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Developer: Smokeydots Patreon - Discord
Version: 0.8b
Release Date: 2020-07-02
Last Updated: 2020-07-03
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
System requirements (min): CPU: Athlon / Pentium 200 MHz
3DCG, Male Protagonist, Corruption, Harem, Slice of Life, Rape, Futa/Trans, Cheating, Drugs, Sandbox, Sci-Fi, Anal sex, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Group Sex, Romance, Sandbox, Groping, Voyeurism

Corruption is about Byron, a financial analyst who just recently started to struggle. Help Byron climb the corporate ladder to become the most powerful man in the world. What will you do with that power? Will you use it to help those around you, or will you like so many before you, get corrupted?

  • Fixed Angela Date event not showing up
  • Fixed Lambo with Alice not repeating
  • Fixed Threesome with Aubrey and Layla not repeating when talking to Aubrey
  • Added some base conversations with Pei
  • Fixed Alice love stat and Alice Relationship stat getting mixed up
  • Stills - 364
  • Lewd Animation Frames - 1987
  • Story Animation Frames - 1609
  • Total frames rendered - 3960
Major Changes:
  • Added Alice Bedroom
  • Added Alice BJ
  • Added Alice Night Club Event
  • Added Alice Lambo Scene
  • Added Alice Bedroom Scene
  • Added Aubrey Quest Chain (Long)
  • Added Layla Quest Chain
  • Added Hotel Location
  • Added Night Club Location
  • Added Psychology IV tech
  • Added Psychology V tech

Minor Changes:
  • Added new Alice living room chat renders
  • Added Alice bedroom conversations
  • Added Corona virus Quest Chain
  • Added Aubrey Conversations at the Night Club
  • Added Layla Conversations at the Night Club
  • Added Alice Conversations at the Night Club
  • Added Alice Dancing at the Night Club
  • Added various things to do at the Night Club
  • Added various things to do at the Hotel
  • Added various things to do at Alice's apartment
Patch 0.71 a+b
New City Park events.
Added Coronavirus - Just for fun! ;)
Three day quest chain for LVL 5 work surrounding the Coronavirus.
Also - Fixed Naming Error
Images 27
Added new event when Olivia is invited boating
Added Development tag to Drunk Angela
Added diminishing returns to investment income
Fixed some bugs with investing at work
Rework Olivia's boating trip so the conversations doesn't just repeat itself
Added credits to $40 patrons
Bug fixes Ida
102 renders
Izumi Invisible Scenes:
Added Base code for entering Izumi's house when invisible
Added Shower spy scene
Added Bath spy scene
Added Maturbation spy scene
Some extra stuff as place holders for more
the small amounts of Izumi and Olivia content I had planned needs to be delayed for 3 days and will be released with 0.7b.
Renders: 418 stills + 204 lewd animation frames + 1824 story animation frames
  • 1 Ida bedroom scene
  • Ida Past Present Future
  • Ida at the Park
  • Ida at the Gym
  • Ida at the Dance Studio
  • Biology 2 talent
  • Biology 3 talent
  • Enhancement Pills Talent
  • Grace Shoe Shopping
  • Ida Office Conversations
  • Ida at the Bar
images ( 138 stills)
H-scene animations (54 frames)
Story Line camera animation (1200 frames-ish) - Very simple fast render animation I don't really want to added to image count.
Major Changes:
  • Olivia Threesome update
Minor Changes:
  • Added Dream Sequence associated with Engineering IV
  • Recreated 2 starting animations they now function as movies
  • Fixed not being able to replay events at Grace House
  • Added more hints to Olivia's route via Opportunities Tap
To get the right mini conversation at the beginning you need to re-invite Olivia to the house to hangout part of the patch before this one. If you don't care about conversations matching up then just continue as normal.
  • Re-balanced eating at the restaurant.
  • Fixed Bug which allowed jumping between Grace promoted and unpromoted routes at Grace's house
  • Fixed Bug Parking Lot not working properly with all the cars
  • Slight Stat Balances on some H-Scenes at Grace's House
Renders 725:
  • 150 frames in Animations
  • 575 frames in images.
  • 50 new GUI icons added
Lewd Scenes Added:
  • Grace in shower from micro-cam
  • Bailey BJ at the office (With Grace Flair)
  • Grace Bathroom Sex Scene
  • Grace Livingroom Sex Scene
  • Grace Kitchen Sex Scene
  • Grace Bedroom Sex Scene
  • Grace Bedroom Night Blowjob Scene
  • Invisibility Suit
  • Invisibility Suit Grace Livingroom Grope Scene
  • Invisibility Suit Grace Livingroom Sex Scene
  • Invisibility Suit Grace Bathroom Spy and Sex Scene
  • Invisibility Suit Grace Bedroom Sex Scene
Minior Scenes Added:
  • Conversations with Grace Scatter throughout the house
  • Conversations with Ben (Grace Husband) throughout the house
  • Drinking with Grace and Ben
  • Coffee with Grace
  • Micro Cam Conversations with Grace and Ben x 3
  • Grace and Ben at shopping center
  • Grace and Ben in Office
Mechanics Changes:
  • New cars to buy that gives morale daily
Fixed hopefully everything. Just extract it to your game folder.
Main Changes:
Renders: 970

