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Developer: TK8000 Patreon - Blog - Roadmap - Discord
Version: 0.9.0
Release Date: 2020-03-31
Last Updated: 2020-07-03
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
3DCG, Male protagonist, Big tits, Parody, Animated, Groping, Handjob, Masturbation, Milf, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism, Sex toys, Creampie, Big ass, Teasing, Prostitution, Titfuck, Spanking, Harem, Exhibitionism, Interracial, Stripping, School setting, Incest, Mobile game

My new project, a game made with images generated in the new Illusion's Koikatu.

The player controls Robert, a boy who failed the college exam and earn extra money by giving private lessons to girls. Explore the city on different days and times to find new things to do!

1. Charlotte: tutoring II
2. Charlotte: tutoring III (kiss+boobs)
3. Charlotte: school I (story)
4. Charlotte: school II (story)
5. Charlotte: photo shoot
- new places to visit on the city and school
- four new characters
- fixed several lines (Charlotte's old texts) to better suit her personality
- fixed an issue with autosaves that worsened game performance
- added the option to place tags on map locations
- added sound effects at teacher Patricia’s sex event

- one new scene with Kelly and Jennifer
1. Kelly's scene 1 (kiss)
2. Kelly's scene 2 (blowjob - house)
3. Kelly's scene 3 (blowjob - woods)
4. Kelly's scene 4 (blowjob - school)
5. Kelly's scene 3 (first sex - house)
6. Sex with Kelly (repeatable - variant with new sex positions and text)
7. Sex with Jenny in the kitchen
> several corrections in the text, mainly in the use of "mila_title"
Version 0.7.1 of HS Tutor only has a new scene, the celebration of Zoe and Mila if the protagonist is approved in college. This scene got a little bigger than the HS Tutor standard, since it has 155 images and 60 video files, so it would be comparable to about 3 normal scenes. The real reason why the update will only have this scene is because I spent most of the time taking care of the "technical" parts of the game, as I will explain below.
- Posing naked for Kelly
- Kelly's mom in the park (with extended version with sex)
- Sleeping with Megan
- Sex with Megan (repeatable, with new text and positions)
- Strip Poker

Other changes:
- all ~8000 lines of Claire's script were corrected by a native English speaker

How to beat the strip poker game:
This scene is a bit frustrating in the current version and will be improved in the future. To win more easily, you have two options:
1. Only bet when you have "three of a kind" or better and have patience...
2. Select "fold" on all rounds to lose on purpose. The next day, talk to Megan and try again (you will have the option to win the game automatically).
New content:
1. option to see Daisy's dance at the nightclub
2. blowjob option with Sophia in the park
3. scene with Megan in the restaurant (no sex, only story development)
4. new variaton with Megan and Eva in the pool
5. option to have fun with Eva at her house

Other changes:
1. Improvements to Megan, Charlotte and Kelly texts
2. Improvements to some old sprites

How to see Eva's scene (Megan's mother):
After going to the restaurant (follow smartphone tips), find Megan at the pool to see a new scene. After that, just meet Eva in the morning in her house and talk to her (be insistent).
New scenes:
scene in Claire's room 1
2. scene in Claire's room 2
3. scene at school with Claire 1
4. sex at school with Claire
5. sleeping at Claire's house
- Claire variation
- Helena variation
- repeatable variation (with new animations, text and scenes)
6. Sex in Mila's Room
7. Sex in Zoe's Room
- variation of scene from previous version with new texts and animations
8. Blowjob Battle
9. Bath with Zoe and Mila

Other modifications:
- improvements to the text of some Claire and Zoe events.
- sex gallery is separated by characters
- possibility to change the protagonist's name and girls' roles in replays
This update contains only 3 new scenes and is just a preview of the next to come. Update 0.6.0 will be ready in at least 2 weeks and at most 3 weeks!
Note 1: this preview will not have a android version
Note 2: part of the content of this update will be improved in the next version (text of the scene with Zoe + night scene of the kiss with Mila)

