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Developer: Eek! Games Patreon - Website
0.17.2 Beta
Release Date: 2020-08-12
Last Updated: 2020-08-12
Censored: Optional
OS: Windows
Language: English
System requirements (min): OS: Windows 7+, RAM: 4GB, DirectX 11; VRAM 2GB; HDD: 5GB
3D Game, 3DCG, Adventure, Animated, Combat, Corruption, Dating sim, Drugs, Exhibitionism, Gay (avoidable), Groping, Humor, Male protagonist, Masturbation, Multiple endings, Oral sex, Point & click, Romance, Sandbox, Sexual harassment, Simulator, Stripping, Vaginal sex, Voiced, Voyeurism

The House Party game (which is available for free right now on the site mentioned below) is similar to a lot of the browser-based games where your choices influence your success as you progress in the game, but it plays like a first-person RPG with interactive game models, characters, and physics, like the aforementioned Leisure Suit Larry. My inclination is to take these games in a much more raunchy direction than the LSL series however. The games will be ripe with foul language, nudity, and sex, but hopefully be just as funny and engaging. There isn't much of a story to play though right now, just a few objectives to complete while I work on the gameplay mechanics. There are multiple story-paths though and different outcomes based on your decisions.

0.17.2 (Beta 8/12/2020)
  • Updated main menu to add a character selection window. When pressing start game players will now be presented with available characters and be able to select one and then play. Currently the male character is the only playable one, but a female character has been added as a preview.
  • Added support for main menu translation templates and wired them up to the main menu controls.
  • Added support for pause menu translation templates and wired them up to the pause menu controls.
  • Added Interactive Items for each of the bathroom mirrors
  • Fixed an issue that could cause NPCs to wander rapidly in circles, desperately trying to make it to the OutsideArtRoomWindow move target…only to fail time and time again
    Characters will no longer be able to see into the dining room/liquor cabinet area if they are not at ground level in the back yard/if their eyesight is blocked by the window blinds of the dining room window. E.g. Leah will not be able to see/punish the Player for holding or taking booze if she is in the hot tub, or still walking out/off of the hot tub stairs
  • Updated Patrick’s clothing
  • Tweaked penis rotation values to reduce clipping during sex positions
  • Added 69 animation for male NPC’s and the male player
  • Added male player Cowgirl animation for sex position
  • Added WallSex hotspot on receiving persons legs
  • Updated Vickie’s clothing
  • Updated ejaculation and peeing particle positions on charactersFix Derek LOD1 mesh issue with spikes coming from his body
  • Added male player and female player to Main Menu and improved female player skinning
  • Added character selection UI and both player characters to main menu
  • Tweaked some UI segments to better accommodate translations
  • Added animated translation text on main menu button to make it easier to spot for non-english speakers.
  • In the Original Story: Amy will give the Player a bit more help with “Artsy Fartsy”
  • In the Original Story: giving Madison beer will reward the Player with minor social meter boosts, similar to what occurs when giving Ashley beer
  • In the Original Story: the Player will no longer be able to try to Give Derek anything while he is all passionate and stuff with Madison
  • In the Original Story: Patrick’s reached Perception (100) and will hide his booze if he sees Leah or Frank. He’s clearly not THAT drunk…
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue with-BRREEEEEOOOOOOOOOWWWRRRR…sorry. Let me try again: fixed an emote issue with Arin’s painting scene that could cause some fighting between various audio clips on the backend
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause Leah to walk away from Lety to try and participate in the Game Grumps BRREEEEEOOOOOOOOOWWWRRRR (yes, this is the internal name so fuck off, ok?) scene and then become temporarily unable to restart the Lety scene if the Player did not punch Arin in a timely fashion
  • In the Original Story: attacking Derek or being attacked BY Derek during the events of “High and Dry”, and succeeding in defending yourself or running away will no longer irreversibly break his behavior or Madison’s behaviors in most cases
  • In the Original Story: added two new Achievements, “Good Ol’ Days”, and “Snapped”
  • In the Original Story: the Player will now receive a small Romance boost with Brittney when completing the threesome with Lety and Brittney
  • In the Original Story: added a few helpful thoughtbubbles at points in the story that were causing confusion due to intentional yet prolonged delays in NPC behaviors
  • In the Original Story: additional minor social rewards added for generally positive, standalone, choice-based exchanges between the Player and a few NPCs
  • In the Original Story: fixed a Madison dialogue that could “summon” Derek even if he was technically unavailable
  • In the Original Story: there is now a minor social meter penalty for pestering Madison after she so very clearly tells you…well…not do that
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could allow fast Players to talk to Derek while he was showing off his ‘artwork’ during Madison’s “Art Show”. He needs to be 100% focused…come on!