  • Shopping Center Unlocked
  • Pool Unlocked
  • New Investment Story Line Started
  • Bailey Pool Events (FEAR and REL)
  • Bailey Bedroom Events (FEAR and REL)
  • Bailey Weekend Sofa Event (FEAR and REL)
  • Grace Sex and BJ in Office (GRACE ROUTE)
  • Izumi Fear Route Quest line
  • Izumi Office Sex (Izumi Rel Route)
  • Izumi Weekend Conversations (Izumi REL Route)
  • X-Ray Glasses Unlock (Additional Conversations with many hangout options.)
  • Izumi Bathroom Sex (Izumi Rel Route)
  • Olivia Angela Boat Event
Minor Changes:
  • Grace Conversations at Office Reflects Changes in MC’s Position
  • Izumi Grope now changes if you are in REL route.
  • Many UI changes in the office
  • Bella Conversations added
  • Additional Izumi Conversations added in office and home.
  • Additional Bailey conversations added in office
  • Additional Office Meeting Event
  • Jack Punishment for knowing about Eshe added.
  • Gym UI Changed
  • Olivia Angela Party changes with X-ray Glasses
  • Izumi Bath Sex repeatable added
  • Bailey bathroom sex repeatable added
  • Store/Inventory UI changed
  • Angela Drunk Storyline Extended
  • Alice and Aubrey Pool Conversations Added
  • Bailey Past Present Future Added
  • Grace Past Present Future Added
Mechanics Changes:
  • Body Now Matters – Body changes your max morale up to lvl 5
  • UI interface updated to reflect body stat changes
  • Videos captured on Micro cams can be rewatched in phone menu
  • X-ray glasses works with Chat
  • Chat Counters not resetting at the beginning of the game
  • Random jumps for some events.
  • Chat Glasses not accurate
  • Bailey Shopping image does not appear in some obscure situations
  • Emily Event cannot progress after certain events
  • Body stat and Work Stat not displaying properly
  • Many many more I forgot about.

  • Fixed Chiron Bugs
  • Added Opportunities where players might get lost
  • Added blue bubble to all active opportunities next to person's name.
  • Fixed Angela Opportunities without a picture
  • Fixed Bella Chat not refreshing
  • Added Skip Button to Angela Bedroom Sex
  • Fixed Leah (Lawyer not calling on Emily Quests)
  • Added Hints to Bailey Promotion
  • Fixed spelling errors in many areas
  • Fixed endless loop in Grace Therapy Session
  • Fixed Waitress Opportunity Bug
  • Added Extra Credits for $40 Patrons
Major changes:

