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Developer: inusuku DLsite - Ci-en
Version: 1.09
Release Date: 2020-04-02
Last Updated: 2020-04-02
Censored: Partially Uncensored
Decensor: MilkyMomo ULMF
OS: Windows
Language: English
Translation: altuser ULMF
2DCG, 2D game, Japanese game, Simulator, Male protagonist, Incest, Virgin, Vaginal sex, Creampie, Voyeurism, Groping, Anal sex, Bukkake, Sex toys, Teasing, Drugs, Sleep sex, Masturbation, Pregnancy, Oral sex, Handjob, Buttjob, Urination

A daily life simulation with your younger sister.
Little by little, day by day...

You're living alone when your younger sister ends up staying with you.

When such an opportunity comes knocking on your door, what kind of brother will you become for her?​

・Fixed a bug that caused little sister to lose her virginity even with anal if the "I want to lewd" option was chosen in the bathroom.
・Fixed a bug that caused the cum in pussy count to increase when ejaculating while a condom is used during anal.
・Fixed a bug that caused the play tendencies to be affected even after selecting "Do nothing" when prompted to peek at the bathroom.
・Fixed a bug where the effects of the aphrodisiac was not correctly applied when choosing the "I want to lewd" option.
・Fixed a bug where certain commands would sometimes disappear in the bathroom.

・Even if the little sister is still a virgin, if her anal experience is above a certain value, the command to do lewd acts will appear in the evening.
・The training machine now increases max energy by 15 (previously 10).
・Using the aphrodisiac will now instantly change the display of the status of the little sister's sensitivity to "V. sensitive".
・Even if the little sister is still a virgin, if she has anal experience the option to insert it in her anus has been added to the bathroom scene.
・When choosing to do housework on weekends, it is now possible to hunt for panties from the first time.
・Decreased the effect of increased trust upon achieving big success when playing with eroge.
・The cursor now disappears when entering the toilet.
・Revised the handling of the morning dialog.
・The statistic for most climaxes in one night is now correctly displayed.
・Little sister's masturbation count will now increase correctly.
・Fixed the description for the striped panties.
・Fixed the behavior of finding panties during housework on weekends.
・Fixed bugs with the display of commands in the bathroom scene.
・Corrected typos when announcing the greeting upon returning home.

・When shopping during the weekends, items that will be delivered on the next day will be explained via an in-game notification.
・Stamina ingredients now increases vigor count by 2 (previous 1).
・Sleep tea's effectiveness is now increased by 100%.

・The image of the little sister in the play tendencies screen is now randomized.
*Feature implementation test.
・Fixed a bug that was causing trash files to accumulate and take up space in the hard disk.
・Fixed encroachment of play tendencies text.
・Fixed a bug that caused the BAD gauge to go into negative.
・Fixed a bug that caused the display for most climaxes in one night to reset.
・Fixed a bug where the semen is displayed over the hand layer when looking at the crotch in the missionary position.
・Fixed a bug that can cause the midnight touching to continue into the day.
・Fixed a bug where the 100 days ending isn't shown after passing 100 days if using a save data from the developmental version.
・Fixed the behavior of deep insertion during missionary position while the panties are pulled down.
・Fixed the blinking of little sister's eyes while in doggy style position.
・Fixed various miscellaneous bugs.

・Adjusted the camisole image during missionary position.
・Adjusted the image of the little sister during insertion in missionary position.
・Changed the probability of sex acts (insertion, fellatio, hand job) that will take place in the bathroom when "My cock" is selected (40%, 30%, 30%).
・Reduced the time lapse for selecting stamina ingredient by 30 minutes.
・Changed the price of male potency drug to 15000 (previously 30000)
・The selection between "Deep" and "Shallow" during insertion can now only be made while not moving.
・Increased the big success rate of "Lets play a game" by 10%.
・Decreased the failure rate of "Galgame" by 10%.

・Added a chibi cut-in for when the little sister takes a bath alone.
・Added a chibi cut-in for meal times.

Developer Notes:
* Life with a Younger Sister
You are an onichan, and she is your imouto.
After she finishes her day at school and you work, you've got plenty of time left at home together to get to know her better.

Peep while she takes a bath, or spray your jizz on her while she sleeps.
We even recommend stealing her panties for your panty fiends.

* Slowly but Surely...
At first you have to be cautious not to get caught...
Slowly the range of things you can do increases.

Play games together, go out on your day off, do naughty things while she's asleep, and even take a bath together.
Over time, she'll even open up and let you make sweet sweet love.

* Imouto Touching 2.0 System Implemented
We have implemented the "Imouto Touching 2.0" system.
What is that you ask?

It allows you to caress her nipple with your left hand as she drifts off into dream land, and stroke your shaft with your right while staring at her panties.
You can even tease her clit and nipples and kiss her while you're inside of her.

Depending on the play, you may even ejaculate inside of her from the way her pussy tightens when she orgasms through clit stimulation...

* Onichan Making System (OMS) Implemented
Create yourself with Onichan Making System (OMS).
We have 4 slightly different onichans prepared for you to use:
"Student" "Part Time Worker" "Office Worker" "Bum"
Choose whichever onichan that you think she will enjoy the most.

* Exploding Imouto
To pursue realism, your Imouto will explode.

* Other
This work is written in black and white (monochrome)

Translator Notes:
■ Known issues
• For some reason the Japanese text is forced for some of the strings in the in-game update notes. Please refer to the separate "Translated Changelog.txt" file for the English version of the notes. You will still need to read through the update notes in-game in order to receive the compensation items.
• Save games from Japanese or other localizations will not update the Onii-chan character type that is displayed in the top bar. It otherwise has no impact on the gameplay.
• The floating sfx/moan text for H-scenes were intentionally left untranslated. They are tiny images; hardly visible and only appears momentarily, not really worth the hassle of editing all the 87 .png files. Feel free to imagine what they sound like.

■ Todo
• Floating sfx/moan text, big maybe.

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