  • In the Original Story: cleaned up additional some minor behaviors related to “The Muse”, and added some minor social meter adjustments based on Player response choices
  • In the Original Story: the “timer” that can result in the Player failing out of “High and Dry” (while Derek is climbing to the roof in order to check the Voice Recorder) now starts after his dialogue about Purgalicious being on the roof, resulting in a bit more leniency
  • In the Original Story: tweaked existing/added new flavor text and alt dialogues to tie 0.17 content in with existing content
  • In the Original Story: added some restrictions to when the Voice Recorder can be used based upon varying failures of “High and Dry”
  • In the Original Story: began adding some Opportunity Completion and Failure texts; updating these will be an ongoing process
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could affect the naming of Madison’s Phone, depending on how exactly the Player first met Madison
  • In the Original Story: giving Katherine the UN-tampered rum will now fail “Follow Your Calling” and “Apply Pressure”, given that you, well…needed to not do that
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause Amy to get stuck in the master bedroom for awhile if the Player asked her for her help with the “art show” sculpture, but then started the “art show” before Amy made it to the bedroom
  • In the Original Story: made a tweak to requirements for Patrick to show up at the “art show” for “The Muse” that should both maximize his availability to check out your masterpiece, but also prevent him from heading there if he’s unavailable
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that let fast Players start a conversation with Madison when she should have otherwise been focused on Derek showing off during the “art show” segment of “The Muse”
  • In the Original Story: tweaked Patrick’s “follow the Player” behavior that can occur after the events of Madison’s “art show” to minimize any chance that he will continue to try and follow the Player after reaching Stephanie
  • In the Original Story: once the Player successfully coaxes Ashley’s “pet” out of its cage as part of “Causing a Ruckus”, Ashley will try to approach the Player more often. However, she will not approach as readily if the Player is already genitalia-deep in other “high intensity” content. This is to avoid interrupting the Player at certain crucial junctures…and also because she has a modicum of basic AI decency
  • In the Original Story: made a minor change to Derek’s behavior right after the prank (“Sibling Warfare” finale) against Madison that should prevent him from inexplicably trying to walk to Madison later on in a playthrough
  • In the Original Story: most of the Characters will be more mindful about roaming around to the bedrooms in the house…since, well, who just goes into someone’s bedroom uninvited to chill all alone? However, they may still end up in the bedroom(s) if they were invited to hang there by Ashley or Madison, OR if they decided to go hang out with Ashley or Madison on their own
  • In the Original Story: widespread cleanup of minor Character behaviors like Roaming toggles, etc.
  • In the Original Story: combined Madison’s behavior when the Player is a super turbo jerk during the finale of her “Smooth Operator” opportunity with her “caught stealing” or “was a pervert” behavior
  • In the Original Story: Madison will not accept beers from the Player once she decides it’s time for the Player to GTFO of the party
  • In the Original Story: tweaked when certain ‘casual’ BGCs will play for a few Characters, most notably Derek
  • In the Original Story: cleaned up Patrick’s “Merlot behavior” a bit, which should prevent situations in which Patrick could technically have the Merlot mounted to him, but would not drop it when attacked
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could allow fast Players to sprint back into the hallway at the beginning of Madison’s “art show”, which could compromise Derek being able to make it into the master bedroom
  • In the Original Story: adjusted possible starting positions for a few Characters based on their new, super respectful and totally realistic roaming behaviors
  • In the Original Story: tightened up events related to Lety and Madison’s garage talk for “Queen in the North”
  • In the Original Story: added safeguards that greatly reduce the chance that Madison could walk away from Lety and the Player during Lety and Madison’s garage talk during “Queen in the North”
  • In Date Night With Brittney: fixed a few issues with various responses not being available to Brittney at varying times
  • In the Original Story: fixed issues that could cause Lety or Rachael to re-approach a previously knocked out Character during their Easter Egg content
  • In the Original Story: in order to be more available for Ashley’s Humiliation, Madison is now considered occupied (temporary content lockout) while Ashley is searching for a bathroom to use. She will be free after Ashley is humiliated or the Player fails “Humiliate Ashley”
  • In the Original Story: added protections to ensure that using Madison’s “Smooth Operator” relationship-repair perk can never accidentally LOWER any social meter values, in cases where the Player rushed ahead of her in desperation and…IDK…gave away some gifts or some shit
  • In the Original Story: Madison can also repair socials with Leah and Lety as part of her “Smooth Operator” relationship-repair perk
  • In the Original Story: various tweaks to Frank/Leah “booze overhear” mechanics to prevent the Player from getting trapped mid-dialogue while Frank or Leah are applying liberal amounts of fist to your…well…everywhere
