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Tech Devil

Developer: UsagiTripleSix Patreon - TFGamessite
Version: 0.241
Release Date: 2020-02-24
Last Updated: 2020-02-25
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Lesbian, Transformation, Oral sex, Handjob, Female domination, Mobile game

You are a college student who lands a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for an internship. You will work at a tropical island resort. After a night of drunken partying you are alarmed to find you are transforming into a woman. Train to work at various parts of the resort, investigate the cause of your transformation, and maybe have a little fun on the way.

Transformation is not optional.


Just some minor changes to scheduling and flag checks to prevent Rodney scenes from playing back-to-back.
I’m considering this the “Better than Nothing” release! Not amazing, but I’ve been struggling quite a bit recently.
Content-wise, there are some new scenes for both Scarlet and Rodney (including one WITH both Scarlet and Rodney). There are also a few scenes that hint at things to come.
Code-wise, I did a lot of changes to how Tatum’s scenes are triggered, making it significantly easier to get the threesome scene.
Old saves should work for the most part, but some of Scarlet’s scenes won’t fire if you’ve already viewed her previous scenes (some new flags were added with this version).

Change List:
• Hanson’s arrival no longer triggers Phase 2, but, instead, now marks the official beginning of Phase 1.
• Changed Phase 1 and Phase 2 start dates.
• New code for handling the arrival of Palmer and Scarlet. Rather than only arriving during the first week, they now have a 20% chance of arriving each day between the first week and the start of Phase 1 (currently day 22). Short version: You now have a better chance of seeing them arrive if you work Guest Services early on.
• Reworked some code behind Tatum’s events. You can now learn about her problem just by witnessing a couple of her events, rather than only by eavesdropping. The mini-event where the PC can ask about it has alternate versions for this now.
• The Tatum and Todd scene is available without having viewed the scene confirming Tatum’s problem with her. (That was never the intended behavior.)
• PC no longer needs to have been investigating the hotel in order to be able to snoop while delivering room service.

New Scenes:
• Scarlet talks to PC after sex on the beach with Clint
• Scarlet, Tiffany and Brittney give Rodney a hard time
• 3 scenes hanging out with Rodney at the club
• Mini work event: Tatum’s medication
• Mini work event: Dan and Steve

Known Issues:
• Some events, like Scarlet’s follow-up to the PC seeing her and Clint, should be able to happen in locations such as Poolside, but the code to fire these scenes isn’t in place yet.
• Magic wand and size changes appear to be fairly broken (the change isn’t supposed to happen all at once or to that degree).
v0.231 bugfix
This update was mostly focused on sex. There’s one continuation of the big Holly scene from last time (with some variations planned for the future). Tatum has a scene with a guest and the PC. There are multiple new scenes for random guests and a few new ways to get to them.

It’s not sex, but you can take a shower with Cynthia. I’ve also spiced up existing shower scenes with a fully-functional avatar image that shows body shape, hair color and tan lines.
Bug fixes and optimization:

Unsurprisingly, a lot of bugs were introduced when I did the major overhaul of the schedule and clinic. In addition to error messages, it looks like some of the scenes were unintentionally locked out. I’ve hopefully made them available again.

Additionally, I’ve done some image optimization work, which should hopefully bring the overall size of the game down and may hopefully help performance a little bit for people on mobile or slower machines. Let me know if the switch to WEBP for sprites causes any problems.
Unfinished business:

Most of my focus in the last month was on more “avatar” images (I’d like to the mirror images to be more complete), a rebuild of the sex system and more work on the, uh…let’s call it the “hooking up with guests” system. It’s got a long way to go, so right now there are just a few non-interactive scenes to play through.
Special Thanks:

