working in the same way; portraying a pop-up message.
- Kitchen mechanics changed slightly. You can now always eat something (previously this was limited by time intervals) as long as you have groceries to increase some stats if needed. - ty Mercuklienqu121
- The update me button is now red. You can't miss it!!.... . . ... . .. SO MAKE SURE TO PRESS IT WHEN LOADING AN OLD SAVE!

known issues
- Henry can 'loop' when certain choices are made. It loops, but it does not mean Henry can't be unlocked, it just resets his progress. Make a different choice next time.

- The second bed now shows up in the inventory - ty Back
- The lingerie set has been removed for now as the item was interfering with the looksbase count & the panties usage in different ways. If you had the item, you will now have the three separate items (after pressing Update me)- ty Donny Ranistvenich, newport_georgeg & Back
- Tanning at the mall is no longer free - ty EvilPenguin & Anarchistic
- Buying items at the local store now takes time again.
- Choosing the 400$ option at Donny's studio when in debt with Faoud, now actually deducts the correct amount from the debt. - ty deluges
- Small typo fixed when studying the club flyer and updated the overall text to include Thursday. - ty Chris Simon.
- Fixed a bug that would cause a new job to instantly recognize Lizzy as being late for work when quitting the previous job by phone. - ty Maxine_D
- Re-written the message board as it was not always working as intended. Also reduced the time it took to study a flyer to 5 min. - ty edg
- When first speaking to Helen at the flower shop, it now shows Lizzy's correct surname. - ty Back & Highland_Hunter
- Desire increase is now properly capped at max +5. - ty Lynodie
- Checked many events and added negative Desire as a stat to them as they were missing. - ty Lynodie
- Removed some testing code that would result in weird letters showing next to a video. - ty OddF3ll0w
- Missing video link restored for several scenes in the park when 'working'. ty OddF3ll0w
- Fixed typo during one of the Donny special Faoud shoots. - ty ChunkyPuffs
- Taking a long walk on the beach now no longer can take 6 hours during certain events. - ty tfgs_bj
- Fixed an issue where you could get a new loan from Leo, even though you could still encounter him in town due to late payment of the previous loan.
- Fixed an issue where if you would visit Leo while he is still stalking you for payment, it would show erroneous text.
- Fixed a typo in the code preventing Lizzy to keep working at Donny after repaying Faoud's debt. - ty n1ck
- If you go to Donny to work for Faoud and you've already met Donny before, Donny will now recognize you. - ty n1ck
- Replaced one of the upskirt video's which was 'acting up' in some cases with a new version. - ty OddF3ll0w
- The amount of time it takes for Leo to drag you to his office now depends on where you are, rather than always being a fixed 10 minutes.
- You can no longer buy and lose panties indefinitely in order to reach 100 BaseLooks. Reporting this bug made me change the way LooksBase is calculated as per above. - ty guest1492
- When going home with a guy at the club and opting to let him take Lizzy's virginity, the check that was in place whether or not to use a condom, was changed from Looks to Intellect. Have a low intellect and no condom will be used. - ty guest1492
- Fixed all (hopefully) instances where Lizzy's age is mentioned from a fixed 18 to a variable so that at any time her correct age is mentioned. - ty tfgs_bj
- You can no longer evade Henry's visits on Saturdays by going out the night before. The rent-increase-check has been re-written in order to accomplish this. - ty guest1492
- Fixed an issue when Lizzy would meet Faoud or one of his goons at the changing rooms at the spa which could cause a black screen or have wrong video's played.
- Showering in the pool or dance studio or sauna now increases or decreases stats just like it would do if Lizzy showered at home. - ty Garazas
- Adjusted the way I coded the virginity check in certain areas in order to eliminate the chance of it changing over time somehow. - ty n1ck
- Touching up makeup is now only possible when actually owning makeup. - ty RenStimpy