  • In the Original Story: Frank/Leah will react to more instances in which a Character turned down booze from the Player
  • In the Original Story: tweaked some OverHear behaviors in some of Madison’s dialogues to prevent NPCs from getting mad at the Player through walls
  • In the Original Story: added some additional controls to Madison’s behavior before and during the finale of her “Drunk and Disorderly” that should prevent her from walking away from the content at inopportune times
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause Leah or Frank’s…snake friend to disappear when loading a game
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause Leah to forget to gently hold Julius Squeezer after she did hand stuffs
  • In the Original Story: choosing the wrong spoofed text to Vickie will actually fail the “Vickie Vixen” opportunity now, since there is no recovery method for sending a second spoofed text at that point
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could prevent Leah’s socials from being negatively affected if the Player attacked her outside of varying times in the story during which she’s more forgiving
  • In the Original Story: tweaked some minor behaviors and emotes related to Leah’s “punch training” with the Player in the Garage
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could allow Arin to roam away from Dan if the Player gave Dan Compubrah instead of presenting Compubrah via main dialogue
  • In the Original Story: added some pose-release/action item clipping mitigation to Katherine’s “preparation” events before she gets her picture taken with the Game Grumps
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that would allow the Player to pursue a limited amount of Compubrah-related Game Grumps content after “finishing” the GG content in a certain way, which could also cause Katherine to exhibit some minor unintended behaviors
  • In the Original Story: cleanup of some events, emotes, and possible super-niche bug vectors within Lety and Rachael’s “Easter Egg” content
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause Dan to become separated from Arin if the Player met enough criteria to start their Master Bedroom “Coats” scene, but never actually engaged the Grumps in the Scene
  • In the Original Story: refactored some story content that relied on the CenterOfHotTub MoveTarget to make use of the HotTubSex MoveTarget instead, as the latter results in more reliable navigation and ReachTarget behaviors
  • In the Original Story: Patrick will not bother the Player about Lety if the Player is currently in combat
  • In the Original Story: various optimizations and improvements to certain Periodic events for Madison, Lety, Patrick, and Rachael
  • In the Original Story: Madison will be a tiny bit more vigilant about checking to see who is using her phone at the party
  • In the Original Story: made some tweaks to miscellaneous or unvoiced dialogues to prevent their speakers from animating conversationally or emoting unintendedly while those lines were being delivered
  • In the Original Story: Madison will now be able to see the Player read her diary and react accordingly WHILE the Player still has the “diary dialogue” open. To avoid this, Read the Diary when Madison is NOT in vision of the player at all, or when Madison is facing away from you, or when she is at least six puppies away from you. If you’re not in the US, convert puppies to kitties at a ratio of 1.69 k/p
  • In the Original Story: there is now a social meter impact to being a complete jerk to Madison during her “Smooth Operator” finale
  • In the Original Story: Derek’s “Combat Perk” that you can get from siding with Derek at a couple points in the story will be somewhat more effective at preventing Madison from ensuring your doom…assuming he is around to stick up for you
  • In the Original Story: various miscellaneous improvements to NPC behaviors related to Derek’s “Combat Perk”
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause certain content to remain inexplicably “locked out” after the Game Grumps left the party
  • In the Original Story: added a backup means of getting Katherine to Inspect the Microwave, in case for any reason she fails to do so
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause Katherine and the Game Grumps to be in awkward positions for their “photo shoot”, should the Player have obsessively nagged Katherine about fixing the Microwave
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that would allow Katherine to give the Player the key to Ashley’s closet (“Tiny Key”) even if the Player had never untied Ashley’s top
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that would allow the Player to attempt to reach for the MP3 Player while being intimate or, very rarely, in the midst of transitioning into being KOd. Sorry, these are very serious acts and you need to focus on them, not fresh beats
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause the Penguin to become permanently attached to Dan’s left hand
  • In the Original Story: cleaned up the behavior that Lety uses to try and stay away from Leah after their “Just in the Kick of Time” encounter
  • In the Original Story: Lety’s KO of Frank during her and Rachael’s “special ending” will conveniently be delayed until the Player is in vision of Frank and Lety
  • In the Original Story: cleaned up some Item Interaction behaviors for Stephanie for the Wines she will accept that were redundant and possibly causing unexpected behavior from a handful of other Characters
  • In the Original Story: minor behavioral tweaks to Amy’s dialogues when she is assisting the Player in figuring out what to do about “art stuff” during “The Muse”