I’ve actually got a backlog of player submissions which is great, though I haven’t had a chance to work through all of them. Thule came through with some great sex scenes, and you should be able to find it in this build.
More details:
• Three new Tatum scenes for Guest Services
• New scene with May where the PC can learn the clip trick
• New scene for the porn channel
• PC can pick up guests on her own at the club once orientation and lust are at appropriate levels certain level
• It’s now possible to learn the clip trick from May. Restaurant scene was reworked in case the PC already knows it.
• If the right conditions are met, Cynthia can help the PC out in the shower.
• Replaced character sprite PNGs with WebP for file size reduction.
• Updated the engine to Ren’Py 7.3.3, which makes promises of more optimizations.
• Updated the engine to Ren’Py 7.3.4 due to reports of bugs in 7.3.3
• Updated the engine to Ren’Py 7.3.5 because, hey, at this point, why not?
• As saved games from before version 0.212 can’t be made to work with the new schedule system, the save file updater no longer does anything with these older files.
• Changed clinic code to allow PC to ask the nurse about medical issues. (Should unlock scenes that were blocked off before.)
• Variable “nurse_medical_issue_count” should now be initialized properly.
• Changed text when shadowing Christina at the restaurant if you’ve met her previously.
• Removed some debug messages that were accidentally appearing.
• Rewrote the first swimwear try-on to account for PCs who have already exceeded the max suit sizes. Should prevent error messages.
Known issues:
• In the shower image, one of the body sizes is missing soap suds for some reason…
• It’s possible to loop when telling the nurse about a medical issue (due to how the placeholders are being handled).
• The shower background is appearing in inappropriate scenes. Seems to be RenPy showing preference for the filename over the defined image.
• Cyn can arrive even if she’s already in the room from the shower sequence.
General Rambling
I explained in my last update that this quickly turned into the update from hell. I thought I’d built the game to be able to handle a lot of things, but when I tried to expand past “the helicopter scene” and add game-changing events for Holly and May, it became evident that a lot more needed to be done. I’ve got it fairly functional, but it’s clear that it’s going to need more work before it’s smoothed out. (I’m sure you’ll let me know about the glaring errors and showstoppers.)

On top of that, I had a setback with images of the PC, that forced me to hold off on the next batch of mirror images until I figure it out.

I’d also been working on laying ground work for guests to hit on the PC during work, but it appears the file I was writing in didn’t save, so I only have a couple little scene stubs. Disappointing, but it will probably be more of a focus for next time.

Oh, and on a similar note: I’ve added some partial support for masturbation scenes both in the room and with the porn TV channel. There’s very little text and it’s mostly code working in the background, but it does connect to some of the new stuff I’ve added for Holly/the nurse/Reika.

Anyway, I’m sure there’s a ton of stuff I forgot, but here are the changes I had in my notes:

Main Game Loop/Schedule Overhaul
• Rebuilt schedule system to be more flexible, allowing for better handling of chain events. Day loop has been broken into three separate loops for: day work shift, evening work shift, free day.
• Two schedule types are available starting with the second play-through of the game: Working through most of the jobs a couple days at a time, or going straight to a 5-day work week at the task of your choice.
• When working evening shifts, performance evaluations take place before the start of the final shift. Job assignments are no longer instant, and are instead applied at the end of the day.
• On day shifts, performance evaluations will not play before special events that are supposed to take place before leaving work.
• Set groundwork to make it possible to miss a work evaluation without breaking the game.
• Beach party will no longer be assigned if the next day is a day off.
• Job notices should now trigger only on the morning of the start of a new assignment

Clinic Expansion
• Clinic code expanded to handle more scenarios. The nurse is no longer banned, so you can see her scenes again.
• Clinic is now available to visit during the day.
• Started a more standardized way of handling medical ailment “quests.”
• Clinic is unlocked for those who haven’t unlocked Holly, but only the nurse is available for now (and typically only if the PC has a reason to visit).
• Availability of the doctor and nurse now vary by time of day.

• New “Phase 2” introduction scene with Mallory.
• Additional scenes for Holly’s storyline.
• Working for Reika has been expanded. New event if the PC is cooperating with May at the same time.
• Holly and the nurse can be visited for a couple of “health issues.”
• A couple new guest scenes added.
• Added new endings (Restored some “fan favorites” as well). Main ending involves working for Reika.