- Scene: Blowjob + shower with Mila
- Scene: sex with Mila
- Scene: sex with Zoe
- options to kiss Mila at afternoons and night
- "casual mode" available when you start a new game
Storyline events:
1. Buying condoms with Zoe
2. Sex with Zoe
3. Buying lingerie with Mila
4. Night talk with Mila 1
5. Night talk with Mila 2
Repeatable events:
1. kiss with Zoe (school, morning)
2. kiss with Zoe (snack bar, weekends)
3. handjob with Zoe (school morning)
4. handjob with Zoe (snack bar, weekends)
5. Kiss with Claire (park, weekends)
Other things:
1. Sex Gallery (only Zoe scenes for now)
2. All girls available in several new locations
- Three new teachers + their events + their sex scenes
- Zoe and Mila storyline: two new events + new repeatable scenes
- Option to change the name of the protagonist
- Option to name the relationship of the protagonist with Zoe and Mila
- All gameplay mechanics implemented (college exam, study with teachers, train station to see the ending scenes in future versions, etc)
- smartphone now works and gives information on how to proceed with each girl (like an in-game walktrought)
- two new houses on the map
- three short scenes with Sophia at the pool (with blowjob)
- second tutoring scene with Megan
- Scene with Zoe in her bedroom at night
- tutoring for Claire
- dinner at the bar with Mila and Claire's mother
- fuck Claire's mother
- new scene at Kelly's house
New events:
Zoe: + 3 events
Charlotte: + 1 event
Megan : + 3 events
Claire: +2 events
-> 1 new main character and 4 new secondary characters
-> Nw the player can check a list of events for each character to check his progress
New events:
Bathing with Zoe:
happens on the morning of day 2
Claire in the locker room: visit the school locker room any morning and talk to Zoe
Play Shogi with Zoe: Talk to Zoe in her room in the afternoons
Tutoring Kelly: Kelly is available to talk in the afternoons, in the library or in the woods. After reaching 5 points of relationship with her, it is possible to give a private lesson for her, just choose the option when you find her
Girl from the night club: There are two sex options with the girl from the night club, but you have to pay $ 30 and $ 60 respectively. To make money, you need to talk to Mila in the classroom in the mornings. The night club is only open during the evenings.

Developer information:
About this update (0.4.0) and the future:
This is the first of three steps I want to take to "fix" HS Tutor. As I've said before, I intend to make this game more fun, and for this I decided to fix it in three steps:
Step 1: implement all the mechanics of the game
Step 2: Adding interactivity with girls and repeatable events
Step 3: Make all girls always available somewhere on the map (most importantly!)
Step 1 is complete. This means that from now on, the game only needs to receive new story related content. This will make the next updates much more agile.
Step 2 is important and I already started working on it on 0.4.0, but I just added more interactivity and repeatable scenes with Zoe and Mila. The other girls will wait for the next updates. In practice, what changes with step 2 is that after the girl has some sexual relation with the main character the player will gain the option of doing the same thing at different times/environments.
Here is an example: in this part of the game, I had already done the event where Zoe kisses the protagonist for the first time. That means that whenever I find Zoe, I have access to the option of kissing her. The scene varies depending on the location and time.:
Step 3 is the most important of all and unfortunately I have not yet started working on it. The goal in step 3 is to always give some option to the player, regardless of the time and day of the week.
In version 0.4.0, it is still common for the player to have no new interaction in the mornings and especially on the weekends. This forces the player to go to the room to take a nap to pass the time (or do the handjob scenes with Zoe or sex with the teachers).
From the next version 0.5.0, this will not happen anymore. I'll add:
I. the students will be available to do activities in the school in the morning
II. all girls will have special events on Saturdays/Sundays
III. All girls will always be available somewhere on the map, being inaccessible only if they are indoors and you still do not have the intimacy to visit them.
When I implement this, the game will get much more enjoyable and fun.

What am I going to do now:
I'm going to retake Solvalley now to try to update it on December 20th. When I say "now," I'm saying literally, I already have the game scripts open and I'm going to start working immediately.
From day 20 onwards, I'm going to make a new update for House Arrest. I'm going to put a special Christmas scene in this new update for those who celebrate this date. Those who do not care about Christmas, will be able to fap in the same way.

About Android Version:
About the Android version:
The Android version of HS Tutor 0.7.1 is available for download.

I tested the version on a Motorola G4 that I borrowed and found no problem. But I didn't play the whole game, so if anyone finds a bug, please let me know.

HS Tutor was not originally made for mobile devices so I only recommend this version for anyone who really likes to play on smartphones. A high-performance smartphone is necessary for animations to run smoothly.


Win/Lin (0.8.0) - MEGA
Mac (0.8.0) - MEGA
Android (0.8.0) - MEGA

Update Patch (v0.8.0 -> v0.9.0)
win/lin - MEGA
mac - MEGA

480250_screenshot0318.png Capturefdhfhdhf.jpg Capturegdgsdgsdsgd.jpg Capturedfhdhfdhf.jpg 197743_Koikatsu-2018-11-27-11-11-15.png 480247_93_06_1.jpg 480248_99_49.jpg 480251_screenshot0331.png 480252_screenshot0332.png Capturedfhdffhddhf.jpg 480246_92_19.jpg Capturedfhdhfdhfhdf.jpg Capturedggsddggsd.jpg Capturedhfdfhdfhhfdds.jpg Capturedsggdsgdsds.jpg Capturefdhdhffhdfhdhdf.jpg Captureggddgdg.jpg Capturegsdgsdsdg.jpg Capturehdfdhfdfhfdh.jpg Capturesdgsdsdgsdg.jpg
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