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause Dan to approach the Player erroneously for the “Garage D&D” scenario, even if that scenario had been “canceled” or completed
  • In the Original Story: slight tweak to the criteria for the Game Grumps’ “Bathtub Toaster” scenario to start, which should make it less likely for the Player to see the Grumps warp away
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that would allow the Player to start the finale of Ashley’s “Drunk and Disorderly” at certain times that were very…unfortunate for her sister. And possibly game breaking
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could prevent a certain Amy behavior related to “Follow Your Calling” and “Apply Pressure” to not execute
  • In the Original Story: enabled a possible greeting line for Derek related to Stephanie and Amy that had previously not been scripted in
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that was causing Madison to become “occupied” and unavailable for some content before she got really, noticeably drunk
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause Madison to become permanently occupied if you got her pretty drunk, but then ran out of beers before completing the finale of her “Smooth Operator – Madison” opportunity
  • In the Original Story: added a bit more explanation as to when the Player can “Loot” Frank, and why at times they cannot
  • In the Original Story: the Player can attempt to loot Frank until they actually are able to steal something from him
  • In the Original Story: Katherine will now be too excited about taking a photo with the Game Grumps to talk to the Player until the Game Grumps Compubrah/VR finale is over
  • In the Original Story: tweaked the availability of the apology response for having untied Ashley’s Top to be less dependent on two temporary values derived from the finale of Ashley’s “Drunk and Disorderly”, and on failure cases of “Sibling Warfare” in which the Player did not actually DO anything to/against Ashley
    In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause the Ashley’s Top “Untie” action to become unavailable a bit prematurely as part of her repeatable intimacy reward for “Smooth Operator – Ashley”
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could allow the Player to infinitely boost socials with Madison via a repeatable dialogue that is available during the finale of her “Drunk and Disorderly” opportunity
  • In the Original Story: minor cleanup of some SendEvent/motion-related behaviors after the Game Grumps’ “Bathtub Toaster” scenario that should prevent Arin and Dan from getting stuck on each other as they try to leave a bathroom
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could allow Arin to continue to walk away from pool ol’ Danny if the Player gave the Star Bomb Box to Dan first instead of Arin
  • In the Original Story: tidied and tightened up some behaviors during the “evil”/Ronin finale of Leah’s “Broken Code” opportunity
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that would allow some intrusive events to play while the Player was trying to strip down for Leah before the intimacy reward during the “evil”/Ronin finale of Leah’s “Broken Code” opportunity
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that would allow the Player to Take the Spray Paint can after Leah had committed to investigating the closet, which could lead to some seemingly mystical changes to Leah’s face and choice of words
  • In the Original Story: if the Player was never encouraged by Leah to seek out someone who might know more about the Katana, a certain dialogue response will not be available from a certain “katana expert”
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could prevent Frank from immediately going to search for his apprentice, if the Player had recently done something that sent him back to his chair
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that would allow, within small time windows, certain Leah reactions for to the Player exposing himself to execute when it was pretty much Leah’s idea for the Player to get naked anyway
  • In the Original Story: two Patrick responses that can be used to shoo him away from an area no longer require that the Player has talked to Frank first
  • In the Original Story: added an additional thought bubble to hint why Leah might not be meeting up with Lety, should the Player be mixing in certain content… Brah
  • In the Original Story: other miscellaneous cleanup of Derek “recovery” behaviors if he had been in combat or knocked out around the time Madison’s ‘art show’ started
  • In the Original Story: upon waking up from being knocked out, Derek will not randomly change location if he is in the midst of content that “occupies” him
  • In the Original Story: cleanup of some of Ashley’s post-“Family Time” behavior in the case that the Player managed to get to that point while ALSO having failed “Sibling Warfare”
  • In the Original Story: tweaked a dialogue event to try and prevent the Penguin from becoming…uh, “part of” Madison or the Player during a specific Easter Egg situation
  • In the Original Story: fixed issues in two responses that could lead to the Player being unable to complete the finale of Amy’s “Scavenger Hunt” opportunity by having Vickie naked and in the hot tub
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that would allow Vickie to react to the Player’s nudity in one or two situations in which the Player’s clothes are automatically taken off with the express intent of “having a good time”
  • In the Original Story: general cleanup of some events during the finale of Amy’s “Scavenger Hunt”
