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Developer: SushiGames Patreon
Version: 0.3.1 Beta
Release Date: 2020-08-26
Last Updated: 2020-08-27
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
3DCG, Animated, Male protagonist, Milf, Incest, Big tits, Groping, Loli, Corruption, Romance, Humor, Handjob, Harem, Mobile game, Oral sex, Exhibitionism, Male domination, Romance, Stripping, Teasing, Virgin

The son (you) came back from arduous training in the mountains to better his body, skills and determination. He moved back to his family in a small town. You work from home as a programmer and live together with your mother and her two home-schooled innocent daughters. Everyday is a different day and you will get to know more about your seemingly innocent family!​

Ayano and Yuri are mother and daughter. Both seem to like you but in different ways. What will happen this time? With Ayano, you know that there is more than meets the eye. However will the relationship between Yuri and you stay innocent or is there more to it?

At home, Hitomi is feeling restless and having sleepless nights. She has already visited you once during the night, but was it really just once?

Starting from this update, story progressions of characters will be labeled with a level. For example: Level 1, level 2 and etc. This can be checked by clicking on 'progress' and it's written behind each characters name.

What's new:
  • Hitomi level 3 - story progression;
    - 18 events (9 events with 1 each sub-event);
  • Ayano and Yuri level 2 - story progression;
    - 18 events (9 events with 1 each sub-event).
  • A lot of 'under-the-hood' changes.
  • Renders: 707
  • Animations: 6
  • User interface:
    - Reduced lag;
    - Added/Removed animations where needed;
    - Added option to change the laptop BG ( Will be expanded to include special Patron-only pictures as a thank you);
    - Lots of more fixed and changes under the hood;
  • Bugfixes;
  • Much optimized compression;
    • Keeps original quality, but reduced file size (5.6GB -> ~910MB);
  • Optimized for Android (but still WIP).
The game has now in total:
  • 3065 renders;
  • 111 Animations;
This update brings stuff for both your sisters and mom!

In this update you will learn mostly about Asuna, but you can take your mom to the hot-springs and take Sakura to the karaoke! Also, a little bit of exhibitionist stuff is in there! The bonding between each other is growing steadily, but could there be more than meets the eye?

What's new:
  • 592 renders;
  • 78 Animations;
  • 7 Asuna events, each with 2 sub-events;
  • 3 Special events;
    • 1 Hitomi event;
    • 1 Asuna event;
    • 1 Sakura event.
  • Chat with Hitomi, Asuna or Sakura;
  • New store available through MC's laptop;
  • Laptop GUI enhanced;
  • All mentioned and known bugs are fixed.
The game has now in total:
  • 2338 renders;
  • 104 Animations;
What's new:
  • 8 Sakura events;
  • New dinner event;
  • Almost all stages per event contain 100% new CG + dialogue;
  • Improved animation system (applied to new events only for now);
  • pre-compressed (lossless available when part B gets out);
  • 6 animations;
  • Total CG: 269 CG
v0.2.1 - Final:
Many have not been able to see the previous content including Hitomi's story-progression. With this update, you will!
  • Progress screen (event tracker) + hints, per event, per stage for all characters;
    • All characters have a description, depending on story progression this adapts (Hitomi).
  • Story progression works and you will be guided on how to do it;
  • GUI revamp for the boutique store (in MC's laptop);
  • Smartphone GUI + text revamped for events;
  • Event completion only added for Hitomi as only she has a story progression available (for the other ladies it is left out as you can't progress them yet);
  • Pop-up notifications;
  • GUI revamp for the UI, most of the game is animated, just like a computer/smartphone in real life;
  • All known bugs fixed, both technical and in-game events;
  • Compressed but with full quality - 1.3GB ->188MB.
v0.2 Beta +bugfix 3:
  • Added detailed hints to how to progress to the new content;
    • For the detailed hint : Phone -> Notes
  • 1 script error;
v0.2 Beta +bugfix 2:
  • Fixed two fatal script errors.
v0.2 Beta (bugfix pre-applied):
Finally...the long awaited story progression happens! Hitomi is taking the lead!