  1. 522 Frames Rendered
  2. Olivia House Party
  3. lzumi Apartment Unlocked
  4. Level 5 Work Quest Chain
  5. Eshds Request
  6. Bailey Bathroom Event
Minor Changes:
  1. Bailey chat
  2. lzumi shower cam
  3. Angela Drunk
  4. Engineering 3 Tale.
  5. Solving Jack's Office
  6. Camera Quest Chain
  7. Olivia Past Present and Future
  8. Olivia Chat
Fixed a number of bugs involving installing micro-cams.
Fixed Angela Opportunities in phone being buggy.
Renders: 647
Major Events Added: (4 Sex scenes)
  • Bailey on Sofa (Weekend)
  • Bailey Shopping
  • Angela Shopping
  • Izumi Rel Route
  • Izumi Fear Route
  • Grace Route
  • Angela Sex
Minor Events Added:
  • Lambo in store
  • Angela Lambo
  • Bella Lambo
  • Engineering 2 talent
  • Hacking (Izumi, Grace, Jack)
  • Weekly Conferences
  • Bailey in the kitchen
  • Angela hangout in bedroom
Fixed Critical Bug preventing Grace fear story line from progressing
Grace Correctly goes to MC new office from physical interactions
Balance Changes
Added Hints for certain parts.
400 + Renders
IzumiBJRel x 1
IzumiBJFear x 1
GraceBJ x 1 from JackGraceQuest
GraceSexRel x 1
GraceSexFear x 2
Angela BJ x 3
Alice Sex x 1
Promotion level 3
Bella Micro Cam
Alice Micro Cam
More Bailey Night Scenes
Bailey Massage
Izumi Date
Psychology 3 talent
Grace Psychology III
Izumi Psychology III
Emily Sex Scene
Grace Day Dream Scene
No changelog.
Slightly under 300 images
  • Angela Date Event
  • Alice Event x 2 (Req. Psychology I)
  • Ida Event (Req. Biology I)
  • Izumi Event (Req. Engineering I)
  • Promotion Event
  • Angela Past Present Future
  • Izumi Past Present Future
  • Angela Grope x 3
  • Izumi Grope x 2
  • Grace Grope x 2
  • Get Phone #s ( relatively easily)
Hints: There is no right choices in this game when given a choice many times there will be an alternative path.
  • Bug fixes
  • Grammar fixes
  • Days added + 2 ( Temporary adjustment till text update)
  • Research XP requirements reduced significantly
  • Slacking off in the office now gains morale
  • Research not advancing time
  • Workout not advancing time
  • Olivia Chat
  • Bedroom Massage
  • Research not leveling up
  • Date loop
  • Angela stays angry loop
V 0.2
Slightly under 300 images
  • Angela Date Event
  • Alice Event x 2 (Req. Psychology I)
  • Ida Event (Req. Biology I)
  • Izumi Event (Req. Engineering I)
  • Promotion Event
  • Angela Past Present Future
  • Izumi Past Present Future
  • Angela Grope x 3
  • Izumi Grope x 2
  • Grace Grope x 2
  • Get Phone #s ( relatively easily)
A lot of the code was changed from previously, so there may be issues with previous saved games.

Win/Lin (Part1) - MEGA
Win/Lin (Part2) - MEGA
Patch v0.8b - MEGA

57056_1.jpg 57057_2.jpg AliceSex13.jpg AngelaSexAni17.png IzumiBJFear16.jpg IzumiBJRel15.jpg BaileyBath9.jpg BaileyBJGrace21.jpg baileytvweekend34xxxx.jpg EmilySex13.jpg FittingRoomBailey3.jpg GraceAndIzumiAni00.jpg GraceBedNBJ5.jpg GraceLivSexM11.jpg GracePolice9.jpg GraceSexFear28.jpg GraceSexRel17.jpg 57058_3.jpg IzumiChristmas44.jpg IzumiSex13.jpg Olivia3someBed72.jpg OliviaAngelaC1.jpg ShowerSpy13.jpg
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