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that would allow Players to hook up with Vickie in front of Amy and still manage to get a dialogue or two into the completion dialogue(s) of Amy’s “Scavenger Hunt”
  • In the Original Story: added an extra response for Vickie to allow more convenient prompting of her repeatable intimacy reward, should she be sitting in the hot tub under certain circumstances
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue in the Original Story that could cause Patrick and Lety to both “break” entirely/become unresponsive to the TALK action if Frank KO’d Patrick in the middle of certain Patrick/Lety dialogues that immediately preceded the failure of “Disrupt the Disruptor” and their intimacy scene
  • In the Original Story: added some additional emotive behavior and polish to the finale of Madison’s “Drunk and Disorderly” Opportunity
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that would allow the Player to continue asking about American flag underwear well after that portion of Amy’s “Scavenger Hunt” was completed
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that would allow the Player to initiate Leah’s “gift” (sparring training) after the “good” ending of “Broken Code” if Frank was occupied/unavailable, which could cause him to show up and break other content…or not show up at all
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could affect Rachael’s socials with the Player if the Player gave her her Thermos without having first started “Hunt for Red’s Thermos”
  • In the Original Story: tweaked responses in Rachael’s “given thermos” dialogue in the case that the Player gave her her Thermos without having first started “Hunt for Red’s Thermos”
  • In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause later dares to become erroneously unavailable if the Player saved and loaded during a small time frame just before/as Rachael starts to pleasure herself during “Dare Interference”
    In the Original Story: very minor polish/tweaks to a few events relevant to Rachael’s self-pleasuring during “Dare Interference”
  • CSC: Added warning in custom story creator inspector under the display name for interactive items that will be displayed if the item has an indistinct (duplicate) display name.
  • CSC: Made changes to handle long file paths for stories and various assets (~255+ characters) better without throwing exceptions.
  • CSC: Added warning in the inspector for a story if the name of a story is greater than 50 characters.
  • CSC: Added checkbox to CSU registration menu to opt in for marketing messages.
  • CSC: Added a label in the CSU registration to indicate validation errors for registration so users know what is expected from them.
  • CSC: Added tab/enter functionality for the CSU registration.
  • CSC: Made it so the ok only confirmation popups throughout the game will close if the user presses enter.
  • CSC: Added new item functions to enable tracks on the tv: LoadOriginalTrack, LoadTrack1, LoadTrack2, LoadTrack3, LoadTrack4, LoadTrack5.
  • CSC: Fixed an ArgumentException that could occur when pasting a Criteria with a very high/low numeric value and then changing the CompareType to State
  • CSC: the CSC Search functionality will now always pick up Character Values used in MatchValue GameEvents (as well as the new CombineValue event) and CompareValue criteria
  • CSC: the Turn game event will now allow you to turn the Player in addition to NPCs. When turning the Player, they will immediately face the given direction rather than animate a turn
  • CSC: fixed an issue that was causing recursive Event Trigger loop detection to take effect even when calling an Event Trigger from a separate character
  • CSC: fixed a null reference exception that could occur if the User created a new Object within a Story Collection, gave that Object a Character Story component, and then immediately began manipulating Event Trigger events before the Story Collection data could be updated
  • Improved on NPC culling engine and optimized performance
  • Fixed white skin outline on low graphics
  • Fixed Derek issue where part of his feet where missing
  • Improved Derek’s hand rig and beer alignment while drinking
  • Improved masks for Leah and Vickie, also fixed artifact in Leah’s albedo texture
  • Fixed Patrick hand hotspots on his legs when receiving blowjob
  • Improved player giving blowjob animation and tweaked NPC on NPC and player on NPC blowjob offsets
  • Improved skinning for Stephanie’s panty
  • Tweaked male NPC penis rotation during Doggiestyle to improve clipping
  • Tweaked offsets for Brittney’s and Vickie arms during conversation to reduce clipping through their breasts
  • Fixed male hips bending weirdly while making out
  • Fix for WallSex3 while player is on the receiving en
  • Fixed font inconsistency in some places
  • Tweaked billboard materials
  • Made sure Vickie had her boots on in the main menu
  • Certain sound effects for the Popper, Starbomb, and Firepit are now referenced by their Interactive Item script directly (SoundEffect1, etc.), meaning their sounds can be called directly via
  • the CSC or command console
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Characters to “snap back” to a bed item if they were directly warped out of them instead of having their pose released first
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Characters to “snap back” to certain Action Items if they were directly warped out of them instead of having their pose released first
  • Moved the default location of a troublesome laundry room basket into the laundry room closet
  • Improved aesthetics of characters interacting with action items (chairs/beds/etc..)
