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Developer: Amaraine Patreon
Release Date: 2019-12-30
Last Updated: 2020-01-07
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
3DCG, Male protagonist, Spanking, Cuckqueaning, Cumplay, Blowjobs, Exhibitionism, Pole Dancing, Vaginal sex, Groping, BDSM
In Leather and Steel you're a married man... and your wife wants you to have sex with as many girls as possible. You find some very kinky women to play with. As is usual for Amaraine games, it's hard to "win" on the first try.

New Content:

Bondage scenes with Jessica, Chloe, Olivia, and Mia.
A new scene in the Cafe with Jessica and your wife.
Bug Fixes:
Jessica’s hugs in the cafe no longer flash on the screen without giving you a chance to see them.
The option to talk to Karima’s husband if you don’t have a date to swap with no longer occurs, and therefore you no longer get booted abruptly out of that dialogue.
Functionality Changes:
Office blowjob scene with Jessica is no longer repeatable.

New Content:

Added Jessica, a younger woman who works in the same office as you.
Added the Office location.
UI Improvements:
Screen now displays the day number as well as the day of the week, so you know which week it is.
“Humpday” has been replaced with “Wednesday”
Bug Fixes:
Wife is now correctly identified in scene at home with Karima.
Bad image references for Karima in the club have been fixed, and she will now properly (or improperly!) take her clothes off.
Wife is now correctly identified as the speaker in talking about going to the swing club
Olivia now gains trust when you have sex with her at home, rather than that trust going to Chloe.
Isabella continues to wear her club clothes at the end of the tour
Karima Pool picture now correctly displays when you try to hug her at the pool
Functionality Changes:
Game now lasts 33% longer.

New Content:

Added Karima, a housewife who has a jerky husband. You can try to win her sympathy -- or you can swap for her at the …
Added a new location, Lifestyles. It’s a swing club in the same location as Leather and Steel, with different furniture moved in for Lifestyles night. The swing club creates an easier opportunity to have sex with some of the girls at lower levels of affection. It is possible, but very optional, to engage in “swapping” at the Lifestyles club.
Bug Fixes:
Bug in displaying the button to checkout a workout book was fixed (in 0.2.1)
Changed calculation of whether or not your wife says that some of the girls you’ve had sex with might not want to do it again so that she only says it if one of *those* girls has lower than max affection.
Various Typoes -- kudos to Rake for sending me a list!
Functionality Changes:
Score is now out of 1000, and the relative weights given to Trust, Shyness reduction, and having sex with the girls has changed slightly.
Isabella can now only whip girls who are shown as present at Leather and Steel

New Content:

You now get to pick your wife’s name. Hitting enter without putting in a name for either your own name or your wife’s will result in a name being selected for you.
Added location, Pool. Scenes for Mia, Olivia, and Chloe there.
Added renders for hugs in most locations. Added renders for flirting in some locations.
Added scenes for Mia at the Club, in the Cafe, at the Beach, and at Home. Mia now has content comparable to that of Olivia and Chloe.
Some existing scenes got an extra render or two to help them flow better.
Added one scene with Hildy, and there are some extra renders for her available if you get all three girls, as well. New events may cause new dialog in the nightly conversation.
Added renders to the opening scene.
UI Improvements:
There are now graphical buttons to move you to the other locations, and you can easily see which girls are at those locations as their pictures are displayed on top of the location button. Locations have a red border if moving would advance time, and a blue border if it would not.
Text Buttons have been replaced with more attractive buttons, which change color when the mouse hovers over them.
Moving buttons are now in the same place on both the location screen and the character interaction screen.
All interactions with the girls are now in one place on the upper right of the character interaction screen, rather than split between left and right.
Added a help function, which gives a brief tutorial.
The game now has its own icon.
Functionality Changes:
Girls will sometimes be at the pool when they would have spent time at the club. Many of the girls will take an afternoon off of work at some point late in the game, as well, and spend the time at the pool.
Game Length has been changed from 20 days, to 21 days, so that the game now ends on the Sunday before you go back to work. I expect this number to get longer with later releases, although not *every* release will see an increase in game length.
Having a longer conversation with Mia at the cafe bar no longer causes you to use up your chance to flirt.
It is no longer possible to both flirt, or “get to know a girl better” and do a physical action like hugging or kissing on a single turn.
The options to ask for a recommendation or get a phone number now are available only after you take your action with the same girl, so while they don’t take an action themselves, they do require spending time with a girl to do.
Scores are now calculated based on what you do with all three girls, but the score is still out of 500, so scores will be lower than in 0.1.
Flirt no longer is listed as a possible action once it becomes ineffective.

First release.
I want to lay out what's intended for Leather and Steel.
Characters, in probable order of full development:
Mia -- the barrista
Karima -- a swinger
Isabella -- a dominatrix
? -- A secretary
Locations, also in order of development:
The Pool -- probably with Mia
The Swing Club -- important for Karima
The Office -- with the secretary
Additional interactions:
Girl-girl scenes -- probably added more or less continuously, with the first one coming once the pool and Mia are both in the game.
Dominance and Submission -- This may be hinted at, but I don't expect to fully develop it for a while. Getting girls to this point involves further interactions and a longer game.
Swinging -- There will be the possibility, probably introduced with Karima, to use partner swapping as a way to get sexual with Karima in particular earlier. These scenes will be entirely optional. and if you choose to engage in swinging, you will be able to "watch" or "not watch" -- i.e., see your partner with someone else, or not.
Bondage -- Bondage scenes will be introduced around when Isabella is fully in the game, and possibly may get in a bit earlier.
Almost certainly types of interactions I'm not thinking about at the moment.
So what I'm anticipating is to add at least one and possibly more elements each release, and release at least once a month, in something like this order (For characters, this refers to the time they have a full sex scene, not the time they are introduced.)
First girl-girl scenes
Swing Club (Lifestyles)
D & S
Character 7
Church? Extra scenes?

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Mac - MEGA

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