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[RPGM] High Pressure [Demo 3] [SteamUP]



Developer: SteamUP Patreon - Subscribe Star - itch.io - ko-fi - Discord - Twitter
Version: Demo 3
Release Date: 2020-03-27
Last Updated: 2020-03-28
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
2D Game, 2DCG, Female Protagonist, Adventure

High Pressure is an adult RPG game built in RPGMaker MV where decisions matter.
Depending on your choices Adelina will be able to remain pure or fall into lustful wanton. Keep her loyalty to the Empire, side with the Rebels or simply remain impartial as a true journalist. Earn fame and claim her prize in the contest or fade into obscurity.
The decisions you take will change what Adelina is willing to do. Such as changing her clothing or being more willing to engage in lewd activities.

The Story
Adelina Steinmeyer is heir to a small noble house that has fallen on hard times. Working as a journalist for the “Small Times” an independent publishing house in the capital of the Endar Empire.
Opportunity knocks at her door as the head of the office intends to retire, offering her a chance to inherit the newspapers by taking part in a contest.
With the winds of rebellions and dissatisfaction brewing in the distant colonies of the empire. She must travel to the regions of conflict and write the best stories she can in hopes of earning her prize and restoring her house to its former glory.
Her missions is easier said than done. The pressure to censor the events in favor of the Empire. The potential to use her writing to rally the Rebels. Or remain truly impartial and report the events as they happen. And adding to her troubles a string of robberies in the colony leave her with just the clothes on her back.
Which road will she walk? What will she be willing to do in order to claim her prize? And what misadventures await her?

Demo 3
- Lighting system was redone. Maps should look brighter in evening/night. But we still want to know what You will think about it
- Window borders were redesigned
- Genry event was illustrated
- Helena bust for dialogues
- Added plugin: DP_MapZoom. Some of You asked to make some screen zoom, and I want to hear what You think about it)
- Minigame in pub! (unfortunately it's not so rich as I planed, but it will be improved)
- Blouse undressing animation (Thanks to plugin from Fallen Angel Olivia). Try to choose last unbuttoning option.) Don't worry we will improve this animation even more.)
- plugin: YEP_ExternalLinks, now we have amazing Social media plugin by Irina, so now our link is available directly from main menu
- plugin: TDDP_BindPictureToMap, KhasLightingSystem, MrTS_DarkRoomCovers those plugins were replaced with OcRam_Layers plugin. It works very good, and now lighting at last doesn’t cause major FPS-drop. Unfortunately we also remove lantern, since we have no need in it right now.
- removed files with non-English characters.
- lighting on all maps
- Dark covers in sewers missions
- Dress-up module
- Texts were proofread, fixed a lot mistakes
Fixed a ton of minor bugs with:
- transfer into walls
- previous light system
- bullet hole will no longer be bound to screen
- performed a lot of proofreading
- in-game menu buttons (Great thanks to Chaotic Dreams for tips, and big work with related plugin)
Demo 2
What already fixed:
- A lot of issues with dress-up menu. Now it works, as it should, and player can get his clothes back normally.
- Shot traces, that doesn't disappear after battle.
- Doors on Court map that transfer player into wall
- Auto dress-up in bar
- Fonts were replaced to more readable with preserve of aesthetic look.
- Some grammar mistakes. But please take in mind, that most "bad grammar", that You will face in game - is dialect of characters, since a lot of people in this world are illiterate.
- After complete quest in Edition reward gained more than 1 time.
- Dark titles, that overlap's pictures.
What's new:
- At start of game player may choose difficulty level for QTE.
- Most small maps were centered.
- Menu and dress-up module were completely rewritten, and not causing that a lot of FPS drop.
- If You fail in QTE 3 times - Option to complete it anyway will be available.
- Mouse support in all aspects of game!
- Mac and Linux releases. They are not tested, but I saw such requests.
What still need to be done:
- As mentioned - replace of lighting system(believe me I tried almost every existed system, and thy don't work in a way I need).
- Choice-list bug, as in screenshot. It's not too critical, but it still not too good to have it.(
- Sometimes buttons not selecting with mouse. I believe, that this issue is related to Biud436 plugin. I need to wait for fixed version to be sure completely.
- Mac and Linux support test. I want to do it, but right now I don't have time and money for it(apple devices costs really a lot).

Demo version.

  • Look for various information to help you write a story. Talk with different characters, read the signs. Information can hide anywhere.
  • Even the smallest choice can lead you to an alternative development of events, or to other results. It will also influence the mood and character of Adelina.
  • Develop relationships with various characters, and open their storylines.
  • In order to shore up her finances after getting robbed Adelina will have to engage in various odd jobs, presented as simple mini-games. Each with their own potential to lead her into interesting situations. Some workplaces will demand certain attire from her. This will in turn help with changing what she is willing to do in order to keep herself afloat while waiting for her next big break.
  • Look for blueprints and details to modify your gun.
  • Engage in a custom built battle system. Manage your turn by using your action points in the most effective way. Quick but weak multiple attacks per turn, regular attacks or the costly aimed attack for greater damage. Tide things to your advantage by engaging in special actions! Take cover, try to dodge incoming shots or try to expose a weakness. Use items when the situation gets dire and need a special edge.
  • Adelina will be able to join an elite squad of “Judges” as they explore the sewers and try to root out the rebellion. In these missions smart management of resources will be key.Or instead take part in missions that support the rebellion. Everything in order to get her next big story and win the prize she is after.
  • Also in the course of the story, you will be able to take part in stealth missions.

  • Clothing change module.
  • Own combat system.
  • Gun modification.
  • System of changing the time of day.
  • Lighting system with shadows.
  • Story development through various interactions.
  • Beautiful menu.
  • Character stat window.
  • Combat module improvement.
  • The window for the development of personal stats of the character.
  • Deeper consequences from character’s choice.
  • The reaction of others to Adelina’s appearance.
  • More places for work and more events in existing places.
  • More interactivity and side quests.
  • Support of other OS (Linux, Mac).
  • Support of mobile phones (Android).

Win - MEGA

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