  • Added an additional collider to the Liquor Cabinet that will help prevent items roughly the size of a beer bottle or smaller slide or get kicked underneath it
  • Added a seat on the edge/lip of each bath upstairs bath tub
  • Added another Move Target outside between the two main gravel paths
  • NPCs that have the WantsToBeAlone or ShooOthers states added will no longer invite other NPCs to “hang out” with them when randomly roaming
  • NPCs that have the ShooOthers state will no longer be invited by other NPCs to “hang out” when the other NPC randomly roams
  • For forced ChangeLocations via GameEvents, NPCs with the WantsToBeAlone state will now roam away even if they are alone with the player. Randomly decided roaming ChangeLocations are unaffected
  • Minor cleanup of situational info delivery in the CharInfo console command
  • Fixed a null ref that could occur when using the CharInfo console command in cases where the target Character was…let’s just say “lost”
  • Improved exception logging for a few backend systems; these will be caught in the Unity output_log.txt, not the in-game Debug Log
  • The Clothing console command will now take into account clothing sets and allow for changing of a Character’s default clothing set
  • Fixed an issue with the Character Function “SwitchToOriginalBodyTexture” that would prevent it from functioning in Stories where multiple Body Texture swaps had occurred
  • Added protections to address various Combat-breaking or Combat-delaying issues that could be caused by a sudden WarpTo or the introduction/removal of a navigation or sight blocker between two Characters while those Characters were already close enough to begin attacking each other
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing “<Anybody> Is Attacked by <Character>” Event Triggers/Reactions from processing
  • Made some slight adjustments to the position and spacing of certain zones to better ensure no Characters can get warped into an area without contacting/registering as being in an appropriate zone
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the Player from being able to interact with items of a certain size should they roll underneath the bed/desk in Ashley’s room/SpareRoom
  • Added the InfoDump Console Command, which returns heaps of helpful info about all Characters in a story. You should use this command once immediately prior to saving a Debug Log. This
  • Command does NOT count as cheating.
  • The player interaction crosshair will not be visible/usable until the game fully loads and “fades in”
  • Sync’d the name of the hardcoded value that the Madison’s Phone item uses to the value used by the Original Story
  • The MadisonPhone item can now make use of other Game Events when the Inspect action is used on it. Previously, this was hardcoded to NOT fire any other interaction events if an action named “Inspect” was used. Existing behaviors for Player values like “madison:GotPhoneCode” remain unchanged
  • Added a new Move Target just inside the downstairs slider door
  • The Charfunc Console Command won’t show Characters as having alternate textures if those textures are unnamed/null/invalid
  • Added a new Move Target/Non-Wallsex Spot near the outside Air Conditioner to prevent certain outdoor intimacy situations from resulting in characters being warped into the Living Room
  • The Roaming Console Command can correctly make use of the ClearAllowRoamList and ClearProhibitRoamList roaming options
  • NPCs will now perform random Roaming ChangeLocations somewhat more or less frequently based upon their mood, proximity to other Characters, and their Sociable Personality trait
  • Implemented collider and character blocker changes around the two plants and the desk in the dining room (“Frank’s room”) that make it far more difficult for items (most notably booze, the computer/monitor, tablet, etc.) to slide under or beneath those objects and become permanently inaccessible to the Player
  • If an NPC is able to roam, then the Roaming Console Command will show the approximate remaining time until their next roaming attempt when the ‘list’ subcommand is used
  • Fixed typos or confusing text in a handful of Command Console feedback strings
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Players to clip through an exterior wall in the back yard on the right side of the house
  • Updated male pose list to include the sixtyninetop pose and made necessary engine changes to allow for the pose to be used.