BETA Test Bugfixes & Changes
- Lipstick & Nailpolish price and number of uses have changed. Especially the number of uses. the shop at the mall sells the more expensive stuff, BUT it lasts longer. - ty Campbell
- Changed several grammatical issues and typos in the library path - ty Campbell
- At the start of the game you no longer see the cash as zero when choosing the difficulty. Cash is now shown at the start of the actual story. - ty Campbell
- Opting to smoke a joint in the park now has a link again to continue. - ty Andreas, Campbell, John B & stefan Fritzmann
- Having a nap in the park while being tired now has a link again to continue. - ty SmokeyRivers & John B
- Having a alcoholic drink in the park now has a link again to continue. - ty John B
- Fixed the gym checks on Hygene and time and they should work better now.
- Fixed the error messages when Lizzy was offered/asked for sex in gym. Additionally fixed a few other things during the same scenario which I stumbled upon when fixing the error messages. Also corrected many typos. - ty John B
- Error message in Balans work icon fixed - ty John B & Mathemagician88
- Fixed sleeping in the park to always show the correct image and corrected the options for sleeping topless or nude when appliccable.
- Fixed all the smoking images on the bench.
- Loanshark variables removed from the loanshark office page. - ty Deniz31
- Removed the double link while drinking in the park and fixed a link to an image when drinking a Breezer in the park. - ty Deniz31, laladon & PinkBishop
- Fixed the text alignment when jogging in the park. - ty Deniz31
- Fixed a dead end at the gloryhole in the club. - ty stefan fritzmann & Jeremy S & PinkBishop
- Fixed several minor . inconsistencies throughtout the game. - ty T-J
- Fixed several missing images\incorrect links (Club Pickup/Park/Club/StripClub/Dance school and more). - ty T-J, laladon, teslad & PinkBishop
- Fixed the missing Update while running in the park. - ty T-J & PinkBishop
- Fixed the pole dancing requirement check at the dancingschool. - ty laladon & T-J
- The mall is now closed on Sundays. - ty T-J
- Fixed timechecks in the pub tiolet - ty laladon
- Fixed a dead end at the beach when walking. - ty laladon, T-J & PinkBishop
- Corrected the paths of the club pickup video's. - ty laladon
- Lizzy now needs a bikini again if she goes to tan in the tanning salon. - ty PinkBishop
- Fixed a textual error in the Balans carreer. - ty PinkBishop
- Adjusted the requirements for one of the showerscenes. - ty laladon
- Lizzy can no longer give away your panties when she is not wearing any on the bus. - ty PinkBishop
- Corrected an error in the code resulting in error messages during some of the encounters when walking the streets - ty T-J
- No longer possible to endlessly service gloryholes when not having energy. - ty T-J
- Fixed several textual inconsistancies in the bus; men can approach Lizzy and tell her they've seen vids, even though she's not made any yet. - ty PinkBishop
- The stripclub is now no longer open on Sunday. - ty T-J
- Removed the back door option at the club - ty tom
- Fixed endless payment loop at the stripclub. - ty T-J
- Fixed a dead end during the wee-encounter in the club. - ty T-J & Stefan Fritzmann
- Adjusted the amount of time the Balans job takes slightly in order to not overlap too much with the pole dancing classes. - ty Mathemagician88, PinkBishop

Developer Notes:
Road Map:

V0.8.5 ‘Like a Virgin’
- rework of the gloryholes and new way(s) to unlock it through the sexshop. (moved)
- rework of the beach; this effectively means make it ready for the pregnancy update (see below) (moved)
- Virginity; I'd like to make this work in this version. What I would like to do is to have the code recognize whenever Lizzy loses her virginity and make it either give the player choices or simply tell the player that it is happening
- Surprise (it was the panties)

V0.8.6.0 ‘In Da Club’ (overall 30% done)

- Rework of the club; this effectively means make it ready for the pregnancy update (small job as the club will be off limits for pregnant girls) and likely some new small events (80%)
- Continuation of the Raul job storyline; Yes it is coming in this update. (10%)
- Small stuff to support the above (70%)[/S]

V0.8.7.0 - ‘In Da Club’ (was previously planned as V0.8.6.0)
- Rework the club this effectively means make it ready for the pregnancy update (small job as the club will be off limits for pregnant girls) and likely some new small events (80%)
- Continuation of the Raul job storyline; Yes it is coming in this update.

V0.8.8.0 - 'I just called'
This update would solely be about the introduction (finally) of the phone system. It is a huge piece of work and possible just as big, if not bigger, than the pregnancy update. I want it to work in a few ways:
- You should be able to call anyone at any time in order to do a number of things; e.g. quit your job, just call for a chat, invite people on a date or for a coffee etc
- You should be able to be called at any given time by anyone you know. They can call you for a number of reasons; e.g. to invite you for dinner, on a date, to chat, or more interesting stuff like asking for selfies, nude selfies, making you do jobs for them etc etc.

As you perhaps can imagine it is a huge piece of work, so it may not come in this update, but it is my goal to do so!

V0.8.9.0 - ‘Work Sucks’
- Much needed upgrade of all the jobs; Getting them ready for V0.9.0 & well let’s say ‘tweak’ them here and there a little.

V0.9.0.0 - ‘Knocked Up’
- This update is about one thing and one thing only; Pregnancy. A lot of stuff is already written for it and a lot of stuff still needs to be written for it and I need to decide for a lot of stuff whether or not it will be possible to go there when pregnant; For sure some areas will not be available while being pregnant e.g the club.

The idea for this to work is that obviously Lizzy can get pregnant by anyone at any time depending on cycle and protection levels. The pregnancy needs to get tracked and people need to comment about it when it happens (Oefff big job). It needs to impact on her daily jobs whenever possible and obviously on Lizzy herself. And giving birth needs to be added as well as some endings if things go wrong etc.

Pretty ambitious I’d say and I’m not sure I’ll pull it off, but going to try

V0.9.5.0 - From Paris with Love!
- YES, apart from some small stuff, I plan to open up Paris in this update. Obviously, it will not be finished, nor will it be hours of playtime once I open it, but it will be possible for Lizzy to run away to Paris instead of Amsterdam once this update is launched. Paris will have a lot of different stuff happening. Mark my words! :)

V0.10.0.0 - Paris again!
- This version should see more content open up for Paris and make it really playable. I'm guessing it will be somewhat similar to Amsterdan in V0.5.0 or so.
- Amsterdam should be finished by this time and no longer will get additional content.


All - MEGA

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