Ever since John got back home, he has been helping Hitomi one way or another. Be it mental support by just being there or helping financially. Hitomi feels like John is now someone she can depend on, someone that can help her shoulder her responsibilities.

Hitomi is a strong woman and John, well...he seems a bit unpredictable at times but even so he has been a tremendous help to her. That got her thinking, thinking about their days ahead leading her to enter John's bedroom....
  • 10 events with Hitomi;
  • 283 renders;
  • 14 old renders (hovering characters) fixed;
  • 2 animations;
  • Many older renders turned into animations (24);
  • Nearly all of the dialogue has been corrected/re-written (from first release till 0.2);
    • The ladies can react differently after MC's first interaction with them (it should feel more human-like now);
  • Relationship- and name-changer added;
  • New, simplified stats-screen accessible through the phone;
  • Send messages to Hitomi from the phone (new renders after story-progression);
  • Total animations: 43.
  • Total renders: 1266.
*Uploadhaven stopped working for me thus that is mirrored to both Anonfile and MediaFire.
**All my releases are compressed (-50% file size) while retaining 100% quality (lossless, JPEG/MP4->Webp/Webm). The Android release is compressed to -86% file size with 80% quality.
v0.1.5 Beta:
Meet your aunt and her daughter! Both have a story that goes back quite a few years with you, this is the pre-lude to what is coming next...but still it is hot!
  • 4 events with your aunt;
    • 2 multi-staged events.
  • 4 events with your aunts daughter;
    • 1 multi-staged event.
  • 1 extended, new event with Asuna
    • New surprise during wake-up. Wait for Asuna!
  • 1 new characters introduced;
  • 183 renders;
  • 9 animations;
  • Total animations: 17.
  • Total renders: 983.
v0.1.4.2 Beta Bugfix:
  • Fixed reported script-errors.
v0.1.4.1 Beta Bugfix:
  • Fixed relationship errors in the dialogue for all characters;
  • Cleaned up dialogue for all characters;
  • Fixed two events not triggering properly (shopping-events);
  • Fixed fatal error upon starting a new game (caused crash).
v0.1.4 Beta:
John is finally able to take the ladies outdoors! Go shopping for clothes or visit the beach! You'll be introduced to two new characters who may know John more than you'd think!
  • 2 events with Sakura;
  • 3 events with Asuna
    • One of which has two stages;
    • Another event has been extended.
  • 2 events with Hitomi;
  • 2 new characters introduced;
  • Clothes-store added (see laptop in John's room);
  • Use the phone to ask the ladies out for a trip to the Boutique (clothes) or to visit the beach;
  • 264 renders;
  • 2 animations;
  • Total animations: 8.
  • Total renders: 800.
This update
v0.1.3 Beta:
This update is small, but necessary for later story progression. It is dedicated to Sakura but also includes a few scenes for both Hitomi and Asuna.
  • 6 events with Sakura;
  • Check if events are unlocked through the smartphone;
  • Many selfies added to the smartphone;
    • Mainly for Sakura.
    • Added few missing selfies for Hitomi and Asuna.
  • 76 renders;
  • Total renders: 536.
v0.1.2 Beta:
  • Bugfixes
    • Android version should now be compatible with all devices;
    • Fixed Sakura's events not triggering;
    • Added an heads-up note about the lack of Sakura’s events as of now in the Smartphone under ‘Notes’;
    • Fixed a script error that crashes the later part of Sakura event 2.
v0.1.1 Beta:
  • Bugfixes
    • Hint changed from 5 to 6 letters;
    • No longer in debt on day one! Rent is paid on Saturday by now;
    • Rent has been lowered.
v0.1 Beta:
  • 3 events with Sakura;
  • 14 events with Asuna;
  • 13 events with Hitomi;
  • 1 event with Asuna, Sakura and Hitomi;
  • 450 renders;
  • 6 animations.
Added UI elements:
  • Smartphone;
  • Room navigation;
  • Computer.

Developer Notes:
The Linux and Mac versions have not been tested as of yet. So please be wary of them. If there are problems with any version, please let me know. I appreciate it and will do my best to fix it. Thank you!


Win - MEGA
Mac - MEGA
Android - MEGA

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