  • Fixed issue where duplicate audio leases in the game could prevent characters from dancing next to obviously playing speakers.
  • Fixed issue causing duplicated memories to appear in the memories window when restarting game or loading a saved game.
  • Updated memories/opportunities interface to look for/use translations for the texts shown.
  • Fixed issue where long memories in the memories interface were getting truncated.
  • Updated engine to look for/use completed details and failed details for quests/opportunities in the translation templates.
  • Added functionality for new non-story-specific translation templates to be used with various game UI elements.
  • Shifted translation template loading for the active story to happen earlier in the game load process; this fixed some cases where opportunities and other things could load in with the language they were saved in and not the currently selected language.
  • Modified autosave criteria to delay autosaves under the following conditions: player is in combat, player is knocked out or dead, game over screen is showing, player is engaged in any sexual act, player is falling, player is warping, player is sitting, player is ejaculating, pause menu is showing, player is grabbing something, player is groping something, player is groping something, player’s genitals are exposed, player is peeing.
  • Updated the load save menu so that it shows the time stamp of the last auto save in the game’s memory, even if it hasn’t been written to the hard drive yet.
  • Disabled HDR for the cameras in scene that are responsible for rendering what you see in the mirrors. Should see a performance improvement for this.
  • Added logging in the debug to explain why/when auto saves are delayed.
  • Updated engine to execute any queued game events that have no set delay immediately when selecting a response/closing a dialogue so that any subsequent dialogue criteria is evaluated after those events execute. This fixes some broken original story dialogue sequences.
  • Updated primrary and secondary actorbehavior during the blowjob sexualact to make facial expressions that correspond more realistically with what is happening. The actor performing the blow job should use the open mouth blend shape during the action, and both actors should look reasonably interested in what’s going on with some randomly changing expressions of interest.
  • Fixed various cases that could prevent a character from reaching their current action item or making the proper poses in the proper places on arrival.
  • Updated restart game/load saved game to reset the interactive states for all characters to their appropriate values/fixed issue where interactive states from the previous play session were preserved.
  • Updated engine to execute queued events that have no delay before saving.
  • Fixed issue where characters navigating to action items would have their pose changed by the action item/overriden from what it should be in the story. If the character is sent a pose to perform once they reach the action item, that item will no longer override that pose with one of the defaults.
  • Fixed issue where characters that were warped to a target that was either a current move target, mandatory target, or inaccessible mandatory target would not fire the reach target event even though they did in fact reach the target.
  • Fixed issue where the actors performing the blow job in the blow job sexual act don’t release the blow job giver action pose until after the other actor finishes ejaculating. This was causing the player’s camera to clip into other character’s abdomens when the player was performing a bj.
  • Fixed issue where opportunity names in the on screen popup were not being translated.
  • Fixed issue where a single problem in a translation file could prevent the rest of the entire translation file from being loaded.
  • Added better logging for issues loading translation files so that people can troubleshoot them faster.
  • Updated scroll views throughout the game so that they will always load with the scroll bar scrolled up to the top.
  • Updated intimacy events to use sex data offsets for primary sexual actor, not just secondary. Also extended the use of sex data offsets to include the climax. This enables us to control genitalia more during sex to prevent any clipping.
  • Created a master list of all characters in a story that can have data pulled from for the characters even if they aren’t currently enabled.
  • Fixed issue where opportunities in the opportunities window weren’t being displayed for characters that were not currently enabled.
  • Fixed issue where warping a character would cause their hair, breasts, and butt to move too dramatically.
  • Added settings for the sex position data to enable/disable use of sex targets in certain poses for male/females.
  • Updated logic for restarting a game to ensure all normal and delayed events are totally cleared before loading the new one.
  • Updated game to show the radial menu for a character when left clicking open space, if you are currently engaged in a sexual act with that character. Should allow player to talk to their sex partner and perform other available actions with them even if they are looking away/the other character is behind the player.
  • Updated autosaves to break references to the live game data without serializing to avoid a significant frame rate drop. Fixed issue where events performed after autosave had an impact on the autosave that got serialized.
  • Updated loading of audio asset bundles to remove spaces from the character name when looking for the voice lines from a character in the story.
  • Fixed issue where loading a new game/saved game while the current game has a dialogue displayed could prevent dialogues from being shown in the new/loaded game.

Custom Story Creator: How To Guide - Download


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