Sex Event Work
• Hacked in a really crude place holder masturbation system for the PC’s room (to be expanded on with an eventual overhaul of sex)
• Implemented a some rough event counters for sex acts and orgasms
• Stubs have been added for handling guests approaching the PC during work

• Added color to dialogue to make it stand out a bit more. Looking for feedback on this. Like it? Don’t like it? Think it should be optional?
• Adjusted random chances for some events depending on player actions. (Better chance of meeting May or learning the clip trick if you’ve been investigating frequently.)
• Stopped mini-events from playing before first shift of a job type
• Added some “shorter start” variations to Cyn’s swimwear conversation, hopefully making the scene a bit faster to get through on replays.
• Improved handling and messages for free days.
• File cleanup work (sorted scenes and variables into their proper files)

Bug Fixes
• Fixed bug with Reika’s wand and hips changes. (Sizing down is likely still broken)
• Fixed bugs preventing meeting May and Renata mini-work event from firing.
• Fixed some bugs with investigation tracking
• Fixed bug that was blocking new Club event scenes and causing training scene to loop.
• Added Brooke and the record executives scene to the Club work event pool.
• Disabled the Sound and Voice volume options in the Preferences menu since they were misleading (there’s currently no sound of any kind in the game).
• Fixed broken mirror images when trying bikini with a skirt for the first time.
• Added more BG images to one Club work event.
• Increased chances of miscellaneous post-work events.
• Two guest-written Club scenes by Pandora @TFGS (These could use some additional editing and graphics work, but there was a LOT too them, and getting them coded and working was a challenge in and of itself).
• Added new scenes for: Free time at the pool, porn channel, working poolside, working the club, working housekeeping/restaurant, multiple dreams.
• Created alternate “first day on the job” scenes for the sake of a little variety. (Note: You’ll need to play through the original scenes one more time to unlock them, so you still won’t see them right away.)
• Added some other short scenes for: housekeeping, club, beach, guest services, restaurant, poolside, free-time poolside, free-time beach, free-time club.
• Added “avatar” images for clothing and uniforms, with new hair lengths (only one so far, so the other images won’t match). Currently a bit broken during the green hair event.
• Completed new version of status messages system that alerts players to the PC’s condition between time blocks.
• Holly “chat” scenes were crudely converted into evening beach events.
Game changes and bug fixes:
• Basic code for aphrodisiacs added
• Basic code for changing sexual orientation added
• Game balancing: Lowered the rate at which the PC sobers up (it takes longer now). Increased the default length of time PC can stay at max lust before it starts to decline.
• Larger bust and hip sizes accelerate gender identity shift
• Updated clothing variable and attempted to move uniform to more appropriate block (dressing scene). Should help with clothing checks in future. This might lead to some undiscovered bugs, however…
• Tried to adjust transformation system to prevent PC from going up more than one size per day. Extra transformation amount will carry over to the next day until full TF is complete. (Shrinking is still completely broken.)
• Work attitude menu no longer shows up when it’s your first day on that job type.
• Increased compression on cafe backgrounds with the hope of helping Android users avoid a JPG-loading error.
• Fixed issue with schedule that was causing Day 5 to be skipped.
• Fixed bug that prevented Club jobs from switching over to evening shifts.
• Entire rest of the schedule was screwy. Needs a bit of an overhaul, but for now I worked on just getting work in proper 2-day batches.
• Eliminated all Lint errors! (Hooray!)

Known issues:
• New bug: Aforementioned elimination of Lint errors seems to have made the text on the keycard misaligned…
• Mirror images don’t match. Only one image so far does the most complete set of changes.
• Work mini-events can still display during your first day on that job type.
• Many of the new minor scenes don’t check for sun or water exposure yet, so any events requiring them won’t fire.
• I’m a complete tease: A sequence at the club leads into a sex scene that doesn’t exist yet.
• Mallory evaluation scene does not always show in the correct order with other post-work events
• Aphrodisiac code likely isn’t working properly, or at least the scenes using it need more testing.


Android - MEGA
Win/Lin - MEGA
Mac - MEGA

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